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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by =SERAPH=, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. December seems to hold a decent update period. Looking forward to it.
  2. i cant wait for the xmas boxes More plds and r130 rockets the best rockets in the game!! thanks darkorbit just the rewards i wanted! dont forget the x2
  3. yes it would be a merry Christmas dark orbit..give aways..lots of gift giving by compensate their flwas sometimes that cant be avoided, the point is they are making adjustments which is good gesture to us..
  4. whats wrong with r130s and sar rockets and plds lol best pvp rockets ever
  5. its good for starters
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  6. The Christmas boxes are not intended for players around level 20+. They're intended for lower level players who don't have the firepower to do the stuff that we do.
  7. yeah cause this game get SOOOOO many new people lol just admit it the boxes are trash for everyone even noobs why would they need r130 rockets?
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  8. For Stueners and Lordakia...
  9. so you're telling me you use r130 rockets to kill Stuencers and lordakia
  10. Why not? You don't gain much for killing them, they don't count towards NPC kills in Rank, you don't get enough to cover the ammo used if not using FREE ammo. The only thing these are good for is if you have a MISSION requiring their death.

    WE get so much LCB-10 and R-310 in these special Bonus Boxes that you might as well use it in the x-2 map killing the useless things that were meant to be killed by this useless ammo. I KNOW many people use the LCB-10 all of the time (including myself if not in a hurry to kill the NPC) but the only time I use the R-310 is in the x-2 map doing daily missions.
  11. MyBigi

    MyBigi User

    Pld rockets and sar rockets are usefull for pvp.... so dont complain xd its free stuff....
  12. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    Yea, idk how he can complain about those when those literally are one of the best rockets in the game. I mean, should they give CBR???? No.
  13. yall right my bad i forgot about pld and sar 02 my bad :(

    just wished they would give uber rockets or something eles for a change

    also could just x2 witht he daily missions
  14. nice events for Christmas..give us oil 450 to create new ship
  15. MyBigi

    MyBigi User

    Well humans are greedy, and that aplies to everyone(me included) we will always want better stuff... but give the devs a break... these boxes are "okay", not "great", but they are decent, they also give wiz rockets, good for trolling and stuff xD.
  16. no they suck just wish we could get better stuff but i understand they are trying the best they can they probably cant give worth while stuff cause they dont want the botters to get a unfair advantage over legit players
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  17. Hmm.... and how does one actually 'qualify' for acceptance back to the test server? There hasn't been a test server open for quite some time now.
  18. you had to be selected to be able to become a tester on the test server a few months back
  19. lol - well I missed that. The old way seemed to be better, open test server and se if the new stuff attracted enough to load the server... ;)
    Thanks for the answer DeathByCheetos ! appreciate it.