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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by =SERAPH=, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Just some teasers we got -




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  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Some info regarding the new LF-4 types teased above ^^

    Magmadrill - PvP Damage
    Paritydrill - PvE Damage
    Hyperplasmoid - HP Bonus

    In order to obtain these LF-4 types you will need to craft them.

    The basic things needed are:
    • Lowest level of unequipped LF-4
    • 3 new ores
    • log files

    The new ores will be obtained via completing various tasks.

    Ore A
    Can be gathered by completing daily quests which are divided into 3 categories, easy, medium and hard.

    For example, the easy quest might be to kill 20 Boss Mordon and would reward 1 Ore.
    Medium could be to kill 20 Boss Kristallon and you will receive 3 Ore.
    Hard, kill some Cubikon and receive 5 Ore.

    Ore B
    Can be gathered by completing weekly quests involving galaxy gates, again divided up into easy, medium and hard.

    Easy - Alpha GG
    Medium - Lambda GG
    Hard - Kronos GG

    Ore C
    Can be gathered by killing certain NPC throughout the maps, e.g Uber Mordon, Pirates and so on.

    Once you have gathered all the materials needed you can craft the LF-4 type and pick which version you want. When you obtain the new LF-4 type you can then upgrade it to lv16.
    A lv16 Magmadrill will do more damage in PvP than a regular Lv16 LF-4 will but only slightly.

    Disclaimer here is of course that none of this is set in stone, hopefully it can give you guys a good idea of what this update is going to entail though :)

    Info initially comes from Psycondric.

    Ah, I have more than enough uridium to last me for a while :p
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  3. Hopefully by slightly increased PVP dmg, they mean only 1-2% more dmg than a regular upgraded lf4, because with all dmg bonuses from designs, boosters and seprom, a 1-2% can be stretched to like 5%. I can understand PVE Parity being a great increase of maybe 10-15%. I wonder if they will give off a different laser graphic if you have enough of one type, I am starting to get bored of red lasers :p as I had red lasers as a noob for a couple years then blue lasers for a year or 2 then back to red lasers haha. Heck, maybe none of it might happen at all anyways, thanks for posting updates on here okapi! Keeps me interested.
  4. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I dont feel like id like to make 45 new lasers + 45 new upgrades for PVP n 45 for PVE as well lol , why do u do that to us guys ? :(
  5. The G-Cyborg Version of G-Venom is like an Insectobot Transformer XD Maybe a cyber neon color/lights (like those in aegis, spearhead, citadel elite) would be better than the standard yellow paint of the G-Venom. ;)
  6. west-star

    west-star User

    thats right dude ..nobody wants this stuff ...guess darkorbit thinks we are stupid ...well for me its simple ..they said , we will never bring out another laser that is better then a regular lf4

    RIP darkorbit finally made me quit this game
  7. SauronL

    SauronL User

    They always make useless stuff like this, if they wouldnt think about money at first place then that game wouldnt of died. They d better make new maps n npcs before they add more junk. Kinda boring when theres 100 people who need to cube for uri but yet there are only 4 cubes per company.

    BP what about making a new map, huge like 4-4 n with TONS of npcs instead of making new lasers ? Like i dont get it, i kill all 4 cubes by myself in under 2 min and yet they make new lasers instead of npcs. Lol
  8. Enriqe-XXX

    Enriqe-XXX User

    Is this image related to event with new LF4 posted above? Or is something completely unknown?
  9. west-star

    west-star User

    maybe we should sit in 1/6 all day and do nothing , just to let bigpoint know , WE dont TAKE this CRAP no MORE
  10. sometime i just think the dev team is forced to do crap for $$$$ :/ i really wish they gonna kick the one who make these decisions
  11. So the discussion about newbe protection was useless?

    Weird combination. HP bonus would fit more for new shield generators.

    These lucky guy who has tons of LF4...
  12. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    Completely agree. Seriously, with current re-spawn rate of Cubes, not more than 2 players/groups can farm cubes in the same map effectively. Not all of us are fortunate to afford spending ~60-70% of the game-play just waiting for the cubes to re-spawn.

    Compared to all the expensive upgrades/items introduced in past few years, how much in-game uridium earning sources did they introduce? Once you've most of the stuff, the same old Alpha, Beta & Gamma gates are worth doing - rest are pretty much useless. The same old rewards since the beginning while the game is over x10 times more expensive today.

    I wonder how exactly they think the players are going to afford the new items/upgrades. They better address the real problems that's killing the game, instead of adding more problems.
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  13. The new lasers are designed to give the players that don't have the LF4 more power, not the UFE player. Of course it will take the player time to assemble them but it should be faster unless you need parts from gates. This LF4 variety laser is just for power variety. Just like the cosmetic designs, variety. Don't like them, don't get them.
  14. I don't like the idea that these new lasers make current level 16 lf4s useless.
  15. "Greed is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs." , just saying..........
    Fix the game and then bring out more to excite the majority.........just saying, again.............
    AND to protect the new players so they stick around..............
  16. Veki

    Veki User

    Great, now you've given BP another idea to milk us with (B03 with upgrades). :rolleyes:
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  17. Id like to know if an LF4 upgrade lvl 2 would be ok if not equiped?
  18. They did say LOWEST LEVEL unassigned LF-4. It sounds like when you make these NEW LF-4 you will trash any upgrading already completed and so you wasted the Uridium to upgrade them.

    There are a lot of people complaining about having extra items that they are not using and now D O has created another means of getting us to spend our money on things we already own, give a minimum change to the current imbalance of the game, and allow us to decide if we want to PvE, PvP, or take a defensive stand against what we are attacking. Do I agree with what they have created? NO! But I do know that the money stream is drying up and D O NEEDS money to continue progressing. It is just too bad they have chosen this method of increasing the cash flow instead of FIXING the basic game and keeping the NEW players around to get them excited and wanting to PAY for these new things. The UFE are not going to be interested in these as they are already killing everything they see, the other players are not going to want to do this as they don't have enough for what they want now and will probably not want to create for the purpose of designated play style.

    I do agree the game needs to be fixed before they continue creating all of this NEW stuff.
  19. They don't have enough milkyways. Never say no to a milkyway.

    So the "amazing" idea for unstable LF4 is rejected?
  20. Mmayuri

    Mmayuri User

    Okapi, Hyperplasmoid is giving static Hp bonus or it's similar to Energy Leech and it means ''lifestealing'' ?
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