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  1. I believe we should have a Postmaster that acts similar to Inbox. The Postmaster would collect dropped resources that were missed for collection (Scrapium, Chromin, Demon Boxes, etc) and deliver them to an inbox to be collected should the map become unavailable.

    For example, let's say you completed a Lambda Gate but you were unable to collect 5 Scrap in the map before you were either automatically sent to X-1 either by gate completion, or the 5 minutes expiring. The Postmaster would collect these items and hold onto them for you to collect.

    Now, as with all things and to remove some lag, the Postmaster should have a limit of 20 of each item.

    So you could have 15 Scrap, 20 Chromin, 7 Mucosum, and the Postmaster would allow you to collect items either individually, or all at once.

    An urgency marker would be required as well for certain items, such as Chromin, or future limited time collectibles, to serve as a reminder to collect these items before they're gone.

    Items I wouldn't consider for collection would be Mindfire/Invoke boxes, or any boxes that award large amounts of EP/Honor/Uridium/Credits, as I can see possible ways that the system could be abused.

    But we can all agree, it sucks to miss out when you only needed 1-2 Scrap to make an Obsidian Key, or missing *just* enough Chromin to build assembly items.
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    This was mentioned years ago, they know it's impossible to collect every resource every run of a GG, a Postmaster would solve this, the negative side to this is it will give BOTS even more of an upper hando_O World of Warcraft - The Postmaster is a human located in the Postmaster's Office in Dalaran. He is in charge of sending mail to characters and retrieval of items that were not rewarded into the player's inventory, usually because their inventory was full. He uses mailementals to help him sort mail.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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