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  1. Solid_Eye

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    Silent, they haven't put a date on the event yet which was stated just a few posts up.
  2. when is that event scheduled?
  3. Hello Guys!
    New contents, in the background:
    • 30 Days of Premium status
      • 30 Days of Premium Status: For two weeks, you too can fire your rockets twice as fast, make repairs for free, and enjoy other Premium perks!
        • 30 Days of Premium Status: You are awarded Premium status for two weeks.
    • 60 Days of Premium status
      • 60 Days of Premium Status: For two weeks, you too can fire your rockets twice as fast, make repairs for free, and enjoy other Premium perks!
        • 60 Days of Premium Status: You are awarded Premium status for two weeks.
    • 90 Days of Premium status
      • 90 Days of Premium Status: For two weeks, you too can fire your rockets twice as fast, make repairs for free, and enjoy other Premium perks!
        • 90 Days of Premium Status: You are awarded Premium status for two weeks.
    Quarantine Zone:

    Permanent Quarantine Zone
    Challenge the Enemy!

    Pilots, sources have confirmed that the rift to the Quarantine Zone has stabilized, making further infection a permanent threat. It’s time to fight to save humanity!

    With boosters that only drain in gameplay time, additional rewards and a potential jackpot for those defeating the Gygerthrall Overlord it’s time to get back in the action!

    Confine the Infection!
    Your DarkOrbit Team​
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  4. Not much good for Citadel-ships,I prefer skills with high and low alternate on or off for package premium.
    Rocket speed launchers and double speed rocket common?
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  5. rewards for top players from pirate hunt?
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  6. Its not that hard if you know how to finish it fast and people are coordinated like when you are doing hades gate. Its good only problem with it is farming for cpu thats why people don't really wanna do it.
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  7. Also the fact there is no ammo drop or mineral drop so basically you will run out of minerals for your lasers or players won't go do it with smaller players cause they don't have the x4 or sab needed for it. I am glad though seems they listened to players and they changed the drop boosters to in game time.
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  8. Would be funny to see 8 iris player with Cyborg for example, I'm glad that they make something for Ultra FE players, with this gate they got new goal for achive and small player will get it too with events like last hitac who will when get to Ultra FE point have enough oil for new ship.
  9. I don't understand the background information. Why you always get "for two weeks", although you have 30, 60 or 90 days of "Premium status"?
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  10. Some things from the french forum
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  11. event ?:eek:
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  12. probablyy yes
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  13. There are "supposed to be" NO new events for the next while as the developers are "supposedly" going to spend their time on "FIXING" this BROKEN game.......................
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  14. Solid_Eye

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    Pirate hunt is an old event, they don't really consider it as running a "new" event as they're recycling some older content so there are still events to keep people engaged while they work on other things.
  15. Pirate hunt was few years ago when was first introducet pirate aliens. There was no 5-x maps, in x-7 map was tons of interceptor you would die if you enter in map on first day and idea was make x-7 map free of them and push them on 5-x maps. After it came pirate hunt.
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  16. Đesαnn

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    They said at facebook (also at Discord) that the event will start the 15th of this month.
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  17. Sapphire

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    You get the golden premium status for 90 days but it's functionality is provided for two weeks. Are you dumb? :D I mean, it's Bigpoint...

    (This is just a joke lol.)

    Though I am waiting for the Pirate Hunt
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  18. Veki

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    While BP multiplied all stats by 8 to create uber pirates, I'm dissapointed BP forgot to change uber barracudas to do 600k damage when it dies.
    :rolleyes: /s off
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  19. ok,the balance package with errors?Or so package prototional?
    That licit everybody leaving for errors of descriptions on the homepage, errors in prices and advantages, expensive prices and few advantages / prices cheap advantage.E still things that are going to be good for those who get premim for errors in the game, even if promotional the advantages of premium were still few, in spite of the ability to turn on and off skills with ups and downs, will make an idea of 8 years ago put into practice, even so I thought of putting this just for Vengeance-ships and Citadel-ships Or even Spearhead-ships. And not for ship type Tartarus + speed Rocket+skill = lancher missiles for 1 second?

    barracuda(kamikaze)=10% do hp+5.000 hit
    super or absorb barracuda(kamikaze)=20% do hp+10.000 hit or 10.000 force absortion
    bossbarracuda(kamikaze)=40% do hp+20.000 hit=bosskristaloon?
    uberbarracuda(kamikaze)=80% do hp+40.000 hit=uberkristaloon?

    annihilator=12,500 hit+25.000 missiles
    superannihilator=25.000 hit+50.000 missiles
    bossannihilator=50.000 hit+100.000 missiles
    uberannihilator=100.000 hit+200.000 missiles=imperrorlon?

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  20. You received 320,000 EP.
    You received 375 honor points.
    You received 4,000,000 Credits.
    You received 300 Uridium.
    Uberbattleray + Green booty box don't know what is in cargo

    You received 90,000 EP.
    You received 163 honor points.
    You received 500,000 Credits.
    You received 150 Uridium.
    You collected:
    3 Palladium
    1500 Terbium
    1500 Prometium
    1500 Endurium
    120 Duranium
    32 Promerium
    120 Prometid

    You received 300,000 EP.
    You received 250 honor points.
    You received 1,000,000 Credits.
    You received 220 Uridium.
    4 Palladium
    1200 Terbium
    1200 Prometium
    1200 Endurium
    200 Duranium
    48 Promerium
    200 Prometid
    8 Xenomit

    You received 30,000 EP.
    You received 125 honor points.
    You received 100,000 Credits.
    You received 80 Uridium.
    2 Palladium
    800 Terbium
    800 Prometium
    800 Endurium
    72 Duranium
    16 Promerium
    72 Prometid

    You received 60,000 EP.
    You received 125 honor points.
    You received 360,000 Credits.
    You received 80 Uridium.
    1000 Terbium
    1000 Prometium
    1000 Endurium
    100 Duranium
    100 Promerium
    100 Prometid

    This is what I get today in 4-5 (got 25% more honor in pilot points), they are so hard to kill I was shoot Uberanhilator over half with x4 prom double dmg booster and diminisher power. You got bigger range than NPC so you can fly with them and hit without taking dmg anyway so hard to kill.
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