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  1. New designs:

    Goliath Plus Nobilis Ship Design
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Aegis Elite Nobilis Pet Design
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Nothing else is known about them.

    Source: Test Server 3. (Credits go to Tawaret)
  2. The two Nobilis designs are confirmed to be part of Gauntlet of Plutus, if their looks didn't scream that enough. Nobilis Goliath Plus might be part of the BPK Exchange list, similar to how Frost Citadel Plus is, at the moment, in that area.
    Dusklight Centurion P.E.T. Design returns in January in Red/Blue booty or via Payment.
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    How about making any of the Goliath ships available through BPK eg: G-X, Surgeon etc, would be nice to have the 2009 Goliath again :)
  4. I would like to see these ships back, ngl. Maybe you can put it in the suggestions thread and hope it will be seen by the devs.
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  5. The designs I've mentioned in the same post where the Gauntlet of Plutus 2022 Battle Pass were introduced to the test server.

    Harbinger Diminisher Ship Design

    Seraph Diminisher Ship Design
    Harbinger Centurion Drone Design
    Seraph Spectrum P.E.T. Design

    Source: Test Server 4. (Credits go to Tawaret)
  6. There's a new P.E.T. Design released on Test Server 6.
    Centurion Dusklight P.E.T. Design
    The news image for the four designs from the last post is released on Test Server 4.

    Credits go to Tawaret.
  7. There's a new news image for the P.E.T. Design that we've talked about earlier. It's going to be part of a Red Booty Box Re-Run. This was released on Test Server 6.

    This features the Centurion Dusklight P.E.T. Design.

    Credits go to Tawaret.
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  8. All of the data was taken from Test Server 5 and it's a lot of it. Credits go to Tawaret.

    We will have two new events: Prosperous Chinese New Year Minievent and Immortal Union Valentines Event. They're split in their own sections. If you don't want to be spoiled about them, don't see the spoilers.

    We have new achievements, related to the upcoming mini event called "Prosperus". It is a Chinese New Years Minievent that we will have.

    We will be having some quests for the Prosperus minievent.

    We will have a calendar for the minievent. Full rewards are currently, but we know that some of them include Extra Energy, IAC and Prosperous Fragments that will be used to open Prosperous Booty Chests that contain new designs.

    The Prosperous minievent will add more designs. So far, they're available in Prosperous Booty Chests.
    • Citadel Plus
    • Solace
    • Hammerclaw

    We will have payment deals for those interested aswell.

    It is obvious that we will have a battlepass.

    The Battle Pass Key exchange thingy will contain Amor, Psyche and the other unstable modules, including the other stuff you've seen in the previous battlepasses.

    We will get new Psyche and Amor designs that will probably never be used. Maybe it will be used with this ship though.

    We will get new unstable modules with the battlepass.

    We will also have Dusklight Centurion coming here. We already talked about him though.

    We will have new recipes during this event.
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  9. All of the data was taken from Test Server 4. Credits go to Tawaret.

    There are new images for the upcoming Prosperous event. They're about the upcoming items that will come to the game, not now though, maybe in 2 weeks. Click the spoilers if you want to see them. The spoilers themselves are covered with more spoilers, if you only want to see the names of the upcoming items.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Ranking from how fast or how many waves you can complete, I guess. I forgot how it was last year. They still look dope and should be introduced in Obsidian/Apocalypse Booty Chests after the event. I will make sure to add it in the Updates & Idea pool though. Also, so far you survived for 1 day. I'm not gonna count further though.
  11. All of the data was taken from Test Server 4. Credits to Tawaret.

    More information about the Prosperous event, mainly their payment packages. Spoilers ahead!
    The cargo boxes will be changed, just like in the Thanksgiving event, to match the theme of the current event. There's also something about the anti bot captcha red box going on, probably a visual update, I don't know for sure.

    Also, we have the images for the payment packs.

    5 Prosperous Fragments

    10 Prosperous Fragments

    20 Prosperous Fragments

    40 Prosperous Fragments

    Premium Prosperous Package - 71 Prosperous Fragments, 35,000 RCB-140, 60,000 UCB-100, 8,000 Seprom

    Platinum Prosperous Package - 155 Prosperous Fragments, 90,000 RCB-140, 120,000 UCB-100, 15,000 Seprom
  12. There have been updates on Test 4, 3 and 1, showcasing new content, pictures and fixes in code thanks to recycling. There won't be any spoilers used in the following posts from me. Credits to Tawaret (TS4, TS3, TS1) and Nexo (TS5).

    Showcase of the upcoming Prosperous Design ships from the Prosperous CNY event.
    This part hasn't been showcased last time so it's getting showcased now.

    Prosperous Citadel Plus

    Prosperous Hammerclaw
    Prosperous Solace

    There probably has an update on the 20 Prosperous Keys update on its' own picture. It's a minimal change, just know it was changed.

    We have images of some items part of the Immortal Union Valentine event.

    Amor Goliath Plus
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Psyche Goliath Plus
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • 100% chance to get +5% Damage.
    • Higher chance to be compatible with Solaris, Berserker, Goliath Plus and Liberator Plus.


    • 100% chance to get +5% HP.
    • Higher chance to be compatible with Solaris, Berserker, Goliath Plus and Liberator Plus.


    • 100% chance to get +5% Shield.
    • Higher chance to be compatible with Solaris, Berserker, Goliath Plus and Liberator Plus.


    • 100% chance to get one of the following:
      • +5% Laser Hitchance.
      • +5% Rocket Hitchance.
      • +5% Evasion.
      • +5% Speed.
      • +5% Shield Penetration.
    • Higher chance to be compatible with Solaris, Berserker, Goliath Plus and Liberator Plus.
    There's obviously a chance to get additional things mentioned in the 100% chance.

    We have news images of the Prosperous CNY event and the Payment Packages that will come with 'em.
    Prosperous CNY Event Cover

    Prosperous CNY Event Payment Packages Cover
  13. All data comes from Test Server 4.

    Payment packs for Prosperous CNY event, with their prices. Do whatever you will with this information. Credits to Acidgat.


    Achievement pictures for the three achievements that come in Prosperous CNY event. Yes they're the default ones, but they're used conce again. They're for Radiant Champion, Fortune Master and Prosperous Emperor respectively. Credits to Tawaret.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Enjoy Gauntlet of Plutus, lads! CNY is coming in late january.
  14. Thanks, I'll have to check it out if I decide to pick up the game again lol.
  15. Test 3
    Immortal Reunion Battle Pass exists now.

    Immortal Reunion Battlepass 2022
    Quest NameRewardBattlepass Keys (Battle Pass Rewards)
    Golden Bloom4,000 UCB-1001
    Worry10 I-Oil1
    Into the River3 Green Booty Keys1
    Trials and Tribulations3,000 RSB-751
    Battling Styxus500 HSTRM-011
    Crossing the River50 ABR1
    Carrying a Torch50 ABR3
    Sadness5,000 VB-1423
    Call for Help15 I-Oil3
    Maintaining Silence75 ABR3
    Foreboding Presence50 ABR3
    Two Gold Coins2,000 PLT-20213
    Pining for the Unknown4,000 CC-C7
    Wounded3,000 PLT-30307
    Overcoming Darkness5,000 CC-C7
    To the other Side1 NPC Nuke7
    Stygian Retrieval1 SHD-XV017
    Successful Return10 hours of DMG-DLB7
    Staring into the Abyss1 DMG-XV0110
    Despair1 HP-XV0110
    Immortal Reunion1 SPC-XV0115
    Eternal Bond5 BPK15
    Rush of Emotions2 NPC Nuke15
    Feast of the Gods5 BPK15
    Eliminating Competition3 Shield Backup 215
    Underworld Champion3 Battle Repair Bot 215
    Immortal Reunion Battlepass 2022 Total Rewards
    BPK10 (+ 176 from Battle Pass)
    DMG-DLB10 hours
    NPC Nuke3
    Battle Repair Bot 23
    Backup Shield 23

    Test 5
    You now should receive a message whenever you get a Prosperous Fragment.
    Spectrum's description has been updated to reflect the latest changes to the ship: 10% extra shield power -> 25% extra shield power.
    Two mission descriptions have also been corrected:
    • Quest 506641 - "graced by a fiersome creature that brings.."-> "graced by a fearsome creature that brings..".
    • Quest 506642 - "with the ancient creature millenials ago!" -> "with the ancient creature millennia ago!"
    Funnily enough, the 2nd quest's description lacks ]]></item>.

    Test 6
    There'll be a new drone design called Berserker Borealis Drone Design. It doesn't look awfull, but its' light could be turned cyan instead of red. It would look better, sincerely.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Credits go to Tawaret.
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    Do any of the "Sale rerun" on sale in shop under "Designs" have these stats on? E,g: Goliath, Orcus, Cyborg, Sentinel, can anyone answer this?
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  17. We tested these today (My clan) and none of them had stats, all ships were tested.
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    I don't get it, other ships with these skins get the stats, but the ones on sale NOW have none (cosmetic) for £18 NO thanks
  19. Yeah, games got a bad habit of doing nothing right these days.
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