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  1. OP32 bro. when you plan to do this..?
  2. Probably at the end of the March.
  3. wish i hear form OP32's comment or feedback..Deeply appreciated if we can hear form him...
  4. [​IMG]
    Some info from the german forum about the new ships. The slots MAY change!
  5. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    So, a bit of a situation update on the new ships.

    Right now the new ships are indeed on test2 being used in a closed beta. This beta will not remain closed forever, just the initial stages. We hope to have an open beta soon-ish for a couple days to give you all a chance to have a mess around in the new ships.

    For the beta test you will also be given LF-4, Hercules, ammo, seprom to make it feel more like a 'real' ship and give you a better judgement of how the ships might feel when used with UFE equipment.

    The screenshots above posted by Sтєvє-σ™ are accurate as to the current state of the ships, equally accurate is the notion that the stats of these ships might change - they are by no means final.
    Before we put these ships out for testing we already had our own ideas on their balance. We are waiting to see what the feedback is from the closed testing group and the open testing group.

    If it aligns with what we already think about the balancing then great! - we can go ahead and make the changes. If not then we will take it into consideration and take a bit more time to rethink.
    So far we've had good constructive feedback and I'm sure we'll continue to get more.

    The ultimate goal will be to have meaningful closed and open testing for all new content in the game, that will take time though. However I think this style of test where we will give you UFE / close to UFE ships for testing out ships is a nice way to begin.

    When the test server is open publicly there will be a feedback thread created so please by all means let us know your thoughts on the ships when the time comes and you've had a chance to mess around with them.

    †ΛŁΞΧ† is correct, the event will start towards the end of March.
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  6. FuXurY

    FuXurY User

    Amazing changes, I like what I read here! Good work, keep it up.

    In addition, please consider having the open test in hours when most people are at home, and not at work. For example, for EU servers, most of the people are home from work after 18h server time (CET). With this, more people can test the new ships and the upcoming functionalities. Plus, I am really willing to participate test servers and give feedback on the new changes. :)

    Thank you for considering, @OP32 .
  7. Hi :)

    Some additionnals infos about the current stats of the new ships (that are not final)

    • speed: 320
    • HP: 277500
    • cargo: 1500
    • XP if destroyed: 51200
    • Honnor if destroyed: 512

    • speed: 320
    • HP: 286000
    • cargo: 1500
    • XP if destroyed: 51200
    • Honnor if destroyed: 512

    • speed: 300
    • HP: 286000
    • cargo: 1500
    • XP if destroyed: 51200
    • Honnor if destroyed: 512

    Also, here is the pack that you will be able to get with the new point system in the next event: (can also change before the release)

    - 1st pack: 15 Khyalon and 50 Bifenon
    - 2nd pack: 40 Khyalon and 60 Tetrathrin
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  8. wow OP32 we love you...! Thank you for responding...Somehow you connected now to your clients, your avid fans and players in dark orbit...congratulations..keep it up...hearing our voice our side is all we need.. thank you...more power..
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  9. Let's all take a moment and celebrate that this thread has surpassed 1,000,000 views

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  10. congratulations!!! wohooo!! dark orbit!!!
  11. The special abilities on the Mimesis is pretty cool. My question is this.
    One of the special abilities, when active causes an 80% chance that the enemy will miss, per shot.
    So, If the opposing ship is using a precision targeter, which gives the player a 100% chance of hitting the target....
    Which ability supersedes which?
    will the Precision Targeter negate the Mimesis special ability? or will the Special Ability negate the Precision Targetor?

  12. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX User

    I am not sure How exactly all of this works out. But lets place some numbers.

    Stats of LF4
    • Base damage: 200
    • Variance value: 25%
    • Range: 600
    • Hit chance: 80%
    • Cool down: 1 second"
    Targeting Guidance CPU 2:

    50% less chance that lasers will miss their target; 10 Xenomit used per volley.

    And here I am not sure exactly how it works further. Does 80% hit chance becomes 90%. As 100% - 80% (Original LF4 Hit chance) = 20%. And 50% of 20% is 10%.

    Or is this value becomes more than 90% after the use of Aim CPU2.


    Mimesis Aim Scrambler Ability is: -80% hit probability for enemies against your ship (not sure if this is only laserdamage or all damage types?).

    If hit Probablility of LF4 with Aim CPU2 is 100% so -80% should be 20%. If it is 90%, then 80% of that is 1/5 of 90% and is 18%.

    Please if there is anyone who know for sure. Update us on this one.

    And does scrambler ability prevents Just Laser Damage. Or Rockets miss too???

    Thanks Tina-The-Impaler. Great question.
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  13. Hello guys!
    Three of the new ships, to arrive for Lava designs:
    • Lava Mimesis
      • Bring the fires of the sun to the surface of your Mimesis with the Lava Mimesis Design. The true nature of your ship like burning magma!
    • Lava Hammerclaw
      • When they forged this Lava Hammerclaw Design, the embers of the forge melded with its skin. Blazing a trail of victory through the stars. Be the power!
    • Lava Cyborg
      • In the spirit of Prometheus you can bring fire to the darkness. Setting the cosmos alight with this exceptional Lava Cyborg Design. A true beacon in the night!
    Preview pictures not available yet.
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  14. FuXurY

    FuXurY User

    Congratulations on the million views! :)

    Keep the ideas going, and spread the love!
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  15. With these numbers the only way to know is for us to run a live test where the players use memisis and other things that boost accuracy, and then take note of howmany misses we see compared to hits which is where we can then apply the numbers to "best reflect" what we are seeing. Which wont be as accurate but pretty close to the real numbers. So I have max electro and aim cpu with plenty xeno to burn and I would glady shoot any player who is in a memisis to test this around "April" :D. Unless an admin runs a test and tosses it on youtube :)
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  16. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX User

    What server you play? I am on GE1. And if I get Mimesis w can do this :)
  17. I see some special desings are on the shop available so will they put Surgeon desing too or not?
  18. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX User

    No they won't.

    Go on and watch last broadcast that happened 15th of March.
  19. Hello guys.
    Some new stuffs.

    Indoctrine-Oil (I-Oil)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This viscous oil seems to be acting as a conduit between the infected alien and the power that is controlling it. The symbol on the cannister resonates with energy, warning humanity that a nightmare is just beginning.

    Brilliant New Boosters! (Booster Sale) [Pack]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Grab some of the brilliant new boosters which are available! Providing pilots with a better opportunity to grab the things you really want in the depths of space!
    In April, is expected to Obsidian keys, but there are no more information.
    The new event-progress window it is at present, which soon done, I think.
  20. BlackOrbit

    BlackOrbit User

    Hi :)

    Some new infos and images about the next Hitac event:


    Rewards for the new window with a point system:
    - 1000 pts ---> 10 extra energy
    - 3000 pts ---> 5000 RSB-75
    - 6000 pts ---> 1 (?)
    - 12000 pts ---> 1 (?)
    - 20000 pts ---> 1 LF-4

    reset price: 15.000 U.

    _____________________________ ___________________ __________ _____ __ _

    The next obsidian event will be from the 24th to the 27th march and the booty box will contain the new resources for the new LF4.
    There will also be a obsidian event for April but there isn't any date.

    And there is some new names in the code (no description):
    - keyCopper
    - keyBronze
    - keySilver
    - keyGold
    - keyPlatinum
    - keyDiamond

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