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  1. Nah, I think it's because there wasn't much going on, which is already announced.
  2. Some new updates today, looks like we're going to be getting a new monthly ranking system implemented. No fancy pictures to show you, but there are some new achievements:

    Dark Horse
    Get "General of the Month 1 time"

    Star Commander
    Get "General of the Month" 12 times

    Get "Acclaimed Pilot" 5 times

    Get "Acclaimed Pilot" 12 times
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  3. Source: German forum

    "Galactic Strife Event might return!
    "Purchase the battle pass to get the additional rewards from completing objectives! Don't miss out on bonus ammunition, ship upgrade modules and the new Mega Mine P.E.T. Gear!"

    [Mega Mine P.E.T. Gear]

    "Once you activate this P.E.T. gear, your P.E.T. will deploy a mine at its current location. The mine detonates after 2 seconds, then proceeds to deal damage to all players not in your group in an area around the mine over 5 pulses.

    New modules
    DMG-GP01 = +10% PVP [meh...] Damage (G-Champion, Goliath, Goliath-X, Bastion, Enforcer,Saturn)
    HP-D01 = +20% HP (Disruptor)



    New Emotes
    • Alien cool
    • Alien tears of happyness

    • Alien sorry

    New Sprays
    • praise

    • open eyes
    • heart broken

    New Designs


    Bastion looks beefy with all these new modules.
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  4. Not a fan of emotes and sprays.... just junk that delinquents would use.
  5. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Yeah. I'd appreciate if DO didn't make those real rewards. Rather just side items that you can only really get if you want them
  6. I like the Arios-Sentinel I wish they
    would come out with one for the Cyborg that looks that good.
  7. Source: German forum


    Possible return of the Plague Event!
    "Purchase the battle pass to get additional rewards from completing objectives! Don't miss out on bonus ammunition, upgrade materials and the all new Contagion Sentinel Ship Design!"

    New ship

    It is possible, that you can only get this ship by crafting.


    "For %DURATION% seconds, inflict damage over time on a targeted ship. Damage over time increases as the target moves, and other enemy ships that stick around the target long enough get infected as well."


    "Warp directly to a targeted ship. After warping, reduce the target ship's speed by 60% for %DURATION% seconds."

    New Modules

    • +3% speed (Venom, Disruptor, Diminisher, Keres, Mimesis)
    • +15% damage, +15% rocket damage (Venom)
    • +12% shield, -5% damage (Keres, Spectrum, Spearhead)
    New Emotes
    • Injection
    • Alien sick
    • Alien Mask

    New Sprays
    • Wash hands
    • Heal
    • Biohazard
    New Designs

    • Sentinel-contagion
    • Solace-contagion

    New Rocket

    "Infects players and deals 3,500 damage and 2,500 shield leech on impact. Deals additional 700 damage against Plague enemies."


    My opinion: modules are decent, the DMG one for Venom is straight up busted, the new rockets are weak. It's a bit boring to see, that most new damage abilities are rip offs of the Venom's one.
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  8. that damage module for venom will end up giving you damage on par with a cyborg even with -1 laser (going off just pure ship only lasers (no drones and no drone formations, roughly)
  9. Actually Venom would be a bit better, because it already has a 5% damage bonus.
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  10. I just absolutely hate that Venom and Cyborg are just DO's main focus.

    Meanwhile, ships like Surgeon, Exalted, Veteran, all the vengi ships (even pusat), Diminisher, and a couple others are all still neglected.

    The vengi ships only have 2 modules from bonus rewards, so its a chance that you get it picked as a reward and even then you still have to build the gate and complete it if you dont already have it.

    Surgeon, Exalted, Veteran all don't have any modules except for Surgeon, but thats just the exp module up to level 16 then its ineffective.

    Diminisher's getting a 3% speed boost, whoop de doo, that brings it on par with Surgeon speed and other than that its just got a shield boost.

    Meanwhile Venom and its crackhead cousin Cyborg have passive damage abilities, long range ship abilities, now Venom's getting more?

    Just a reminder: Venom already has a 5% passive dmg boost. 15% on [top] of that for both lasers and rockets, then a 3% speed boost. Essentially you've injected steroids into this ship.

    If these ships are gonna be that powerful at close range, at least make the singularity abilities break lock if you get far enough away. Because now players are gonna hit even harder in Venom and when you try to run, theyre gonna singularity and its a guaranteed kill on the noobs that dont keep emp's on hand (i have 4k, no worries here, but looking out for the little guys)

    I'm just saying we need to balance first. We're getting all these damage buffs and damage increases and reviving old poweful ships yet the defense side is lacking seriously (I have 12 damage ship modules compared to 3 shield modules)

    Yeah the point of pvp is to kill your opponent faster, but what about your own survivability?
  11. coobo99

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    Pusat doesn't need anything else. It's already a pain to kill.
  12. I rarely see anything other than solace
  13. solace along eith cyborg are the meta right now. I rarely see any spectrums sentinela nd diminisher. Maybe a rework of their abilities or a buff would help them
  14. coobo99

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    DO is currently working on modules for all ships. Players not picking up on that are going to be left in the background with their "meta" ships. This does not belong here. This is for leaked information about the future of DO.
  15. KILABOT™

    KILABOT™ User

    Honestly say, DO are doing its best, and improving; background or in game. Looking back years ago and now, still we play and complain, thats for sure. #Legal #Cheat #Fun #DO.
  16. Honestly there really isnt a meta , I have found "several" ships that destroy solace ships both before and after they use rep ability. It really comes down to how you play vs what configs you throw together.
  17. Cyborg is a focus for them? Soon after it came out, it got nerfed. Modules that have shown up are Cyborg exclusive. As for that long range capability, the Singularity, one emp and it's so long for a couple of minutes before it can be used again and by that time, your target has gotten to cover. The other ships generally have much more effective close range fire power. Until they can provide a way of allowing players to select [ PvP or PvE ] and not allow for their interaction, there will always be some sort of skewing depending on what ship(s) you use and those that you encounter.
  18. it's static
  19. The Cyborg actually looks like an F-302 from Stargate Atlantis
  20. DRAZI

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    Yes! It Does!

    Too bad they can't make Bases look like Atlantis!