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  1. Hi!

    Well, to me, it's not that clear.
    First of all, the FAQ considers the 220 damage points as a basis, though I clearly think this should be considered as a maximum.

    Otherwise, I have been through the same maths as Adamantium & came also to the conclusion that 174 was quite far less than a regular LF-4 200 damage points.

    But the X[D_R-Kayma point is worth noticing. But I must admit that if I knew my LF-4 didn't always dealt 200 damage points, the 25% variance sounds quite ugly to me. I find it huge.
    Is this 25% a commonly accepted figure, or is there a place in the rule book for instance where it is written? Because I don't recall any memories about this.
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    take a look on this thread:
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    Breaking news text for a few new payment packs:

    Announcing three new packs, filled with exciting opportunities, for keen pilots.

    Each pack is only available for a limited period. So make sure you grab yours now!

    Fantastic 4 Pack

    • 1x Month Premium
    • 1x 3 week Advantage Pack
    • 1x 3 week Rebate Advantage Pack
    • 1x 3 week Doubler Advantage Pack
    Visible Pack
    • 40,000 RSB-75
    • 1,000 ACM-1
    • 100 EMP-01
    • 20 CLO4K
    Energy Pack
    • 20.000 PIB-100
    • 5000 Extra Energy
    • 1.000 IM-01
    • 1.000 SL-01
    • 10.000 CBO-100
    • 5x 24 hours 50% HON
    • 50% EXP Booster Pack

    There was also initials bits for a weekly quest section added. Likely to be to do with the 3 LF4 upgrades teased a couple pages back.
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  5. i no what that ugly thing is its from the event where we got the surgeon ship
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    Looks like something out of a 1950's B horror movie.
  7. Piecing the post from Okapi that included PIB ammo and Infection mines with the picture. Is the parasite tide event coming back around?o_O
  8. Gygerim?
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    A bit of new stuff, not much though.

    The new resources that are going to be used in crafting the LF-4 enhancements are called Bifenon, Kyhalon and Tetrathrin. None of them have descriptions at the moment, might show up next week though.
    The backpage inventory images for the 3 LF4 enhancements also appeared on one of the test servers yesterday.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The other thing is there's new entries for a Ronin Yamato and a Raven Defcom.
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  10. Not only are new boats similar ships from Star Wars, the spider is again both of Harry Potter. :D
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    In last couple of days 38 quest entries were added, these will be for the LF-4 enhancement quests.

    The LF-4 enhancements themselves got basic descriptions - these are VERY likely to change (probably already changed but not updated on the xml file) but it should give you a rough idea of the kind of bonuses you could expect.

    Magmadrill +2.4% PvP damage
    Paritydrill +2.4% PvE damage
    Hyperplasmoid +0.5% HP

    Now for the PvP and PvE laser I've seen different stats floating around already, one being 2.25% and the other being 4.25% but it's not clear which stat belongs to which laser.
    The one piece of info that I'm completely unable to see at the moment is the base damage of these lasers but I think it will be similar to that of a lv16 LF4.
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  12. Do you know when these quest will be available? I did not see them listed on the game screen

    T <3
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    Ah my bad, I should have clarified that they were listed on test server.

    The quests will become available when the LF-4 enhancements are put into the game, they will be a mix of weekly and daily quests. As for when that happens, not really sure. Probably in a month or so.
  14. Ah some interesting stats here, pve dmg base weaponry has been a request for a long time.Now to wander what npcs we would be using that on. Looking forward to testing these out.
  15. Hopefully new maps too
  16. new maps haha they can't even get the maps they have to work properly.
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  17. Thanks
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    New LF-4 variation breaking news text:

    The extermination of M.A.S.Q.U.E., the Permafrost Fissure. Almost like someone else is out there, watching us, seeing how we react.
    Well, pilots. We react to any threat. Prepare for any incursion into our space and are preparing to fight any new enemy. To that end, the specialists have been looking at the Unstable LF4’s and have developed new designs based on these new elements. This new technology.
    We are pleased to confirm that the LF4 MagmaDrill, ParityDrill and HyperPlasmoid will be available soon. Three unique designs to suit different needs.
    Let’s show the enemy we have teeth!
    This feature will be permanently available starting 27 February
    The summary

    • New Daily and Weekly Quests
    • Customized LF-4 Enhancements

    As always with this sort of thing, don't take the date as being set in stone, it can change.

    The new quest entries have all received names and flavor-text descriptions (not actual requirements to complete each quest). I'll like the names and separate them into two groups, likely to be daily and weekly groups.

    Group 1
    • Track Down Boss Devolarium
    • Fight Boss Sibelonit
    • Track Down Boss Kristallin
    • Snare the Boss StreuneR_
    • Raid on Sibelon
    • Search for UberMordon
    • Snare the UberLordakia
    • Search for UberSaimon
    • Hunt Down Boss Sibelon
    • Fight Boss Lordakium
    • Snare the Boss Kristallin
    • Battle Kristallon
    • Hunt UberKristallin
    • Hunt Saboteur
    • Hunt Down Boss Kristallon
    • Hunt Down UberDevolarium
    • Search for Battleray
    • Attack Annihilator
    • Fight UberKristallon
    • Hunt Emperor Kristallon
    • Raid on UberLordakium
    • Track Down UberSibelon
    • Snare the UberSibelonit
    • Hunt Down Cubikon
    • Hunt Down Emperor Sibelon
    • Attack UberProtegit *
    * Could just be a typo.

    I think this group is the daily quests, they will be split into easy, medium and hard difficulty.

    Group 2
    • Combat in the Alpha Gate
    • Battle for the Lambda Gate
    • Hunt in the Hades Gate
    • Clear the Beta Gate
    • Combat in the Gamma Gate
    • Raid on the Epsilon Gate
    • Clean out the Kuiper Gate
    • Battle for the Zeta Gate
    • Combat in the Kappa Gate
    • Raid on the Delta Gate
    • Hunt in the Epsilon Gate
    I think these are going to be the weekly quests, again they will be split into separate difficulty groups.
    Epsilon has been listed twice but the flavor-text descriptions of each listing are different, so doesn't seem to be a mistake necessarily.
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