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  1. Insert a point system that requires uridium to reset. Why not let us obtain as much stuff as we can rather than put a limit on it?

    You also want us to craft these ships so we can prepare for tougher content, but then you say we're most likely only able to obtain one so we should "choose wisely" and wait until April to get the other ships.

    Well I just hope my 200 Nano cases, 150 High Frequency Cables, etc. will come to use when crafting these ships.
  2. I dont want to hate it from the begining, the work you do is great tbh, but if the drop rates are low again and ppl will still boxes again...and multi company clans will dominate again.. there was a good suggestion thread about hitac and demaner...
  3. hitac 2.0 was changed you could only see the box if you had red lock and only the red locked player can pick it up and it had emp so no1 could cloak up near it

    demaner was bugged only you could see your box but if other players turn the setting on (show cargo that is not yours) everyones box would show up thats why the event ended faster then it was meant too

    so the problem from the hitac end should not be a problem and i dont no if its gonna act the same way like it normally dose as more has been added
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  4. Is the hitac going to be the replacement of the demaner event?

    By the way, why can't we buy the materials to craft the new lasers? I don't have that much time to be collecting them.
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    they did it that way so people couldn't just immediately have all the new upgrades:

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  6. you dont need alot of time to play just do the quest and spend half an hour in pirates or doing cubes a day the drop rate from gates is very low so is not much of a big change
  7. Okay, you guys can spend 2 years trying to get a full set of the new LF4 upgrades, no problem good luck guys.
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  8. i cant see a problem get them as you play people who don't spend loads can take a year just to get the lf4s they can takes a few years to get full pilot bio
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  9. Just to point something out, we already seen this post when OP32 posted it a while back don't know why we needed to see a repeat? Not trying to be a sour puss just think we don't always need to know things early from German forums like everyone is posting. It's not gonna help us in anyway prepare for anything.

  10. give up .. read the title of the thread, some of the items in the post are new yes the pics was posted a while back i don't keep track of every post as OP is now a CM the info we get from him will be a lot less the we normally get so im trying to grab what i can 2 show people what is coming what things look like and so on when OP posted we got a lot more info and rough dates on events starting if you don't like it don't look
  11. and what about when you in a group? everyone from your group can collect it right?
  12. Hi :)

    The new resource:

    Indoctrine-Oil (I-Oil)

    This viscous oil seems to be acting as a conduit between the infected alien and the power that is controlling it. The symbol on the cannister resonates with energy, warning humanity that a nightmare is just beginning.
    Indoctrine Oil is a rare find on infected creatures, which are identified by the purple glow emanating from their surface.

    The text of the missions:

    Too Quiet

    I’ve run a full internal diagnostic 5.6 trillion times since I last saw you. I wondered if we were still friends. Then, I suddenly received panicked reports of alien anomalies in the depths of space. Which might be dangerous, so you’re the perfect one to investigate. If you can run a patrol on the designated co-ordinates, we may uncover what is amiss.

    Break Out

    Those eggs are unusual, there seems to be a biomechanical element to their construction, which is troublesome. I need you to go and destroy some of them and see what happens. It may be nothing, but let’s face facts; it could be the start of a new invasion in our territory. Something we need to stop before it starts.

    Past Times

    This is a long shot but I think this may have something to do with Refractions and, whilst I don't think you're powerful enough to survive the dangerous energies that exist there you can go to the three locations I have noted and take some further scans. Return as quickly as you can!

    Hunter Killer

    That was a wild goose chase; sorry for risking your neck! We got nothing from investigating Refractions, but hopefully this will not affect our friendship. More and more eggs keep appearing, however. Therefore, I need you to eradicate as many as you can, quickly! As now, we're hearing that sometimes Gygerthralls are hatching out of them.

    Viral Purge

    Seems the reports are right. Gygerthralls are spawning from these eggs, which is not only unexplained but unnatural too. The Gygerthralls are nomadic; after we fought back the infection last year, they shouldn't be back. I need to collate more data; the odds of this happening are infinitesimal.

    Hidden Agenda

    I'm starting to think last year’s plague was another test. That the people who eradicated M.A.S.Q.U.E. were testing our resolve then. Seeing what happened when they pushed our buttons. Seeing how strong each faction really was. There's a storm coming, we need to start to prepare!

    Action Reaction

    Glad you're back, I think we make a good team and I don't get so dreadfully isolated when humans, like you, are around. Since M.A.S.Q.U.E. died, it has been very quiet, although I'm not sure that organizations intentions were the best, now I've had some time to think. We still need more Gygerthralls killed, if you can get that done.

    Seeking the Source

    Right, I've pinned down the source of the eggs and the trouble. The signals were clear and reports confirmed things. There's a rogue HITAC out there, one that appears to have been infected by… I'm not sure anymore. I need you to attack and investigate all the source of this new threat to see if I can find a correlation.

    Wield the Weapon

    I'm now certain that the new LF4 ParityDrill will be a better weapon to use against the Eggs and Gygerthralls, but you'll need to craft one to fit to your ship to do some tests. Once you've built it I'll set up some test conditions, because it is interesting that the new elements seem to have an added impact on this infected enemy.

    Chase the Ace

    It's time for you to go and help stop the impacts of this infection. The power of this rogue HITAC to adapt its integrated circuitry to create biomechanical eggs is operating at a level of technology that's above ours. We need to check this infection does not spread to other alien species so can you kill the Sibelon so we can analyze the remains.

    Enemy Mine

    Now I know how the HITAC reacts it’s time to stop this infection from spreading further. Can you remove Boss Sibelon from our region of space to ensure that we don't suddenly have another enemy on our tail. Once we have ensured the Boss Sibelon have been quelled I'll start to analyze the data more closely and see if I can trace the new threat we appear to be facing.

    Blood and Oil

    Seems there's more than one of the Boss Sibelon who are showing signs of infection out there, which means I'm going to ask you to risk life and limb again. I've also been hearing reports of a strange Indoctrine Oil being present. One marked with the symbol that was hacked into the UNN feed during winter. This isn't over, pilot. Not by a long way.

    The g-ignite and the n-ambassador will be purchasables.


    I hope this means we can actually buy it this time instead of telling me I'm not able to because of my country.

    Thing is we may not have years left on here as long as the game is expensive as it is.

    It'll be more expensive trying to upgrade 45 new LF4s, 3 new hellstorm launchers and BO4s that are supposively coming out.

    Like I said, you guys have fun getting that stuff done, good luck with that lmao.
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    Just to clarify some things related to certain information:

    In fact they've said that they want to remove some maps, anyway it can take some time. (Or maybe they can change their mind about it). This is what I saw at Discord, then I don't know if they mentioned something specific to your source from the German forum.


    What we have here (for me), is directly related to increase activity on maps. In certain servers, this is a fact...there are some maps empty, reducing the size of the galaxy can bring us more players concentrated in specific maps, which is a problem and also an advantage. (This is my opinion)

    The boss thing has changed, of course we just can access to "Test information". I mean, these are just...kind of ideas in developing.


    This "boss" can be separated from the Hitac event or it might be the own Infected Hitac. I don't know, this is kind of speculation so...I don't want to do that (speculate...oh well It seems like I am already doing it xD).

    This was mentioned at twitch and...yes they are working in new content but we don't know if we will have....all the content until the end of the year, they are dealing with too many things at the moment so...we have to wait.


  15. on the hitac 2.0 groups could not see cargo only player with red lock as in first person 2 shoot it but as i have said this hitac might of change for the up coming event my info on the event is small so we have to wait for more info posted or wait for the event is self
  16. To be honest, I like that they're adding new content, the hellstorm rocket launchers are probably my favorite so far because they desperately needed to be updated(they haven't been touched since they were released). But they need to make it obtainable in all categories, booty boxes, galaxy gates, etc.

    This crafting system is WAY too insane for this game, and the time to get the new equipment is way too long, also because some people are just struggling to even get UFE to this day.

    I like the ideas, and I like the crafting system but the crafting system is what it is-a new thing noobs can use to get their PET, designs, etc. The new equipment should >NOT ONLY< be in crafting.
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  17. its because the game is 2 small not enough ways 2 get resources for craft that makes it the same lvl that a newish player can get to a ufe
  18. By now, we should be able to craft the standard LF4.......................just saying... 0-0 ......
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    LF4s are easy to obtain as it is right now, no need to make it easier....
  20. Hi :)

    A new video with the two next ships in 3D and 2D:

    The size of the ships in 3D can be a little different that how it will be in the release and the Cyborg have a little bug in the reflection texture (my bad).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The name of the new NPCs for the next event:
    • I-Hitac
    • Biomech Egg
    • I-Gygerthrall