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  1. Kyro

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    The people who make designs/cosmetics do not fix bugs(most of the time anyway, might be exceptions for some games who knows)... and the coding that goes into designs/cosmetics on games as far as I know is not much or not much effort. You're obviously fustrated about the bugs/broken things but telling the art designers or what not to stop making designs/cosmetics will not speed up the fixing of bugs/problems most likely barely at all, if at all.
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  2. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Creation of cosmetic designs do not take any time away from content creation or bug fixing and because of that game will continue to add cosmetics. They are also non-impactful on the game play yet they generate revenue at the same time, so are very 'safe'.

    As far the PvP missions go, I can look across my shoulder right now and see someone working on them - so they have not been forgotten. I understand its really annoying for them to have been broken for this long, it's far from ideal.

    As a CM my main role is to act as a communication channel between players and development team but since I have a lot of experience with the game and community already I'm also on hand taking part in game design discussions etc.

    So indeed I can talk with people during the development process of something to give feedback on various things. However the development process is not a quick one, there's lots of stages something has to go through before work can begin on it.

    What I will say though is I have heard / seen some cool changes to the game planned this year that I think will improve the general flow of the game but can't go into any detail until they are closer to release.
  3. wel @OP32 so far so good man , keep up the good work *wisper btw tel the facebook team to hook me p with the venom inferno designs im playing almost 6 years now, think i derserve one* LOL
  4. As far the PvP missions go, I can look across my shoulder right now and see someone working on them - so they have not been forgotten. I understand its really annoying for them to have been broken for this long, it's far from ideal.

    So op did you ever think you could say that :)

    stringshot :p
  5. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Hey guys,

    There's a new booster window in the works, this will give a much more detailed breakdown of each booster you have and where each % comes from - including how long left you have on the booster.

    The image below uses placeholder numbers / images but gives you a good idea of how it is going to work.

    The layout of the booster window can be rearranged, e.g instead of a row down it can be across.

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  6. Does anyone knows if hyperplasmoid gives 0.5% extra HP from all equiped lf4s? Or they count just the ones in ship and drones?
    Another thing i would like to know it's if they count the % from base HP (eg. 256k on goliath) or from max HP you can already have with PP, hercules, 20% extra from boosters and heart.

    I've seen a picture in discord and i didn't get the idea.

    As you can see, he has 13.5% extra, which means he get this bonus from 27 lf4s in citadel, full dmg. What i don't understand it's why just 40k hp more than me? I have 1 036 800 in my citadel without hyperplasmoid. Even if i calculate 0.5%*27*550k(the base HP of citadel), i still have 74k extra HP. if i calculate an extra 13.5% of my actual hp, it gives almost 140k hp... From where just 40k extra? Can someone explain it to me? Thanks anticipated!
  7. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Ah that was just a response to people wanting some kind of preview image / video of the HP LF4, I'm not sure if I had all the HP bonuses / pilot bio booked on my ship.

    The HP LF4 will give a 0.5% bonus per laser to the users ship when its equipped to ship and drones.
    When it is equipped to PET it will give a 0.5% bonus per laser to the PET's HP instead.
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  8. And do you know if the bonus is on base HP of the ship or to the max HP of the ship?
  9. by the look of the pic i would say it stacks with everything else as in it add up after all the updates you add to your ship not the base ship hp
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  10. i think the same, but i was waiting for an official answer :)
  11. Ok got it OP's ship has +10000 hp pilot bio (only level 2 Hull I), HP boosters 1 and 2, full hecules hp bonus, heart formation hp bonus. So, 550000 + 10000 pilot bio = 560000 + 20% (full Herc) = 672000 +20% (heart formation) = 806400 + 33.5% (hp booster 1 and 2 + 27 lasers* 0.5% hp) = 1076544 :)
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  12. \o/ yippy some one took the time to do the maths for us .... thank you
  13. SmieBOX

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    The maths radiance did is not Right :)

    Base Goli HP is 256k + 50k pilot bio = 306k

    That is the base on which we will add percentages.

    boosters 1 and 2 20% = 61k
    hercules drone set 20% = 61k
    heart formation 20% = 61k
    then LF4 0.5% HP 35 of them is 17.5% = 53k

    So total looks like 306k + (3 x 61k) + 53k = 542k

    Obviously Saturn design would have 61k more = 603k

    You can't add percentages on the amount you got from before. That 1mil+ HP is just a silly persons math.

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  14. prob because the ship thats in the pic its a cit not a goli so its right
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  15. SmieBOX

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    OK no problem. It is still not right :DDDDD

    Pilot bio gives 50k not 10k lol

    Ok So 550k + 50k is 600k the starting HP

    then we go same as it was:
    boosters 1 and 2 20% = 120k
    hercules drone set 20% = 120k
    heart formation 20% = 120k
    then LF4 0.5% HP 27 of them is 13.5% = 81k

    And the TOTAL is 600k + (3x120k) + 81k = 1.041.000 HP Was close but no Cigar :)
  16. now thats just confusing as he missed something and comes up with the numbers on ths pic and u add something and come up short of the numbers on the pic lol
  17. You just multiple all the bonuses. 306k * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.2 = 528.768 (current high with hercules and standard goliath). Then it's hard to say without better knowledge if the new laser will add on booster (20 + 0,5), and be used as 1.205 in multipliers or if the new bonus from lasers is used as separate multiplier 1,005.

    So with new laser the hp would be 306k * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.005 = 531.412 hp
    or 306k * 1.205 * 1.2 * 1.2 = 530.971 hp
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  18. still i think the hp one are the best pve and pvp only 5% is not much
    we alredy have ring and with this hp bost fight in 1 vs1 can go up to 10 min lol
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  19. Citadel elite with only 10k hp added as show in Okapi`s picture.
    Gives citadel 560k hp so you add in the herc boost, heart, then the 33.5% which is a combination of 20% hp booster b01/b02 with 13.5% from the HPlasers

    560,000 + (20% Hercs) = 672,000
    672,000 + (20% Heart) = 806,000
    806,400 + (13.5% HPlasers+ 20% hp booster "BO1&BO2" 33.5%) = 1,076,544

    So we learned that HPlasers stack with HP b01 and b02 boosters giving us a higher % such as 33.5% but limits us from having say 1,176,768 HP when looking at how its added we expect 1,153,440 HP Max on our citadel.
  20. Hehe He just have Hull I upgraded to level 2 so its just an increase of 10k HP :rolleyes:

    I think the 2nd one is correct as shown in Okapi's pic the HP boosters 1 and 2 bonuses was combined with the HP boost of all the Hyper Plasmoid in the citadel Elite (27 laser* 0.5 % hp = 13.5 %) so 13.5% + 20% = 33.5%.
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