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  1. As a veteran pirate basher and 5-2 inhabitant, I would just like to say I love the idea of uber pirates, for like 6 or 7 years I have wished for change in the 5-X maps, a challenge for me while I go about my daily business of pirate popping.

    Hats off to whoever came up with this idea, I salute thee.
  2. They should look over the stats of the Uber pirates especially over the rewards (they are just low).
    E.g. the Uber Annihilator are going to have 2,4 Mio HP and 1,6 Mio. shield and it are going to deal 90K damage. So why should I kill this thing, which is stronger Uber Kristallon? The 220 Uri as a reward and 4 Palla in the cargo are not going to convince me.
    (Sources for stats)
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  3. Agree, my oppinion is that boss and uber aliens aren't balanced at all, since boss is 4x harder to kill than normal and also hit you harder they should give 6x better reward not 4x, same is with uber which are 8x harder to kill and hit you 8x times more, they should give 14x more reward than normal npc, even if they bump reward for uber kristallon to 14x isntead of 8x it would be still less viable to kill than 2 cubikon.
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  4. On the upside they are neutral until shot on so those of us who see any uber bigger than a mordon as a waste of ammo can simply not shoot them. And is it me or these new npcs and quest are geared to venting out this "Millions of ammo stock pile" they referenced on the twitch stream a few times? I really hope that is not the case as to have a near infinite amount of elite ammo is something people get when they consistently buy uri and dump it on gates.
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  5. Hello guys!
    So, soon coming new one dron design, with name: "Spartan Drone Design".

    Spartan Drone Design
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Lasers and rockets have a tough time with the Spartan drone design! Each Spartan drone increases damage and HP by 1%. If all of your drones have the Spartan design equipped, you’ll receive an additional 10% in shield power and 5% in HP.


    The Spartan Drones Have Arrived
    Craft Yours Today!

    The techs continue to make advances, and have now found a way to assemble a powerful new drone. The Spartan drone can be built using Hercules and Havoc designs combined with Schism, and will give you a boost to damage, shield, and HP.
    • Full FAQ available in your local forum
    • Spartan blueprint available via completion of the Kronos Gate
    • Increased drop chance of Havoc drones in the Zeta Gate
    • Increased drop chance of Hercules drones in the Kappa Gate
    • The Spartan blueprint is available only after collection, and stays in your Assembly permanently
    Bow down before no enemy!
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  6. That sounds awesome, although they will introduce more Ufe stuff...

    So you "lose" the (20-15=) 5% HP bonus from full Hercules?
  7. Kyro

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    You also "lose" 5% shield bonus as well(15% to 10%), but I wouldn't exactly say "lose" but more like a trade off for having the full 10% damage bonus from Havocs. I don't think it has to do with making Havoc/Hercules obsolete though since it still does mostly, but more about so they have at least some sort of balance.

    Or in other words so the drone designs aren't too good, although 5% isn't much... But maybe BP also wants to get UFE's to go after them to distract them, since BP is making it easier to get Havocs/Hercules. There are some players that don't like the idea of making it easier to get stuff like LF4's/stat drone designs after all, cause it was hard for them...

    Though this is just speculation, BP might just want the monies or don't see the point in making players choose between Havocs or Hercules to use.
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  8. Hi!
    As he wrote @Kyro, is the right position. ;)

    And, @.[_.darkorbit._]. Has taken a picture, it is properly visible. Thanks! :)
  9. In this calculation whats good is NORMAL, full spartan if you use 20 lasers in drones got same dmg as havoc only benefit is more hp, in fast if you use full shield in drones you actually got less hp and less shield. Drone design don't affect laser and shield on ship, only in drones. Overall idea behind this is great but still sometimes Hercules will be better than Spartan to use, but in same time havoc is useless couse with spartan you get more hp and bit more shield if you don't use full dmg config.
  10. when this possible new drones crafted?
  11. They should use another color instead of orange (=Demon). Violet is a better option ( Red + Blue =Violett)
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  12. MyBigi

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    Or black, that would be a cool colour xD
  13. •Cat•

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    Hmm, but will be golden...
  14. Hello guys!
    Soon there will be a bonus calendar, similar with Advent calendar.

    Solar Calendar Bonanza!
    Booty Bonanza!

    Open each door on the Solar Calendar and receive a selection of exceptional booty, including Indoctrine Oil, Terathrin and a HyperPlasmoid LF-4.

    Login daily, open a new window and find out what prize you’ve received. Miss a day and you’ll miss that days prize, so better come back daily and grab what’s on offer.

    A Daily Prize!
    Your DarkOrbit Team
    And, soon there will be a new event: Vortex of Terror

    At present, there is only so much information. But soon, I'll come up with more information.
    Have a nice day!
  15. Hi :)

    There will be a battle for influence event soon.
    Here some new balise images that will be on the background during the event:


    (picture with all the balise images)

    And a new little event :

    Grab a Free Gift with Every Uridium Purchase

    Enjoy the Gift Bonus sale!

    Get a special bonus gift with every Uridium purchase! – With a host of exciting offers.
    And here’s what you get with each Uridium Package:

    • 15,000 Uridium + 2 Weeks Premium, 50 Extra Energy and 10 Bifenon.
    • 30,000 Uridium + 2 Weeks Premium, 1 Week Rebate Advantage Pack, 50 Extra Energy, 5 BK-100 (Green Booty Keys), 20 Bifenon, and 4 Tetrathrin.
    • 75,000 Uridium + 2 Weeks Premium, 2 Weeks Rebate Advantage Pack, 2 Weeks Double Advantage Pack, 100 Extra Energy, 20 BK-100 (Green Booty Keys), 40 Bifenon, and 10 Tetrathrin.
    • 150,000 Uridium + 2 Weeks Premium, 500 Extra Energy, 40 BK-100 (Green Booty Keys), 80 Bifenon, 20 Tetrathrin, 10 Kyhalon, a Lava Pusat and a Lava Pusat Drone.
    • 330,000 Uridium + 1 Month Premium, 650 Extra Energy, 50 BK-100 (Green Booty Keys), 160 Bifenon, 80 Tetrathrin, 50 Kyhalon, a Lava Spectrum and a Lava Spectrum Drone.
    A Stellar Bonus!
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  16. how to get the grab and get free gift bro in battle of influence?
  17. You "technically" get a free gift by purchasing a uridium package which costs $...
  18. thnx...i tot theres other aside from buying option hehehe...
  19. Hello guys!
    The Battle for Influence event:

    Battle for Influence

    Join your faction in battle and take on your rivals to find out who is really behind the recent attacks on humanity.

    Climb the leaderboards and earn valuable rewards for you and your whole faction during DarkOrbit’s Blightstorm: Battle for Influence event!

    Your Faction Needs You!
    Your DarkOrbit Team