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  1. The Boss of Quarantine Zone has Egg Drones XD
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  2. Some new things from the french forum

    Background of the new gg
    Some of the new aliens in it

    There were some other things but i dont inderstand french and couldnt translate it :)
  3. Pretty sure its a group gate . But...If the maps look dead why would you add a gate that everyone will be in the whole event completely clearing the maps? Why merge servers instead of fixing the game, adding content that doesnt stink, and drawing everyone back in?
    Why Why Why
    Even through all this turmoil Do hasnt folded up like a cheap tent. Why? The concept is good, and fun. If the game gets the plug pulled it will be for one reason only.

    And someone with brains will make a copycat and earn a fortune.
  4. eTeRn!tY

    eTeRn!tY User


    Just registered on the forum to say couple of good words to all of you who contribute to this thread! I find your contribution amazing, and also very important for the whole DO community. Thank you all for using your free time to share with us the news about the game, its development and future releases.

    I have been keeping an eye on this thread for years, almost from the first day when the thread was officially started. I am always happy to read about new posts, new features and events in the game, even before they are publicly announced by the DO team.

    Thank you again for your contribution, have an amazing evening! :)

  5. BlackOrbit

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    Hi :)

    Thx for the sharing ^^

    New NPCs:
    • Gygerim Overlord
    • Gygerthrall
    • Plagued Gygerthrall
    • Blighted Gygerthrall
    • Viral Kristallon
    • Viral Gygerthrall
    • Blighted Kristallon
    • Plagued Kristallin
    • Plague Rocket

    Plague Alert!

    Get ready for infection!

    The plague spreads, as the threat to humanity intensifies. Nyx returns, with a serious message from the UNN, trying to help uncover the reasons for this new threat and uncovering something more. As other aliens start to fall under the curse. Pilots, it is time to gear up and prevent this threat once again.
    Kill the infected aliens to release Blighted Gygerthralls, containing valuable Hybrid Alloy.
    Craft the Immunizer CPU to access to the Quarantine Zone and take the battle to all-new enemies!
    A new boss lurks inside the Quarantine Zone. Those who are victorious in killing it will gain a number of rewards, including the rare Indoctrine Oil for the Mimesis, Hammerclaw and Cyborg: As well as Ore Packages which contain resources needed for LF-4 enhancements.
    However make no mistake, this new boss will not go down without a fight.
    Engage in Nyx’s quests to uncover more details of what’s going on and be prepared to battle in Plague Alert!

    Can the infection be stopped?

    Bonus box and booty box:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New shoot image in the files: (no description)
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  6. Welcome, dont know french so glad you can translate some of the things :)
  7. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    As you guys probably know based on the posts above the April event will contain a new group gate. The event itself should be arriving around mid-April.

    Thought I would give you a quick teaser image of what it looks like inside.


    It's a pretty tough gate, the end Boss is without a doubt the hardest NPC in the game.

    It won't surprise me if a lot of players have trouble on their first attempt of the boss before they understand the correct tactics for beating it.

    This is going to be the last 'new' event we do for a while. If you haven't already then I suggest you havea read over the OA - Important changes in development cycle for Darkorbit

    However during the time when we refocus our time and efforts on server merges and all the changes that need to be in place to make it a success, we still intend to have events going on.

    So we would like to put on old events, one example is Pirate Hunt. Some of these events are many years old, so to some of you I'm sure they will seem new.

    The rewards of the older events will likely be looked over to make them more lucrative for today's game, e.g rewards in Pirate Hunt could contain LF-4 enhancement resources or Hyperplasmoid lasers for the people who rank highest.

    That's a small window into the feel of the Quarantine Zone and our plans for the next several months of the game overall.

    I know its not very full on detail, as time goes on we will release more info and ask for player feedback on several aspects, since the act of server merges and looking at leaderboards and so on is a very big step for the game to be taking.

    I hope you guys are as excited for the change in direction as we are :)

  8. I like that they are thinking of some changes they are needed some sooner some not that soon but indeed.
    I have one "specific question i have seen this post on the german forum
    Is this the name of the new event going to be live or some other thing?
  9. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    from discord teasers
  10. BlackOrbit

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    Hi :)

    New pet designs:

    Inferno P.E.T. Design (InD-PET)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Relight your fire with the Inferno P.E.T. Design. A flaming good appearance for your P.E.T. to warn your enemies that you're on fire!
    This Inferno P.E.T. Design can be found in the Red and Blue Bounty Boxes.

    Hammerclaw P.E.T. Design (HaClD-PET)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Bring the hammer down on your enemies with the Hammerclaw P.E.T. Design. You'll be ready to bash and smash your enemies apart when you have this Heavy Steel addition!
    This Hammerclaw P.E.T. Design can be found in the Red and Blue Bounty Boxes.

    Cyborg P.E.T. Design (CyD-PET)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Engage your enemies with the Cyborg P.E.T. Design and watch they shake with fear as you arrive at the battle with this ally at your side.
    This Cyborg P.E.T. Design can be found in the Red and Blue Bounty Boxes.

    There's also a new laser sound: (name: sniper-laser-hit)

    could be linked to it:
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  11. Hello Guys!
    You will receive Easter gift soon:

    Happy Easter Gift!
    Easter login bonus and more!

    The DarkOrbit team would like to wish every pilot a happy Easter weekend! To thank you for your support, we have set up a login bonus that was booked as soon as you signed in.

    The package consists of 1 week of premium membership, 500 ACM Mines, and 5,000 Xenomit. On top of this, we have activated a one-time payment discount code for 15% off one purchase. Use the code [removed] at checkout to take advantage.

    Login bonus and Discount code valid from 13.04 – 17.04
    • Discount Code [removed]
    Happy gaming!!
    Your DarkOrbit Team
    Anyway, the code is already available in the system.
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  12. And nothing happened when i used the code lol
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  13. Solid_Eye

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    it even says valid from 13.4, today is the 11th :p
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  14. Solid_Eye

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    According to the stream today, it should last until you use it. It's a one-time deal, so you pop in the code and then you have one purchase to use it on (& they advised it stacks with premium).

    There's theoretically an expiration on when the discount won't work if you were to not use it for some reason, but it shouldn't be for a *long* time
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  15. Hello Guys!
    Adding yesterday the background code, new event:
    • Pirate Hunt 2017
    No have texts.

    Have a nice weekend!
  16. xTidus

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    Well, by the name of the event, might be damn interesting. :eek::D
  17. I think its a re-occurring event and just maybe have some adjustments or new content. DO said that they will release past-made events to give them more time in fixing in-game problems such as performance, server population, bugs, botters, etc.
  18. xTidus

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    Oh, well, as I am returning player in this game, I have never played this event before. To be honest, I didn't event looked on YouTube to check if there are some game play videos of the event before. :)
    Thanks for the information anyway, I have just read the announcement about the events by the DO team.
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  19. IF this is a re-release event then they are going to have the Pirates mess up the regular maps again and make the game completely unplayable during the event. Many players stopped playing during this time as they wanted to CUBE or BK and had too many Pirates attacking them to be able to do the normal game routine they enjoyed. The players who enjoyed killing the Pirates were the only ones playing in the uppers during the 2 month progression of the event, which ended with the production of the 5-x maps.
  20. Ships designers all like?Not diference?