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    Just a Speculation (Guess).

    Rewards for the new window with a point system:
    - 1000 pts ---> 10 extra energy
    - 3000 pts ---> 5000 RSB-75
    - 6000 pts ---> 1 (?). These 2 does not say what this is gonna be. Maybe the thing below. Just a Guess :)
    - 12000 pts ---> 1 (?)
    - 20000 pts ---> 1 LF-4

    reset price: 15.000 U.


    Also, here is the pack that you will be able to get with the new point system in the next event: (can also change before the release)

    - 1st pack: 15 Khyalon and 50 Bifenon
    - 2nd pack: 40 Khyalon and 60 Tetrathrin
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  2. Future.

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    Anyone knows what the new bonus boxes might contain inside them?o_Oo_O
  3. That might be infected too and can cause Plaque debuff or something.
  4. [​IMG]

    I saw that on the french forum not sure what it is but it was posted with all the things ppl posted above
  5. BlackOrbit

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    I haven't put that here because it's just a folder with some elements of the next event window.
    I guess it will represent a sort of path with the differents stages or something like that.
  6. Unfortunately I prefer the RSB and the EE over the "normal" LF4. (But it still sounds very nice, hopefully nobody will set a super mine field)
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  7. BlackOrbit

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    Some new pretty interesting texts in the files:

    Quarantine Zone Gate successfully completed.
    Quarantine Zonesuccessfully activated.
    Attack canceled. It's not possible to attack other pilots when in the Quarantine Zone.
    Access denied - your group needs at least %COUNT% members to enter the Quarantine Zone.
    Access denied - you must be at the same stage as the group leader.
    Quarantine Zone server is at maximum capacity. Consider joining or creating a new group.
    Activation canceled – all group members must remain in the activation zone to start the gate.
    Access denied - Your group already completed the Quarantine Zone.

  8. BlackOrbit

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    Hi ^^

    Text of the obsidian box event for april:

    Back in Black, All-New Skins!

    All-New Rare Skins Package!

    The techs are still delivering outstanding quality in the Obsidian Booty boxes, with an all-new Rare and Legendary Skin packages, including Lava designs for the three newest craftable ships: Mimesis, Cyborg, and Hammerclaw.
    You will find the Obsidian Boxes on all normal maps from X-2 to X-8, including Pirate maps so it’s high time you got on crafting those keys!
    Availability: 11.04 – 13.04

    Crafting materials are available as drops from Saimon and Mordon (Scrapium), Pirate NPCs from Interceptors to Battle Rays (Aurus) and guaranteed rewards for all GGs (Schism).
    To craft 1 key you need 20 Scrapium, 10 Aurus and 5 Schism.
    Note: The Assembly recipe, the Obsidian Booty Boxes and the Schism drops are only available during the event. Alternatively, packs of 5, 12, and 25 keys are available in the shop.

    And there will be a lot of different packs:
    • Copper : 5 Obsidian Microchips
    • Bronze : 10 Obsidian Microchips
    • Silver : 20 Obsidian Microchips
    • Gold : 40 Obsidian Microchips
    • Platinum : 71 Obsidian Microchips
    • Diamond : 155 Obsidian Microchips
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  9. [​IMG]

    So i saw that on an other forum from the test server yesterday
  10. Yep a Game Manager said on Discord, that I-Eggs can randomly appear at maps (except X-1) even without Hitac around and can be also dropped by a Hitac when it's around. Though the I-eggs are untraceable by the Enemy Locator of PET and the I-eggs disappear after 90 seconds when its not attacked or destroyed.

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  11. Algeron

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    I agree completely with you, this new equipment is too involved to be crafted only. It should also be available in the shop.
  12. SmieBOX

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    Well I do not agree at all. This new equipment is not suppose to be acquired quick. No matter the money. It is a long term Goal/commitment. I think it must stay this way.

    You play long. you get it. Simple
  13. sort of takes out the term people keep saying (pay to win)
  14. SmieBOX

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    Exactly :)
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  15. If DO manages to keep new content out of the shop, booty boxes and other means of acquiring much faster then they would have successfully moved the game away from the "Pay to Win" aspect that has been destroying this game for years.

    Which also means players that don`t have new items would be able to continue grinding quest, gates and events without wasting their uri on the new weapon or ship design that comes out.

    Also players who are UFE and are working to get other members caught up can manage their uri easier when not having to worry about "Not buying ammo this weekend to save for a new ship".

    It also puts the "Skill" aspect back in the game. (Glares at 2 premium hotbar vs 1 non premium hotbar).
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  16. Hello guys!
    In the background-codes added the new event - "Plague Alert". Currently there is no description added. The coming of a new event - Plague Alert, and new Gate of "Quarantine Gate". The event together coming new collectable: Hybrid Alloy. The Hybrid Alloy
    will be available assembly system.

    In order to be able to perform the Quarantine Gate, need one key for open the gate. It is, Quarantine Zone Key. The key available assembly system too.

    And coming new event-boosters:
    • PRC-B01
    • PRM-B01
    • PRC-B00
    • PRM-B00
    • PCOMB-B01
    There are no descriptions of boosters. But, in the Breaking news have a lines:

    Brilliant New Boosters!
    Grab some of the brilliant new boosters which are available! Providing pilots with a better opportunity to grab the things you really want in the depths of space!


    Lava Cyborg, Mimesis and Hammerclaw. Only have "top picture" the codes.
    Have a nice day,
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  17. Hello Guys!
    Coming new booty box: Apocalypse Box.

    Apocalypse Booty Box
    Are you Ready!

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Pilots and Privateers we would like to announce the Apocalypse Box. The all-new opportunity to grab a selection of valuable booty! It takes a certain type of trader to recognize this type of opportunity, bypass the automated security on the abandoned M.A.S.Q.U.E. bases and provide you all with the opportunity to get these extremely collectible items. Lovingly presented in the brand spanking new Apocalypse Box. Because, let’s face facts, the next apocalypse might be right around the corner. So now is the best time to prepare! Apocalypse Key Assembly Recipe Scrap – 20 Aurus – 10 Schism – 5 5 Seconds Craft Time

    • Full Loot List Available in Your Forum
    • Keys can be crafted, or purchased in the shop under extras
    • Boxes are found on maps 1-1 to 3-8
    Crafting materials are available as drops from Saimon and Mordon (Scrapium), Pirate NPCs from Interceptors to Battle Rays (Aurus) and guaranteed rewards for all GGs (Schism).

    To craft 1 key you need 20 Scrap, 10 Aurus and 5 Schism.

    Note: The Assembly recipe, the Apocalypse Booty Boxes, and the Schism drops are only available during the event. Alternatively, packs of 5 to 155 keys are available in the shop.

    Only the beginning!
    Your DarkOrbit Team
    Stuffs the new key:

    Apocalypse Booty Key
    A hacked key designed to open the Apocalypse Booty Boxes, containing a variety of things to tempt the finest pilots!
    Tooltip: This Apocalypse Booty Key opens the highly vauled Apocalypse Booty Boxes, stuffed to the brim with exciting treasures.
    And in the previous post is boosters:

    Special Probability Booster (PRC-B01)
    Grab a fantastic chance to increase your probability of getting Hybrid Alloy and Indoctrine Oil. Boosting the chance of getting both by 25%. Lasts 3 hours!

    Special Benefit Booster (PRM-B01)
    What an opportunity. Double the rewards of Hybrid Alloy and Indoctrine Oil for a full 3 hours with the Special Benefit Booster. Time to get into the fight and double up your prizes.

    Special Probability Booster (PRC-B00)
    Grab a chance to increase your probability of getting Hybrid Alloy and Indoctrine Oil. Boosting the chance of getting both by 25%. Lasts 1 hours!

    Special Benefit Booster (PRM-B00)
    An opportunity to double the rewards of Hybrid Alloy and Indoctrine Oil for 1 hours with the Special Benefit Booster. Time to get into the fight and double up your prizes.

    Special Combo Booster (PCOMB-B01)
    Hybrid Alloy and Indoctrine Oil will flow into your hold with the Super Combo Booster. A full four hours of 25% boost and double the prizes for both these valuable ingredients.
    The new Quarantine-zone key full name: Immunizer CPU Blueprint

    Coming new drone designs:

    Inferno Drone Design
    The Inferno Drone Design brings a flavor of the fires of a red sun to surround your vessel. Give your enemies some burning love!

    Hammerclaw Drone Design
    These Hammerclaw Drone Designs are part of the new Heavy Steel series, a perfect support for the Hammerclaw and designed to kick-ass!

    Cyborg Drone Design
    The Cyborg Drone Designs are engineered from the fundamental design ethics of the Goliath, adding a significant support for all Cyborg pilots when they're in battle!

    Enigma Drone Design
    Theses Enigma Drone Designs are built to aid the first Hawk Stealth Fighters to come off the production line. As sleek and cunning as the ship they're designed for. A great addition for any pilot.​

    New stuffs (i think it is, update the blue and red keys):
    • booty-key-overhaul-march-blue
    • booty-key-overhaul-march-red
    And coming new (event?) (or i don't know, this code no have text):
    • rbOverhaul
  18. [​IMG]
    so merging servers
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  19. Please no.
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  20. BlackOrbit

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    Hi :)

    Some new images of the next event: (Quarantine Zone)

    don't know whe the laser is so big x)


    Gate image


    I made two false screen with photoshop of how the gate could look like:


    The boss of the Quarantine Zone:

    (no background for the moment)

    There will also be a special window for this event and the new point system.

    There will be ~40 quests for this event:

    This is the News!

    Pilot! I’ve been helping establish a broadcast center for the UNN on the rim, outside any factions influence. I can broadcast the truth from here and use my superior skills in data mining to uncover the facts about current events. A number of secrets are hidden in the past that I’d like you to investigate.

    Elementary Achievement

    Since I last talked to you, I’ve been working hard with the systems here, getting my hands dirty. The technology here on the rim is fairly elementary, but with the right team about you we’ve achieved some major wins. More chat later, pilot, I think the Streuner may be involved. So target them and we’ll see what happens!

    We Live in your Nightmares

    The elimination of M.A.S.Q.U.E. isn’t the only instance of strange things happening. That symbol, “We live in your nightmares!” Something far more sinister is going on, with facilities on the Rim wiped out in a similar fashion. In the meantime, locate where these Gygerthralls are coming from.

    Nomadic Nonsense

    The Gygerthralls simply shouldn’t have returned, they are a nomadic species and after last year’s events they should have moved on to another part of the cosmos. Someone is directing them here, is deliberately targeting humanity. We need to wipe as many out before we have another plague on our hands.


    They simply seem to keep coming. It’s almost like a great hand has come and changed the balance of the galaxy, pushing the pawns across the chessboard so that humanity becomes the target. Until I get some further information, all we can do is target those Gygerthralls and hope for more information.

    Past and Present

    I’m starting to piece things together, based on the data I’m receiving from you and other pilots. I’m now wondering if the mysterious figure in last year’s plague was the enemy we face now. Testing our resolve. You need to help by dealing with a Boss Streuner. Please help.

    Rumor Mill

    Something powerful enough to infect the Kristallin is a serious threat. They are one of the older species in the galaxy and shouldn’t be able to be infected by a plague that effects organics. I need you to help the tougher pilots investigate by tracking down more Gygerthralls.

    Vague Plague

    Your help has been excellent but we can find no signs of infection in the Plagued Kristallin. While other pilots investigate can you stop old enemies taking advantage back here. Please take on some of the Moredun who are ravaging our space.


    This problem seems to be spreading and we’re now receiving reports from other sectors. Concerning reports about other aliens struck down with this purple aura and starting to act against type. I need as many of the Streuner and Moredun wiped out before they are infected.

    Hidden Enemy

    It’s clear to me that the Kristallin and Gygerthralls are simply the tip of a bigger iceberg. I read reports of Indoctrine Oil being found during the Hatching Out crisis and I’m wondering if this might be happening here too? Let's keep stopping the Moredun and Streuner so no infection happens here.

    Cover up

    I’m starting to wonder if this is a cover up by one of the factions. I’m not sure how they could have the power to affect the Kristallin, but I’ve heard rumors that a group of humans once managed to do this. Now some Sibelon seem to be acting strangely in this area of space too. Please stop them.

    No Faction Here

    It's clear this is not a faction issue. They usually leave some obvious calling card on their pieces of work. This means that something else is causing the problems and I need to know what. Please do a sensor sweep of X-4, to check the threat isn't coming to Earth.

    Hybrid Function

    Something inside the Gygerthrall is processing the Kristallon into this Hybrid Alloy, or possibly the Hybrid Alloy itself was the thing that made the Kristallon susceptible to this strange aphasia that seems to be affecting them. I need to know if Sibelon are affected, please find out.

    Disruptive Purpose

    It appears this new enemy knows exactly how to disrupt our operations, causing significant dangers for all humans. I’m concerned this is simply a distraction, but their knowledge of our operations tell me they’ve been watching us for a while. Know our ways. Perhaps its the Moredun, tackle one of their bosses.

    Being the Cure

    You're doing excellent work and allowing the elite forces to investigate the Quarantine Zone, a strange place where aliens are being adapted to enraged killing machines. Please keep tackling Boss Moredun, to ensure they don't take advanatge of the situation.

    Processing Power

    I'm concerned that the real enemy is manipulating our forces so that the enemies closer to home can try and get advanatge. If you can do some damage to Boss Sibelon then we may be able to stop them using our diffuse forces to come to war. Will you help.

    Three Years

    I’ve been analyzing a lot of old reports and can tell you these attacks have been happening on the very fringes of human space for three years at least. Perhaps the remnants of the enemies you killed left some trace of the enemy. Collect Bonus Boxes in that area to find out.

    A Slither of Evidence

    Perhaps that investigation left a slither of evidence, something about the Quarantine Zone itself is unnatural. I need you to go and challenge all the bosses you can find. To see if attacking them can cause a reaction which will help me understand more.

    Team Up

    Although the Sibelon are not the main threat here it is you rear gunners, protecting Earth itself, who are providing a line fo defence against this enemy. I cannot thank you enough and ask you go and stop the Sibelon, before they get ideas. Meanwhile I will collate with HULL.

    Reaping the Rewards

    That seemed to work well. The Sibelon are being driven back from thoughts of a larger attack. If you can keep driving back their leaders then we should be able to get even more valuable data from the Quaratine Zone in the depths of space. You're one true hero, pilot!

    Also OP32 posted an image of how could be used the legacy of the old rank system if they do the servers merge:


    (for the moment it's just at the development state so all can be changed at any moment)