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  1. In the twitch stream which Okapi and I both made mention too previously, the Dev team said they are looking at ways for us to keep our upgrades and carry them over to these new lf4 variants. One way to do that would be design swap on the lf4s kinda like how you put hercs or havocs on your drones where you can only assign 10 hercs on a config but not a different config on another ship. Or they could incorporate a drop down design swap under the lf4 , which ever is easiest.

    Either way you need to make several variants so those wanting to fill 10 ufe ships with these using $$ DO still profits with some kind of "Get it quicker" advantage pack.
  2. What does it matter how many ships they have with this equipment they can still only use 1 ship at a time? I think it will be best with a mixture of the lf4's it will be interesting to find out what ship and what variable of lf4 players use to make their own unique ship. :) enjoy
  3. if just the 35 laser in the ship and the drones count for the bonus HP then a saturn could reach 745.562 HP,
    682.110 HP if just 15 laser count for the bonus
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    Got to have a little fun this afternoon.
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    Seems like you already crafted HP laser , i assume its on test server.
    What exact materials you need to craft new lf4 lasers (pvp,pve and hp)?
  6. I guess he is not allowed to say that kind of info...
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  8. So are they giving up on U-LF4?
    Also the MODS/DEV team loves to say they still working on the fixes for the issues they break but as you see all they working on is NEW stuff, the lies they tell us is not even original anymore
  9. [REMOVED]
    The U-LF-4 is a craftable LF-4 laser. These new versions are upgrades to the existing LF-4. They are 2 completely different pieces of equipment and as such are not being given up on just giving more options for the UFE to equip their ships to kill as they so desire.
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    Can you craft "Hyperplasmoid" by using "unstable LF-4" ?

    Will that "Hyperplasmoid" crafted by using unstable LF-4, will have same stats as it was crafted using standard LF-4 ?
  11. Who is this user? Is he a dev?
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    He's is Game Designer.
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    Oh I like the idea of posting screenshots of what devs say, though while this is the Unofficial Revealed thread we as players should probably stress what devs say can change(I know of examples that they have). Otherwise there might be a chance Devs like Psycondric could refrain from saying stuff he would of otherwise said but didn't due to there being much more people seeing what he says and there will be more people who take what he says as written in stone aka might complain if it changes from what he said(as in just the fact it changed).

    While trying to make sure getting devs/Psycondric to keep updating us if something changes of how something is going to be like may be be good, there will be people who still will complain it changed. By that I mean if he said something has changed from what he said and what says now is written in stone as in it is ready but just giving an update so people don't complain when it actually goes into the game(but of course people are still going to complain lol).

    Though of course Devs/Psycondric shouldn't be saying things he isn't totally sure about anyway or in other words he should make it clear if something he says is just a thought/idea or say can change from feedback.
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    If it's any help, Psy or KrisKelvin (Sergey to those of you watching the streams before) had explained once in Discord a little while ago that while they may say things in Discord it's still more or less unofficial as those things may not be out yet & things can change before actual release.

    So if you're into it, trying to keep an eye out for what they say in Discord & things isn't necessarily a bad thing; just remember that from their point of view, it may not be super official - until it is :)
  15. Was a little disappointed that the Mantis design wasnt released with the other designs :(

    T <3

    Not really sure what Physcondric means by disenchant an LF-4...please explain...
    What I did pick up on was the new LF-4s will not be upgradeable for that correct?
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  16. Yes, unlike normal companies, things that are said by employees are not to be taken as reliable or rather official even after the item comes out because it will get changed at that point too.
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    so a lvl 1 lf4 is better then a lvl 16 lf4 ..makes sence lol
  18. lol, i guess I have to obtain another 38 lf4s
  19. A real life ins't necessary :p