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  1. Hi :)

    All the items of the calendar:


    The next event:

    Red and Blue Booty Box Update!

    Four new P.E.T. Designs

    Great news, Pilots!
    We've added even more content tp the Red and Blue Booty Boxes, feature the usual highly sought items, but adding the Argon Mirage, Argon Cyborg, Argon Hammerclaw and Legend Mirage P.E.T Designs. Another awesome enhancement!

    The Booty Boxes can be found on the maps and Red and Blue keys can be crafted in the assembly using the following items:

    • 10 Scrap
    • 5 Aurus
    • 3 Schism
    • 20 Scrap
    • 10 Aurus
    • 5 Schism
    The full list of box contents can be found on your forum.
    Scrap can be found from Saimon and Mordon, Aurus can be found from all pirate NPC and Schism in GG rewards.
    But also, you can buy packs of various amounts of keys in the Shop, under Extras.

    Snag some now
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  2. This should be available tomorrow (1st june). It will be the same system as with the winter calendar i think.
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  3. It seems that they use the basic program code of the Xmas calendar.

    I still like it.
  4. Hi ^^

    A little video showing how the new GG "Vortex of Terror" will looks like:

    You will have the choice between different portals at every stapes, here is an illustration of all the possibilities:


    Here, some images of the 2D version of the new NPC, the "Revenant Slender" that will certainly be the "boss" of this GG:

    Announcment text:

    Vortex of Terror

    Enter the Abyss!

    Alert! Alert! Dare you tackle the Vortex of Terror, pilot?
    Enter the fiendish Vortex of Terror and battle a new enemy, as the Revenant Slender seek to enter human realms to feast on their soul energy. An array of great prizes can be won, as well as a new set of missions, helping Nyx uncover the mysteries of the past.

    Revenant Revenge


    The description of the new cosmetics designs that will be in the blues and red booty box soon (no image atm):

    Argon Mirage P.E.T. Design (Argon Mirage)

    Make your P.E.T. glow like a neon sign in the inky darkness of space with the Argon Mirage P.E.T. Design. Clearly showing you fear no-one and are ready for business.

    Argon Cyborg P.E.T. Design (Ar-CyD-PET)

    The Argon Cyborg P.E.T. Design will enhance your appearance as you fly into battle. Often a distraction with its neon colors, this P.E.T. is there to keep you safe against the starry backdrop.

    Argon Hammerclaw P.E.T. Design (Ar-HaClD-PET)

    It's Hammertime! Give your Hammerclaw P.E.T. a mean streak with another of the Heavy Steel series, the Argon Hammerclaw P.E.T. Design. Show no mercy as you enter the fray.

    Legendary Mirage P.E.T. Design (Legendary Mirage)

    Bring the taste of victory to the battlefield when you're accompanied by the Legendary Mirage P.E.T. Design. A taste of a bygone age of adventure and exploration.
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  5. Looks like a saimon on steroids, although i do remember them sayiong that the next few events would be geared toward saiomn aliens.
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  6. Saimon on steroids hahaha:D:D:D:D
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  7. nerosaimons=10x saimons kkk
    I prefer torrentmordon=15x mordon,and few speed ou aliensabsorb shield.

    death=2 scraps?The kamikaze like 75.000/450 ray,few alien big/high alien base(streuner x infinite)
    beautifull tribute the "Savitar=god of speed"
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  8. hahaha looks nice xd
  9. Hi ^^

    i don't know :/


    I've made a video of the new PET designs:

    The announcment of the new obsidian event:

    Obsidian Update

    Six New Ship Designs

    There's even more to find in Obsidian Booty Boxes. Each filled with spectacular loot and opened with matching (craftable) keys. The six new ship designs are:

    • Venom and Solace in Borealis and Poison Designs
    • The rarer Argon Venom and Solace Designs
    You can discover Obsidian Booty Boxes on all normal maps.
    Crafting materials are available as drops from all types of Saimon and Mordon (Scrapium), Pirate NPCs from Interceptors to Battle Rays (Aurus) and guaranteed rewards for all GGs (Schism).
    To craft 1 key you need 20 Scrapium, 10 Aurus and 5 Schism.
    Note: The Assembly recipe, the Obsidian Booty Boxes and the Schism drops are only available for a limited period so hunt them down now!

    Get Back in Black

    The sounds of the Slender (the boss of the "Vortex of Terror"):

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  10. New designs "Poison", "Borealis" and "Argon" with Venom and Solace
    Hello guys!
    New designs arriwed soon, on the Poison, Borealis and Argon variation with Venom and Solace! Take a look!


    Poison Solace
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Make your Solace slide past your foes with poisonous intent when you apply this Poison Solace Design. Striking at the heart of the enemy!

    Borealis Solace
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    When your Solace needs a new lick of paint what better color to choose than the Borealis Solace Design. Lead the field, battle hard and kill the enemy with style!

    Argon Solace
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There's no rest for the wicked when you equip your Solace with the Argon Solace Design. As you dazzle foes with the paintwork you can blast them to kingdom come.


    Poison Venom

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Add more bite to your Venom with this Poison Venom Design. Strike like a rattlesnake, surprising your enemies as you enter the fray.

    Borealis Venom
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bring a fresh look to your Venom with this Borealis Venom Design. Pilots marvelling at your paint job as you blast them to smithereens.

    Argon Venom
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    With the Argon Venom Design lightning up your Venom, you'll be a hit. A neon touch to a classic ship is all you need to make them bleed.

    3D AND 2D in the game preview:

    Have a nice weekend!
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  11. wohooo more colours for the blind peeps
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  12. GreatA

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  13. coobo99

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    Why don't we get some Black + Cyan or Black + White or Black + Red designs? I would absolutely love some black and -insert color- designs. Neon and plain even. These flat and plain colors get boring after a little while. Borealis is nice though
  14. when will it be seen in the game? very nice information
  15. The designs don't look too bad at all. The only buggy thing is one needs to buy the base design, then pay at least the same amount for the paint job. If there was an enhancement to abilities it might not be too bad then.
  16. this must be crafted but there oil also present to take some time..
  17. [​IMG]

    +Monday - Apocalypse Booty Boxes
  18. Hi :)

    They added some designs files, here is a video to see all of it

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    From 1st of July there is another calendar. Is it the same with the calendar we had on June? Or there are different rewards?
  20. The Calender of this Month has Different rewards: