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  1. This event was said in OP32's post here.
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  2. And what does that have to do with my statement. The Pirate Hunt was an UPPER Map Event and was not in 5-x maps, because they did not exist. I can not see the benefit of running this event in B-Map area as it eliminates the majority of players of enjoying it as the MCC's will not be the only ones controlling it as the ALLIED enemy clans can work together just like the MCC's thus eliminating the WEAK/FREE player from doing anything. Since this was run BEFORE RELOADED happened they would have to rework the Event anyway.
  3. I would accept this event, if I could earn around 10K Uri per hour. In general an event shouldn't disturb the actions of other players, who don't want to participate in the event cause of diverse reasons (low Uri rewards of the pirates...).
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  4. For me until now:
    Ciborg=Venom with upgrades
    Hameclaw=Aegis-ships with upgrades
    Then they say they can not do change ships or improve ships,for what we can game with worse in the game(alternate off or on in the skills, or decrease cooldown the skills,5 minuts or 300 seconds is much in the fight,cpu what invert speed base per shields)
    Mimesis,and Tartarus is single different all ships,sorry indocrine very hard(ZQ=super hit?)
    But is good have more aliens in maps,one feather what not aliens vampires(absorb shield not death ships),on the contrary very hard death for few recompense per fight.
    Formation wheel not function with Travel.
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    Pretty hard to understand...
  6. On my own understanding I think he said:

    Cyborg is just an upgrade form of Venom.
    Hammer is just an upgrade form of Aegis ships.
    In spite of those "ships upgrade-like" above DO does not re-balance/improve ships like (on/off feature of ship skills, decrease some skill CD as 5 mins or 300 sec. CD are too long for fights, or a CPU what invert speed base per shields (I don't get this XD)
    Mimesis,and Tartarus is single different all ships (I don't also get this XD) he also said getting indoctrine oil is very hard (Boss NPC at QZ has a super long range of hitting you)
    But it is good that there are many NPCs on maps, one feather what not aliens vampires(absorb shield not death ships) (I don't get this too XD) but they are very hard to kill with low rewards.
    Wheel formation's speed boost does not affects "Travel skills" of ships.
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  7. almost,I think it was just him that did not understand.
    The owners of the game say that they have no interest in changing the old ships?
    All ships have to be changed beacuse these new ships (Cyborg and Hammer) are like the Venom and Aegis-ships with improvements.
    More because they do not change the Citadel(Fortify Cooldown 5 mins or 300 sec in fight?), and other ships that are too bad to play (at least for the price too expensive for little use in the game).Ex: Punsat(error descrition in shop),lightining or G-ships with skill cooldown 250.000 uridium and Tartarus 200.000 uridum?
    Way created CPU for invert speed base per shields(+ shields -speed),in updates my idea(sg-x).
    Right:Wheel formation's speed boost does not affects "Travel skills" of ships(Citadel and Yamatho-ships).
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    to be honest the game is dying to death Y far too many ppl trying to invent a wheel .got one got a puncture end of nn take care getting fed up of all the junk OH and lose the scripts .time to nail them all.but a same old story
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  9. Hello Guys!
    The Pirate Hunt 2017 event, breaking news description:

    Pirate Hunt
    Kill Pirates for Booty!

    As the edges of humanity begin to crumble, pirates raid our outposts.

    Arm yourself and challenge them in deadly combat to become a Pirate Hunt destroyer! Aiding your clan, supporting humanity and wiping the scum from the face of the galaxy. With Premium membership, enhanced LF-4’s and more as rewards.

    Time to fight!
    Your DarkOrbit Team​
  10. Does someone know if the premium would be given the way as in the Easter event?
  11. Solid_Eye

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    I don't think thst info is out yet. However, if I remember correctly from years ago, premium was a reward for top players in the pirate hunt. Time to be the top pirate hunter :)
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    when is this event starting ..better be fast because even more people are quitting gb1 is deader than it was when no one was playing lucky if I see 5 players online yes 5 players maps are dead ..just put a good event on fast before its too late
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    Guys can we please keep to the topic at hand for this thread as much as possible, which is what's upcoming to game. We're pretty lenient in this thread, but some of the general chit chat about the state of things or what you might want from the game in general, you can create your own threads for a particular subject matter that goes beyond the reveals and upcoming content for the game.

    & ]eggy[ no word on when the next event will really be yet, I don't know that I would except it super soon though like the time between the past two events being so close together.
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  14. From what i have seen on other forums probably next week
    I think that their last event was their's best from long time ago, especially the missions, lets hope pirate hunt it is even better than it was.
    And ofcourse
    Take care all! :)
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  15. i doubt pirate event will get dead servers active lol pirate rewards arent good and if the end reward is just a title and an lf4 lol not really worth the time
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    without good events the game is nothing.
  17. Some things for the upcoming event
    "); vertical-align: bottom; height: 10px;"><npcsToKill>
    <npc npcId="58" pointsPlayer="1" pointsClan="1"/>
    <!-- npcType="INTERCEPTOR" -->
    <npc npcId="59" pointsPlayer="2" pointsClan="2"/>
    <!-- npcType="BARRACUDA" -->
    <npc npcId="60" pointsPlayer="5" pointsClan="5"/>
    <!-- npcType="SABOTEUR" -->
    <npc npcId="61" pointsPlayer="6" pointsClan="6"/>
    <!-- npcType="ANNIHILATOR" -->
    <npc npcId="62" pointsPlayer="8" pointsClan="8"/>
    <!-- npcType="BATTLERAY" -->
    <npc npcId="121" pointsPlayer="10" pointsClan="10"/>
    <!-- npcType="DEADLY_BATTLERAY" -->
    <npc npcId="163" pointsPlayer="1" pointsClan="4"/>
    <!-- npcType="UBER_INTERCEPTOR" -->
    <npc npcId="164" pointsPlayer="2" pointsClan="8"/>
    <!-- npcType="UBER_BARRACUDA" -->
    <npc npcId="165" pointsPlayer="5" pointsClan="20"/>
    <!-- npcType="UBER_SABOTEUR" -->
    <npc npcId="166" pointsPlayer="6" pointsClan="24"/>
    <!-- npcType="UBER_ANNIHILATOR" -->
    <npc npcId="167" pointsPlayer="8" pointsClan="32"/>
    <!-- npcType="UBER_BATTLERAY" -->
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  18. The amount of points seems good, in opposite to the prefix Uber X)
  19. I like new npcs,sorry my prefer boss,or super of that ubers.
    not difference uber batlerray caracteristic uber like.
    uber interceptor/saboteur easy death
    uber barracuda medium death
    uber batlerray hard death
    uber annihilator very hard death,even skills 5 minuts cooldown in the fight.
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    When started event !!