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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by =SERAPH=, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. Black_wolf

    Black_wolf User

    wow quests for gates, i hope this would be interesting
  2. So this laser designs will be for ulf4 or normal ones? :) bcs it looks like for ulf4 from news... :)
  3. It's for the new lf4's coming as Okapi32 stated, LF4 MagmaDrill, ParityDrill and HyperPlasmoid will be available soon. Enjoy
  4. west-star

    west-star User

    more crap ..its just a matter of time and we will get bo3 ? or magma bo3 ?
  5. "Three unique designs"

    Now to question, if maybe we would be swapping between 3 designs per lf4 instead of making 135 variant`s of the lf4. Which would seem to be a better idea lol.
  6. You get to decide what you want an LF-4 to do and if you do not own one then you are just out of luck. It requires you to have one to make the special ones.
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Breaking news text for 2 sales packages:


    The techs have tooled together some awesome design packs for the Venom, Solace and Aegis Elite. Giving your ship a fine new look for an excellent price.

    For owners of the Venom, you can get the Blaze, Arctic and Ocean designs; the Solace has the Blaze and Ocean designs and the Aegis Elite contains Ocean, Blaze and Poison, for ship, P.E.T. and 10 Drones.

    On offer now:

    • Venom - Blaze, Artic, and Ocean Design Packs
    • Solace - Blaze and Ocean Design Packs
    • Aegis Elite - Ocean, Blaze, and Poison


    Breaking News from Ganymede Construction Yards!

    Let us present to you:

    The Yamato Ronin Be the lone warrior in the pack! Fitted with:

    • 260 Speed
    • 200,000 HP
    • 8 Laser slots
    • 12 Generator slots
    • 2 Extra slots
    • Travel Mode Skill
    The Defcom Raven Swoop down upon your prey! Fitted with:
    • 340 Speed
    • 187,500 HP
    • 12 Laser slots
    • 8 Generator slots
    • 2 Extra slots
    • Ultimate Cloak skill
    But that’s not all!

    There’s also Spectrum and Pusat Design Packs available, for owners of those ships. With Blaze, Ocean and Poison deigns for your ship, P.E.T. and 10 Drones.

    On offer now:

    • Yamato Ronin
    • Defcom Raven
    • Spectrum and Pusat Design Packs for Ship, P.E.T, and Drones – Blaze, Ocean, and Poison

    Yamato Ronin
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Defcom Raven
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  8. Think of my post as wishful thinking. Maybe, just maybe we can craft 3 variants for 1 lf4 so instead of having to make 3 stacks of lf4 types we have 45 lf4 that can be swapped between Magmadrill, Hyperplasmoid and Paritydrill.
  9. Wishful thinking is what it is because if you read the original post about it this requires the lowest level UNEQUIPPED LF-4 to make one of these special LF-4 lasers. So now you get to make your PvP ship and your PvE ship with special upgrade LF-4's and now you have even more stuff to sort through to equip your ships as you want them equipped. But then for those UFE that have hundreds of these in their inventory it won't matter what you do as you already have an overabundance of these in inventory that you are complaining about and want to reverse engineer into raw assembly ores.
  10. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Magmadrill, Paritydrill and Hyperplasmoid stats - Update2

    • 212 base damage
    • +2.4% damage bonus
    • +5 damage in PvP (vs ships)
    • 212 base damage
    • +2.4% damage bonus
    • +5 damage in PvE (vs NPC)
    • 212 base damage
    • +2.4% damage bonus
    • +0.5% HP increase per laser

    Once again, these stats are not final and can change.
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  11. Okapi32 i think the base damage is so high? it is like full upgraded normal LF4 (200+6%=212) and this "skill" LF4 get + two next bonuses 2,4% and PVP bonus +5%. In PVP make this laser without other (ship etc.) bonuses 228 DMG. I think , this is too much , 203 base and the bonuses is good compromise - not classic LF4 DMG , but not so high like your stats (218 DMG) :) Maybe minimaly for PVP , for paritydrill (PVE) is it not so important :)
    For hyperplasmoid i have no comment , i think , is good balanced

    but if i count bad (its possible) , say me pls the DMG in PVP mode :)

    It's also a question, it is the intention? do this lasers better like classic LF4? if yes , so ok....
  12. I know that there is no exact information, but what does this number mean?
    Will you get this damage bonus, if you are equipped with all of these LFs, so the more "normal" Laser you have, the smaller is this percentage?
    Will you get only this effect once, the only condition is having at least one of these special lasers?
    Or the worst scenario, which would rip a lot of wallet: the percentage bonuses stacks additive/multiplicative .

    But I'm still hyped about these new lasers.
  13. The BASE damage is as stated on anything you attack. The bonus is added in the specified attack 217 dmg and if reading the information correctly the 3rd line is just the damage increase from the bonus. And this is per laser equipped, so a person could equip their ship with all 3 of these and increase damage stats for all damage and HP too.
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  14. [REMOVED]

    seems like they trying to nerf moth again. about time man
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  15. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Looks like PvP and PvE lasers are going to be just a little different, myself i think the hyperplasmoids are the best since they would give me cca 20% HP boost while pvp n pve lasers would give me just cca 250 dmg what is like having 1 more laser on your board .
  16. It would be the best, if nobody complains about it. I expect many Ufes will moan, because they would burn more ammo against the super HP guys.
  17. Saturn goliath + Hercules + boosters + heart/moth formation + hyperplasmoid lasers?

    This is going to get interesting, haha.
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  18. around 650.000 hp for a goli if its per laser
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  19. Take Solace instead of Saturn.
    50% heal every 90 sec is better than 20% bonus HP.
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  20. [REMOVED]

    But the Solace Rapara 50% is for 90s or 1:30 m is much smaller than an Aegis that already comes with more than 7.42% of hp and nano hull first + ability to repair shield (75,000 / 30s) +2 abilities To repair hp (180,000 + 140,000 = 320,000 / 120s).
    G-Saturn (+ 20%) / G-Centaur (+ 10%) would be much better if they had a further +20% / + 10% nano hull.
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