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  1. Cyborg is still the most meta ship in the game, it straight up forces other people to emp. There's no reason for it to have a ship mod.
  2. Then why give it 3 slots?
  3. Because DO had an idea , apparently one to boost our ships in another way. Maybe they have tracked at what % the cyborg dmg is higher than other ship and hopefully keep it at the level with updates should they add any to that ship. The system its self looks great on paper but from my point of view means alot of "balancing".
  4. Kyro

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    galactic_strife_s_201910 (file name of this news image)


    Some new Galactic Strife event text has appeared:

    <item name="galacticStrife_tab_overview_description"><![CDATA[Defeat other players on the Battle Maps to gain reputation! The smaller the difference in reputation between you and your opponent, the more reputation you can gain!]]></item>
    <item name="galacticStrife_tab_overview_desc_ttip"><![CDATA[The smaller the difference in reputation between you and your opponent, the more reputation you can gain! If the difference in Reputation is too large, it is possible to not gain any points.<br>Reputation gain also depends on the amount of damage dealt to the losing opponent. If there is more than one player attacking the losing player, only the top 2 damage dealers will gain Reputation (based on their damage dealt). If you deal too litle damage, it is possible to not gain any Reputation.]]></item>
    <item name="galacticStrife_tab_overview_fever_countdown"><![CDATA[Next Reputation Fever:]]></item>
    <item name="galacticStrife_tab_overview_fever_ongoing"><![CDATA[Reputation Fever ends in:]]></item>
    <item name="galacticStrife_tab_overview_fever_ttip"><![CDATA[During Reputation Fever,<br>- Amount of Reputation gained is doubled, but Reputation lost is not doubled.<br>- Drones do not take damage on death.<br>- Ships can be repaired for free.]]></item>

    <item name="window_objectives_bp_highlight_title"><![CDATA[HP Link P.E.T. Gear]]></item>
    <item name="window_objectives_bp_highlight_desc"><![CDATA[Complete all the objectives to get bonus ammunition, ship upgrade modules and the new HP Link P.E.T. Gear!]]></item>
    <item name="window_objectives_bp_ttip_bpReward-500317"><![CDATA[1 Backup Shield 2 and 5000 UCB-100]]></item>
    <item name="window_objectives_bp_ttip_bpReward-500319"><![CDATA[2 Battle Repair Bot 2 and 10 hours DMG-DLB]]></item>
    <item name="window_objectives_bp_ttip_bpReward-500321"><![CDATA[5000 IDB-125 and 3000 UCB-100]]></item>
    <item name="window_objectives_bp_ttip_bpReward-500332"><![CDATA[50 DCR-250 and 5000 UCB-100]]></item>

    <item name="window_objectives_bp_promo_desc"><![CDATA[Purchase the battle pass to get the additional rewards from completing objectives! Don't miss out on bonus ammunition, ship upgrade modules and the new HP Link P.E.T. Gear!]]></item>

    Arios Berserker ship design
    Showcase the Berserker's destructive power with this Arios Berserker Ship Design!
    (Seems like they actually have changed this ship at last second lol. If anyone else remembers this ship model was "Nemesis", a ship that never came out but now seems they're using it's model for the Berserker ship)
    Neikos Berserker ship design
    Flaunt your victory in the Neikos Berserker Ship Design!

    HP Link P.E.T. gear
    Once you activate this P.E.T. gear, your P.E.T. will link itself to your ship. While linked, any damage to your hull is transferred to your P.E.T.

    HP-SOL01 - 15% increased HP if equipped on your ship. This ship upgrade module can be used on the Solace.

    HP-C01 - 10% increased HP if equipped on your ship. This ship upgrade module can be used on the following ships: Citadel, C-Elite, C-Veteran.

    <item name="bn_apocNov2019_content"><![CDATA[We've refreshed the Apocalypse Box! Craft or buy pack of keys for a chance to get the brand new Legend Hammerclaw Drone Design!]]></item>

    *Unless stated otherwise - what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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  5. Bakjam

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    Man that PET gear sounds OP and can make or break suicide configs. Definitely won't be as easy to take down ships with ring with all the new HP updates (modules, 100,000 extra HP, HP link PET gear), which can also be seen as a bad point considering it will cost way more ammo and ships that rely on surprise attacks will be less effective

    10% HP for the Citadel still a bit meh though, needs a lot more to be an effective tank ship, but mainly to pose a threat on it's own so that people will actually use it rather than sticking to the Cyborg.

    I highly suspect they will give it modules in the future, they just want us to buy / obtain all the other modules first...
  6. Finally giving us a reason to unlock all shield slots on pet?
  7. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I think it will either last only a few seconds, only a portion is redirected or the damage is redirected towards your PET's HP. Otherwise we could get insane setups.
  8. Dnoronha

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    Why don't "Bat Formation" get updated ? it's something we can get only once a year, why don't the dmg get increased for example, like 25% against npcs that could be something better than drill.
  9. Bat formation has 8% damage and xp for alien kills
    Also for players like me who never repair their pet as i use it for kami the new gear will not be good
  10. Bat formation is also one of the original formations from when it first started.

    Beside that, we just got the DMG-NPC01 that increase NPC damage by 15%. We also have the new upgrade system inbound that allows Prometheus Lasers to be upgraded to Level 16. We'll be hitting even harder.

    Bat Formation is fine exactly where it is. If you want to hit harder damage, put on Drill.
  11. Fun fact, Bat formation gives 8% dmg. Now theres a word you dont see , yep thats it lasers. The word not there is lasers and why is that? Because your rockets r-310, 2021 , 3030s are boosted by 8% with this formation.

    I would imagine the pet gear is only effective when your hit points are taking dmg"While linked, any damage to your hull is transferred to your P.E.T." and then all of that dmg is applied to your pet for x amount of time. Since this would seem to be a situational thing i`m assuming 3 to 5 second window of operation sensibly.

    Making suicide configs great again :cool:
  12. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Yeah I doubt any of that matters since a 12% additional laser damage boost against both players and NPC's is FAR better than 8% extra rocket damage and what not. I feel like bat could easily be upgraded to 30% NPC damage. Especially when you take into account that while we hit harder, NPC's still give out the same rewards as they did years ago despite the game becoming much more expensive.
  13. Well atm we have the 15% increase from module, which places dmg of solace or sentinel above cyborg to npc and then you toss in prom lasers while using drill and you dont even need shields to kill npc. Now these lasers will be able to be upgraded we will see even more dmg which at that point combined with 30% dmg instead of 20% from drill . I would be able to solo mindfire behemoth with a solace especially since bat does not reduce shields like drill i`d have well over 500k on a full battle config.
  14. Even a 30% increase is too stiff with the introduction of modules.

    You can fly the surgeon and get what 6% dmg/ep/honor? Top it with bat and you got 14% dmg.

    Even solace/sentinel with bat and dmg-npc01 module is 23% more dmg towards npcs. Increasing to 30% is immense and it's all botters will use. That would put it at 45% dmg boost to npcs, not including sep, double boost, drone design, or upgrade levels.

    If you went all out, NPC like mindfire or even Hitac/Demaner wouldn't even exist. Don't forget that we're about to be able to upgrade Prometheus lasers straight to 16.
  15. Did that on test server. Running a Cyborg. Had the new shields, prom lasers all to lvl-16; boosters and shared boosters.... still got popped in 2-4 shots by solace, pusat, spectrum and centurion. The Cyborg can/should have modules as well.
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  16. If anything, defense modules. No damage modules at all unless they remove the base 10% bonus and make that a module by itself.

    Cyborg finally has viable competition and I can't stand this ugly ship. Solace and Pusat are incredible for using against Cyborgs and botters are having a tougher time staying alive. Solace and Sentinel both have 15% npc dmg modules, and with the 10% dmg module for pusat plus the 100k bonus hp added with the assembly update, Pusat can chase down and deal as much damage as cyborg can
  17. Kyro

    Kyro User

    Prometheus Cyborg
    Beautifully crafted in commemoration of the Prometheus Day Treaty, celebrate by donning the Prometheus Cyborg Design!

    Prometheus Mimesis

    Honor the sacrifice of the Prometheus crew during the Three-Day War and equip this Prometheus Mimesis Design!

    Prometheus Hammerclaw
    Celebrate the unification of humanity with the Prometheus Hammerclaw Design!

    Inferno Diminisher

    Ensure your victory in the heat of the battle with the Inferno Diminisher Design.

    Inferno Mimesis
    With the Inferno Mimesis Design, your fiery desire for victory will never be quenched.

    Inferno Hammerclaw
    Run in flaming circles around your opponents and make them despair with the Inferno Hammerclaw Design.

    There's also a few ship design bundle deals text that have appeared, 3 of which include the above new Inferno designs(as in one in each of the 3):
    <!-- Prometheus Packs -->
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-prometheus2019-01_fullname"><![CDATA[Prometheus Ship Pack 1]]></item>
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-prometheus2019-01_short"><![CDATA[Ship Design]]></item>
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-prometheus2019-01_code"><![CDATA[Prometheus Ship Pack 1]]></item>
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-prometheus2019-01_description"><![CDATA[Snag this exclusive bundle of ship designs, in honor of Prometheus Day! This pack contains: Tyrannos Cyborg, Tyrannos Hammerclaw, Tyrannos Hecate, Legend A-Elite, Inferno Hecate, Inferno Spectrum, Frost C-Elite, Frost Hecate, Carbonite Hammerclaw, and Poison Hecate Ship Designs.]]></item>

    Prometheus Ship Pack 2
    Snag this exclusive bundle of ship designs, in honor of Prometheus Day! This pack contains: Legend Diminisher, Inferno Pusat, Inferno Sentinel, Frost Sentinel, Frost Venom, Poison Pusat, Lava Pusat, Carbonite Hecate, Argon Diminisher, and the all new Inferno Mimesis Ship Design!

    Prometheus Ship Pack 3
    Snag this exclusive bundle of ship designs, in honor of Prometheus Day! This pack contains: Inferno V-Lightning, Inferno N-Ambassador, Frost S-Elite, Frost V-Lightning, Legend G-Champion, Argon Solace, Lava Spectrum, Carbonite Mimesis, Lava Hecate, and the all new Inferno Hammerclaw Ship Design!

    Prometheus Ship Pack 4
    Snag this exclusive bundle of ship designs, in honor of Prometheus Day! This pack contains: Inferno Cyborg, Frost N-Ambassador, Absolute Zero Goliath, Frost Pusat, Frost Spectrum, Argon Tartarus, Lava Tartarus, Carbonite Cyborg, Argon Solace, and the all new Inferno Diminisher Ship Design!

    Prometheus Ship Pack 5
    Snag this exclusive bundle of ship designs, in honor of Prometheus Day! This pack contains: Tyrannos Centurion, Inferno Solace, Inferno Venom, Frost A-Elite, Legend Goliath-X, Legend Mimesis, Tyrannos Mimesis, Lava Mimesis, Cicada G-Surgeon, and the Locust G-Surgeon Ship Designs.

    <!-- Inferno Union Pack -->
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-inferno-union_fullname"><![CDATA[Inferno Union Pack]]></item>
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-inferno-union_short"><![CDATA[Ship Design]]></item>
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-inferno-union_code"><![CDATA[Inferno Union Pack]]></item>
    <item name="items_package_event-deal-inferno-union_description"><![CDATA[All new Inferno designs - Inferno Diminisher, Inferno Mimesis, Inferno Hammerclaw. Don't miss your chance to get these designs individually or in a bundle, together with RSB-75 and UCB-100 ammunition!]]></item>

    <item name="bn_infernoUnionDesigns_headline"><![CDATA[Inferno Union]]></item>
    <item name="bn_infernoUnionDesigns_content"><![CDATA[All new Inferno designs - Inferno Diminisher, Inferno Mimesis, Inferno Hammerclaw! Available now in the shop with bonus RSB-75 and UCB-100 or take your chances and try to get them from the Delta, Epsilon, Zeta or Kappa Gates!]]></item>

    <!-- DIM Modules: Diminisher -->
    HP-DIM01 - 10% increased HP if equipped on your ship. This ship upgrade module can be used on the Diminisher.

    Also this text that changed/appeared, suggesting might see Indoctrine Oil in Tiered Spender from time to time again:

    <item name="be_blitz400tsLast_content"><![CDATA[Get a 400% Bonus on these Uridium packages and Indoctrine Oil bonus — act while you can!]]></item>

    <item name="history_package_event-deal-indoctrineOil-1"><![CDATA[60,000 Uridium, 50 Indoctrine Oil purchased]]></item>
    <item name="history_package_event-deal-indoctrineOil-2"><![CDATA[120,000 Uridium, 110 Indoctrine Oil purchased]]></item>
    <item name="history_package_event-deal-indoctrineOil-3"><![CDATA[300,000 Uridium, 225 Indoctrine Oil purchased]]></item>
    <item name="history_package_event-deal-indoctrineOil-4"><![CDATA[600,000 Uridium, 450 Indoctrine Oil purchased]]></item>
    <item name="history_package_event-deal-indoctrineOil-5"><![CDATA[1,320,000 Uridium, 900 Indoctrine Oil purchased]]></item>

    *Unless stated otherwise - what I post is indirectly from a test server.
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  18. That could be okay IF all base damage bonuses on ALL ships is deleted at the same time.
  19. Prior to the change in the upgrade system, there were a lot of items that could be upgraded with uridium only, over a time base.
    The Isochronate can now speed this up.
    However, for some slap-happy reason the older items now have to have incorporated, the ABR resource.

    I can se the ABR requirement for the newer items for upgrade like Prometheus lasers, BO3's, the enhanced LF-4, etc; but to suddenly require ABR to be used on LF-2, LF-3, original LF-4, BO2's (and earlier models) seems to be a very stingy affair on the part of Dark Orbit staff in general.

    Please revert upgrade requirements for the items previously upgradeable without ABR, to continue to not need the ABR resource.

    Only the items not previously able to be upgraded, as well as any new(er) items introduced with and after the Upgrade change should have ABR included in the upgrade process.