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  1. Pootis-Man

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    The PvE server is actually directly related to the new saturn universe :

    Source : test server 1 (credits go to Tawaret)
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  2. A PvE server? Really? They finally listened to the crybabies on the forums about how they want a farming game (even though they are always complaining about how much time and money it takes to play the game lol) because they can't learn how to build their ships correctly and are still getting regular LF4 and they can't fight worth of anything.

    I guess DO is now a farming simulator game. Actually shameful. Dead game.
  3. They do this so bots can be on 24/7 farming with out being kill by players.
    They give them now a server just for boots :)) this is so funny.
    I bet Bigpoint take a cut from all the sites that sell programs

    I feel like bigpoint knows this game is almost done and they try to get as much $ before it ends this why every 2 weeks a new ship or a new design is in payment option, Helix is like 3 time a week. A lot of bundles with ammo and pet stuff.
    You have so many bugs that ruin your experience and no one is fixing them but new stuff come every month. Shame
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  4. Pootis-Man

    Pootis-Man User

    New winter event / content :

    There's gonna be new eternal blacklight rankings.

    New tech called frost field :
    Generate a Frost Field around your ship that slows and slightly damages enemies for 8 seconds.

    New battle pass key :
    Resource used to trade for Battle Pass rewards and required to open Battle Pass Boxes.
    (Obtained from completing Battle Pass Objectives)

    Battle pass key exchanges :
    Frost Orcus
    Frost Field
    NPC Nuke
    Anti-AI Emergency Reserves
    R-IC3 x50
    SP-100X x75
    IAC x30
    Indoctrine Oil x15
    ABR x50
    Extra Energy x125
    Booty Key x4
    RSB-75 x3,000
    UCB-100 x4,500
    PLT-3030 x2,000
    PLT-2021 x3,000
    UBR-100 x500
    HSTRM-01 x500
    DCR-250 x25
    SR-5 x50
    Seprom x1,000
    Scrapium x30
    And some boosters

    New quartz recipes :
    Frozen Labyrinth Key x5
    Battle Pass Key x2
    Hybrid Alloy x30

    Some packages :
    Source : test server 3 (Credits go to Tawaret)
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  5. All these spoilers, any idea when they are gonna fix any part of the game? It has been broken for over a year but they keep adding stuff to buy and they can't even use part of that money to fix their game. Just shows how much they care about their client base (0%). Keep up the good work though and keep posting all this garbage for them.
  6. madhatter2

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    i guess you dont realise 90% of the so called players cheat, pvp died a long time ago,,,, now it's who has the best bot!!!
  7. Zecora

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    The PvE-Server isn't such a terrible idea generally. But the lack of content in both mid- and endgame are making it useless. We have nothing to do now on the regular servers, that won't change with a PvE Server. The only difference is that you can finally farm in peace, but that could have been done as well by introducing this PvE/PvP-mode CPU on the regular servers. We wouldn't have needed a new server for that.

    To be fair, this is long overdue. Curious how it will turn out.
  8. I agree, its a good idea!
  9. I think you guys are missing the point.

    This is a PvP game and it was never meant to be PvE to begin with, and the hard turn to PvE is precisely why many players quit because we want a fighting game, not a farm simulator that literally only 20% of players want and those players not even being good at PvP or PvE to begin with(which explains why people on here cry about everything when they have yet to even get prom lasers after 2-3 years, lol).

    Look at all of these DO private servers that are coming out. Those servers are set up to be Darkorbit before PvE aspects and they have more players than the real DO itself. What makes you think a PvE server is going to do anything, I mean sure you can farm in "peace" but you're never going to get rank and it's still going to be difficult to farm because of the bots anyways, so why spend precious time and resources on a PvE server instead of fixing the main game(that has so many bugs right now)?

    What is most bizzare to me is why would you want to play a game like that anyways, where all you do is just farm. Farming by hand on this game is probably the most dehumanizing thing I've ever experienced because it's so damn boring and soul eating. I mean seriously when it comes to "farm-and-fight" games, which DO has turned into more "farm" than fight at this point, this is probably the worst I have ever played. That's why everyone bought a bot so they can skip the whole farm part of DO and play the actual game how it was meant to be played.
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  10. Zecora

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    First of all: Wrong. Upon asking the Support-Team and the developers on the Discord Server directly, Darkorbit is a PvE game with PvP aspects. So your very first statement is wrong, and not even wrong by consideration but wrong by BP's words. Feel free to ask Support and/or staff yourself.

    Secondly: Wrong. A lot of the players who quit or refer to using third-party programs are those people who are annoyed by the drawn-out progression and being constantly shot down. You won't believe it, but people would love to fight. But they simply lack the patience to reach that stage, and are getting unnecessarily frustrated on the way to that stage. And I can hardly battle with a standard Goliath and standard lasers. The enemy can cook a coffee and come back to still find himself being alive, only to make 3 shots to kill the opponent.

    As I said waaaaay back, Darkorbit will inevitably end up adding a PvE mode or a way to disable PvP. Coming very late, but it came. And while I don't think it will make the game more full, I do believe actual new players who get into this game and get assigned to the PvE Server are going to stay longer. Because I think a new player prefers to stay alive, rather than getting killed via 300k damage in one salvo.

    The "Farm-and-fight" genre is dying out. Or have you seen any other successful game that uses the exact same concept as Darkorbit does, aside from private servers? The last 4 that I saw died 3 years after. Darkorbit is frankly the only one remaining. This is why most games either refer to only the "Fight" part, or the "farm" part, also called build-up games for the farm part or MOBA for the fight part. Which - if you play any other games outside of DO - you should be familiar with and should see as being two rather successful genres.

    And the reason why DO is never going to come back up again with that concept is because we both lack a proper way to get to the fighting stage, and the farming stage is unnecessarily dragged out. On top of that, every new player is immediately facing the strongest enemy of the game. Which technically could be compared to fighting against the end-boss of any game with starting gear from the very beginning.

    Point in case, you're complaining about people wanting to reach the exact same stage as you did, with the only exception you don't want them to get the option to do exactly that.
  11. Pootis-Man

    Pootis-Man User

    Some news about the upcoming december event :

    So bigpoint actually added a third EBG ranking, I think the winter event will start around the 9th december considering each ranking is 1 week, so the event will end right before the new year (considering it ended on 27th december last year).

    Juse like chromin, players won't be able to keep their battle pass keys once the event has ended...

    At last, a new picture :

    Source : test server 6 & 4 (Credits go to Tawaret)
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  12. wolf5674

    wolf5674 User

    This game was never meant to be a total PvP it was suppose to be 50/50 what went wrong was money was a great game not so much now
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  13. wolf5674

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    The game is completely broken and will never be the same they added so much PvP that it 80% PvP to 20% PvE
  14. Pootis-Man

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    A new client exclusive calendar :
    New frost designs :

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also a new pet design :

    A new indoctrine deal :

    Some pictures bout the future eternal blacklight gate rankings :




    And at last, bigpoint make improvements about the frozen labyrinth, we'll be able to check where the synk is currently at, when it dies, and when it will spawn :

    <item name="frozen_labyrinth_synk_status_spawned"><![CDATA[Synk at large! It's currently at:]]></item>
    <item name="frozen_labyrinth_synk_status_location"><![CDATA[%MAP%, Zone %ZONE%]]></item>
    <item name="frozen_labyrinth_synk_status_dead"><![CDATA[Synk has been caught! Respawning in:]]></item>

    Source : test server 2 & 6 (Credits go to Tawaret)
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  15. Pootis-Man

    Pootis-Man User

    New winter packages :

    New frost designs packages :

    New indoctrine packages :

    New January monthly ranking content :
    New designs :
    Source : Test server 1 (Credits go to Tawaret)
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  16. So... nobody found anything for 5 months?
  17. what do you want to know?)
    in June there will be an action timed to coincide with the european football championship, approximately as it was in 2018

    as well as unstable modules of the XOF01 series and the design of the ship Firestar, Starscream, Celestial, Maelstrom, Sunstorm Orcus
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  18. also new Neptune Rocket Launcher, Hydra Rocket Launcher and Triskelon Rocket Launcher

  19. You have my attention
  20. This thread is dead. Let me bring it back to life just a little bit.

    Blacklight Ranking returns in December 2021.
    Champion Harbringer and Seraph designs are here. They're supposedly already in the main game, outside of the test servers, but there's still useful information about them. They're crafted in the assembly.
    There'll be a monthly ranking update which will introduce new champion designs. You'll earn special tokens to craft such ships. Recipes of the ships are currently unknown.
    Gauntlet of Plutus returns in January 2022, with a Battlepass for the Battlepass enthusiasts. Objectives are probably the same as the ones from the last year.

    Note: I shortened Battlepass Key to BPK, so it's more pleasant to at.
    Objective NameRegular RewardBattlepass Reward
    No Pain, No Gain2,000 UCB-1001 BPK
    Smacking Specks30 ABR1 BPK
    A Walk in the Space Park3 Green Booty Keys1 BPK
    One-man Army2,000 RCB-1401 BPK
    Disarm1 BPK1 BPK
    Fists to Face3,000 RSB-751 BPK
    Gauntlet Victor3,000 PLT-30301 BPK
    Endurance is Key45 ABR3 BPK
    Minor Incoveniences20 Extra Energy3 BPK
    Hunt or be Hunted3,000 PLT-20213 BPK
    No Holdbacks10h of DMG-DLB3 BPK
    Firestopper1,000 HSTRM-013 BPK
    Infinite Wealth25 IAC3 BPK
    Gauntlet Veteran1 Permit3 BPK
    Tanks a Lot!500 PLD-87 BPK
    Ants to a Boot3,000 RCB-1407 BPK
    Lacking Lions500 CBR7 BPK
    Unstoppable Spree2 Backup Shield 27 BPK
    Close Call2,000 UBR-1007 BPK
    Plutus Perished2,000 SAR-027 BPK
    Gauntlet Champion2 Burning Trail7 BPK
    Eternal Skirmish1 HP-XHD0115 BPK
    Gauntlet of Wealth1 SPC-XHD0115 BPK
    Wicked Power3 Battle Repair Bot 215 BPK
    Unlimited Power1 HP-XT1015 BPK
    Specialized Kills30 I-Oil15 BPK

    Source: Test Server 2 & 3. (Credits go to Tawaret)