UNOFFICIAL: DarkOrbit Revealed

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  1. so when this event start? i cant wait for the new ships
  2. i guess around 20th march
  3. That's a black Venom and a black, fat creativity impresses me ...

    Nvm the black Venom has nearly the same ability.
  4. [​IMG]
    Chimera = Pet design
    Mirage = Pet design

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hammerclaw | Mimesis | G-Cyborg

    You see the difference between the new ships? No? I can't see the difference too :D :D
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  5. lol took me a few mins 2 work out what you was getting at almost the same
  6. When your server is down to 20 active players what's the point?
  7. all of them looks rubbish sorry to say they have just changed the colour of venom and called it something else lmao and made 2 pets look abit different and called them new ships really ......loooool no wonder like 5 people i know quit the server i play now less than 50 active thanks do
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    Again. The only things I see is Negative.

    Do you people can ever be at least a bit positive.

    Is it really DOs fault for everything. Or really we should look at our selves. Isn't UFE killing noobs Left and Right all the time.
    Is that helping DO community to grow???

    Have you all been so amazing helping New Players???

    Or you are here just to complaint, because your life really sucks. And you come here to shoot weak to make you feel better???

    Hope I am wrong with most of you. But I am pretty sure in a lot of cases I am right. It is so easy to blame someone or something else for our own failures. And wait for an easy fix. That sort of things does not exist.

    Please start giving a proper FEEDBACK. Give Developers and all the community something to work on and think about.

    Ships look great. Do you think the Drones look like this and ships were made from them??????? REALLY???? Are you all SURE about that????? Or maybe this was planned all along. So that certain PETs would look alike to their Ship????? HHHHMMMMMM??????

    I wonder is that a possibility?????? Have you ever tried to calm down. Relax. And give a proper thought about things. instead of coming on after dying from someone. And RANT about things.

    Thank you. Please try and think more. Before writing Negative things. Negativity will destroy this game. AND IT ALL DEPENDS FROM US> PLAYERS. Not from DO staff.

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  9. Hello guys!
    The new ships:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Video of new ships:
    A new event is expected, which will be introduced Mimesis, Hammerclaw, Cyborg. The new 3 ships will be available assembly system:
    • Cyborg Blueprint
    • Hammerclaw Blueprint
    • Mimesis Blueprint
  10. yea is do becouse they charge money to be ufe yes this why peoples use money to kill noobs yea becouse do is gready new peoples dont tach this game what postivie you want more all player from comunity say gome losing players every day but you keep ading more pay to win stufff x2 maps are full of bots but do dont toch them becouse they pay 2$ for 7 days of x2 boxes
    they ban peoples for using do bugs so if you cant fix bugs and you use them like permafrost bug you will ghet ban.
    if you play uba and matchmaking make you fight same peoples over and over again and you win every time you will be baned becouse they think you will use other accounts to feed.
    sory for my english but if they keep in this way i dont think we will se 20 years of do
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    So you want positive feedback?
    Lets see, someting positive is any number greater than 0. Every post as a positive number of words thus them all are positive in this respect :p
    Jokes apart u want positive feedback? oke here it is:
    Yeee devs i love those cartonish loking ships and the hoverhaul cartonish graphics of the game
    I love those new lf dam 4 that do more dmg and take 20 years to get
    I love the ufe sabotajing every one´s gameplay
    I love mccs and how my own company shots me of npcs
    I love the devotion that devs give to the game (they play 1hour/week from vlog)
    Keep up the good work bp!!

    Anyway, i understand what u are trying to say but the thing is positivity or lack of it wont save the game, pleople have good reasons to be mad at bp
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  12. So i just essentially maxed out.
    Yes maxed out , i still have ranks to get ,upgrades to do , gates to farm blah blah blah.
    I just realized im done with this game, gonna do something else.GL.
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    And why is this Important???? where is your feedback or thoughts about new updates and releases?
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    Thanks so much to everyone who is providing us with upcoming changes to the game! It is amazing, I have been watching this thread for years, before finally returning back to game.

    Nice work guys, keep up! :)
  15. Hello guys!
    We look at the description of the new Hitac!

    Hatching Out
    Beware the HITAC!

    An infection is spreading. It’s targeting mankind. Uncover the root of the infection, craft powerful new vessels, and prepare for the coming war! During this event, infected HITACSs will be flying around different maps and spawn I-Eggs. Pilots, you must stop the outbreak, and help the research by collecting these I-Eggs and the items hidden within. You will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts, including the rare ores needed to craft the powerful new Enhanced LF4’s! This event will also mark the unveiling of the Mimesis, G-Cyborg and Hammerclaw! Three very different ships to engage the sharpest pilots in the fleet! Prepare for action! The summary
    • Full FAQ Available in Your Forum
    • New Daily and Weekly Chained Quests with Level Brackets
    • BIfenon, Kyhalon, Tetrathrin, and LF-4’s in Rewards Pool
    • 3 New Craftable Ships
    • New Story Line That Will Play Out Over Multiple Events
    • Introduction of a New Event Progress Window
    A sign of things to come?
    Your DarkOrbit Team​
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  16. Source?
  17. It is breaking news description.
    "UNOFFICIAL: DarkOrbit Revealed"
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    What FAQ? Don't you see it is early post here, just to give heads up to all players about upcoming event in the game?
    This thread is about upcoming events and game changes, so you cannot expect to have FAQ at the moment.
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  19. Don't worry, be happy.;):);):);)