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  1. Sure, the noobs can have more firepower with these new lasers, but what about these UFEs and rank lovers that spend hundreds every week and do nothing but gates and farming? I guess the discussion about noob protection was indeed useless.

    There is no argument by saying "noobs can craft these items," because UFEs can craft them too, but even faster and they can craft them in even more quantities. And that's assuming a "noob" has extra un-upgraded 45 Lf4s in their inventory, and even then how can a 'noob' even upgrade all of those new LF4s?

    These new lasers will completely throw this game off entirely, there is already a huge gap between FE and UFE, now there is going to be a huge gap between UFE and whatever this nonsense is.

    We don't need new lasers and we don't need new shields, we need new enjoyable content such as missions that aren't 'kill this and repeat,' we need new aliens, maps, more cubes and cubikids, and we need a game that actually works. As long as the gap between FE and UFE exists, there will always be an advantage between those players. Unfair? No, those who wish to spend money, including myself, have poured hundreds into this game to cut the time to get to UFE, those who don't spend money shouldn't be handed all of these things just because people feel bad for them.

    Darkorbit in it's entirety isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. Those who spent money only cut the time to get UFE in half, those who don't are going to have to do it the hard way.
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  2. Solid_Eye

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  3. I think , this look like P.E.T. desing for G-cyborg....

    and this.... i mean... can be logo of new "4rd company" which you can see in the podcast video from "10 years birthday of Darkorbit" in time 3:15 and on the end of video is the same logo with words : We live in your Nightmares.
    I think , this 4rd campany can be maybe team of police ships ;)
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  4. So i am sure this isnt the right place to say it but whatever..Me and my friend bought( the biggest mistake ever) 1 package today on mega happy hour and didnt recieved nothing from the things listed on your post gg DO
  5. Hi, from my understanding this offer isn't currently available on any of our servers. If it is showing in the news section on the backpage of your server right now please screen shot it and submit to support along with details of your purchase so that they may investigate.
  6. There is no offer, this offer is when the new event comes out, i think is not difficult to understand this post is for future things DO gonna release...
  7. Hmmm some interesting stuff flowing in here.
    And my take on this lf4 crafting thing is non upgraded lf4 required to craft 1 of the 3 versions, meaning ufe will remain ufe and use spare lf4s to create a new lf4 type.That being stated remember previous discussions about lf4s. "Wanting to make them more accessible to more players in the future" Well this can be a way to keep a unique theme to lf4s while giving more players a better chance of getting them.

    And the last ship posted by admin looks like a tactical goliath with an hp reduction.

    Okay, just watched the DO twitch stream and they touch many questions here, I suggest those who haven`t watched it.Go watch it lol.
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    I think you guys are reading too much into this.
    It's not because it says the basic need is an lowest level LF4, that the LF4 needs to be level 0.
    It may as well be that any level of LF4, can be changed to these new types, as long as it is not equipped at the time.

    Would be worse if they said the basic need is an LF4 upgraded to lvl 8 or higher...
  9. Thanks fro your answer, although i didnt read from any of the previous post to say that this will be for the new event.I think that it was a b it tricky. You may say "its in the unofficial thread" but thats okay. To be honest i only bought it for the premium...
  10. BabyOne11

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    yestrday they say in Twitch Stream if u have old LF4 lvl 16 and u want to craft in one new LF4 for PvP they will stay lvl 16 u dont need to upgrade it again...
  11. SauronL

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    Would be cool if we could use our lv 16 lf4s for craftin n we would craft an upgraded magmadrill for example. But guess BP wont allow that since they want money from upgrades.
  12. Hopefully they won't delete our logfiles for the skillpoints if they rework the skill tree.
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  13. Okapi32

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    Just a heads up, this topic was brought up in the livestream yesterday.

    If you use a lv16 LF-4 for the upgrade then it will be converted into one of the new types and remain lv16.
    If its a big technical issue to transfer the upgrade levels over then players will have ways to gain upgrade vouchers ingame etc.
    These livestreams are genuinely worth watching, especially for the people that follow this thread so closely. You will get a lot of insight from watching it.

    They discuss the lv16 upgrade topic in particular at around the 25 minute mark.
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    can we have a red go faster stripe on our ships soon, that will be totaly useless too.
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    do you already have the FAQ for th event tomorrow?
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    I don't understand it... :D
    For one of the three quests we need 2 instable LF4s?
    But the recipes can only be used once? In this case it is only possible to recieve 1 instable LF4...


    wot is the point of all this mumbo jumbo mend the bloodie game first then test and add items end off
  19. Why should somebody craft an unstable LF4 if he or she knows that other new better LF4s are going to introduced? Hopefully we can get unstable
    This would be amazing.
  20. In order to obtain these LF-4 types you will need to craft them.

    The basic things needed are:
    • Lowest level of unequipped LF-4
    • 3 new ores
    • log files
    u have to have the lf4s to craft the new. So that is why :)