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  1. We need shield absorption or deflection modules to bring back shields into the game due
    to the power spike within the game is becoming stupidly damaging to the mechanics of the game.

    No one wants a fight to last a split second its just ridiculous, you're creating to much power spike and abilities on the ships which already have a high advantage rather than bringing the ships with lower advantages along with the game.
    Everybody wants to see the leonov buffed in lowers again so its powerful.
    everyone nowadays fly's round with no shields and pet link making the game skill less due to the vertex programs within the game its just a matter of who shoots who first..... and considering a program is doing the locking and the shooting for them their is no competition anymore.

    Another thing i would like to add all the permanent gates you are creating are removing players from the maps because people just permanently bot them making the game more and more inactive. People within the game need a purpose to be on the maps my suggestion is more PVP events less buffs and more balancing the game doesn't need to be buffed it needs to be balanced.

    We do not need more lasers
    We do not need more abilities
    We do not need more ships which are impossible to kill making bases useless as a citadel plus can just sit on it all day long

    The bases now need to be buffed due to such a high power creep in the game where a base can be tanked by one citadel.
    Now that you have created a citadel plus you will need to create a spearhead plus this is how balancing works You are creating to much one sided advantages which puts people off the game.

    Also you have trapped this game into pay to win only
    Every time you complete a quest we have to pay money to get a booster just to compete with the rank systems.
    The game is starting to sway towards rich people and less towards the major population of the game. nowadays their is pretty much 0 advantage for free players due to all the pay to win methods.
    Every time their is a battle pass you have to pay to use it which means you need rebate and premium which is also costly. No one in their right mind would play every part of this game without a bot anymore due to how ridiculous the internal gate is and how much NPCS you have to kill in events.

    You are literally trapping the game to pay to win and cheat to win which is absoloutley a joke.

    You can not have advantages playing free anymore due to this

    £15 for bot
    £10 for autolock
    £1.79 for rebate.
    £5.39 for premium
    £2.19 for booster every time you need a quest complete otherwise you fall behind massively.
    plus the stupidly high prices on uridium nowadays.
    and you have to buy these things every month just to keep up with the other players in the game.
    And im sure theirs much things which i have missed like the battle pass prices and so much more.
    Its not even pay to win anymore its rich to win.

    People make comments such as i cannot afford to play the game anymore....
    Like its a gym a pass which is a joke....

    Sort it out.

    - Keano
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  2. true but cbs needs to be bigger too imo
    like 12-16 towers and boosters too and whit at least the triple hp and dmg

    ppl used to be afraid to get into it btw

    greetzz -x-[FONIK====911]-x-
  3. all the latest updates really do feel like their trying to drive away the majority who`m play the game
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