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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Mar 23, 2021.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Unstable Modules Restabilize System.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
  2. The cost of the restabilizing is outright too much. I get it's supposed to be more of a endgame type of ordeal, but every other endgame grind in this game has had an end to it. Hercs and havocs, 37.5% chance, 45% chance, you have an average of x gates to do, more or less depending on your luck. Chance within reason, at a reasonable cost, especially with gate discount and double now. This approach was extended to virtually everything in the game up to this point. In addition to that, most of these advantages were minimal, the new upgrade system, or now 16-20 is costly and time-consuming, but only yields a 1.6%/3.2% dmg/shd boost, and the chance for the oil is high enough to not be an issue, as well as drops from events.

    The average legitimate player, and even most illegitimate will only go up to wave 102 in eternal, due to ever-increasing ammo consumption and no uri past this threshold, yielding 1,500 shards. The best return module to craft is HP-X2, which for whatever reason has 4-8x the shard return despite costing the same to craft as other X2 modules, that is to say a little less than 10 runs to 102, for 16 shards.

    150 are needed to restabilize an xt-10 module. So you need almost 100 runs of eternal to 102 to restabilize ONCE.

    An eternal will consume a pretty optimistic minimum of 50k x4 + lets say 2.5k rsb, requiring about 3 days of aby in x4, as well as 16 hours of mindfire for the cpus.

    Over 200 hours of farming for 1 restabilization.

    As if this wasn't bad enough, there's so many stats to get on a module, and the range for those is quite significant. Say the damage category; rocket damage, laser damage, PvE damage, PvP only to other company, general damage. Not only do you have to roll a high stat, you have to get the right category or it's basically useless. Hitchance for rockets and lasers? Come on. AND THEN on top of all that, you can still get a reduction in a stat.

    To somehow make things even worse, the top-level orcus modules can only be restabilized twice, with the limited number of these modules distributed, especially if you've made an acc on the PvE server, this already ridiculous system just tops itself by blocking even the most determined to get a good module.

    For PvE it's already ridiculous - the penetration module alone makes gates a joke. With the base shield absorption of gate npcs being 50%, 30% with moth, you're doing 7k of 10k to their hp. Add in the 14% pen from what I can only assume is a maxed out yellow mod since stat ranges were never released, and you're now doing 9.8k to hp. That's an overall damage boost of 40%. And you can get yet more in smaller amounts on other modules.

    Having something so vital to progression or competition tied so heavily to chance to this degree is trash.

    Is it April 1st? It feels like it.
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  3. too pessimistic ...
  4. test020

    test020 User

    pessimistic? not really.

    realistic? yup.

    the model of this thing is based on mobile endgaming, luckily we don't have to re-roll things by uridium with increasing costs, we just need to grind our butts out and considering cheating players can have a better edge at this it feels pointless, grinding for drab number crunching based on rates and chances.

    I DO NOT PLAY E**, i don't want to build a silly chart nor want to be infected by a disease that causes flowcharts like in that game.

    this is a terrible idea with a awful execution, overall it will increase damage so the ufe players will like it.
  5. I have been playing on a new account for less than a year
    but I already have some of the best modules on the server
    so if someone has problems with this, then it's not about the game and not the innovations
    and this is funny
    it is enough to kill 2 pieces to collect the processor and enter eternity
  6. This new restabilize system is worst thing that DO could do..I lost 2 speed modules and got some usseles modules..
  7. Sorry man but you are wrong on 99% of everything you have said here. Your math is totally out of the window and your sense of time to do things in the game is way out!
  8. You're only helping my point. That a new acc can get some of the best modules on the server while older accs can't even get a low end version of a good module. It's a gamble, and a limited one at that. I stand corrected for the cpu farming time, reduced to the accurate ~16 hours. Even so, the cpus were never the majority of the time required.

    I would maybe care about 99% of what you said if you actually backed what you're saying with any counterpoints or corrections. My estimates were, if anything, conservative.
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    KILABOT™ User

    at least we can now recycle junk modules then reuse it to revitalize chosen mods. im happy with it. still a game of chance and luck revitalizing modules.
  10. BE WARNED - because it is not explained in the FAQ - when you regenerate your modules you can get less than you had before! So you are basically paying to get LESS! It's a con!!
  11. KILABOT™

    KILABOT™ User

    when you regenerate your modules it changes its stats. it is still a matter of luck what you finally gets. my tip is just to revitalize your chosen ship and maxed it out.
  12. But what is the max?
  13. Surely, what you describe then is gambling (play games of chance for money - take risky action in the hope of a desired result) - worse still the rules aren't properly explained! Does DO have a UK Gambling Licence?
  14. KILABOT™

    KILABOT™ User

    revitalizing the modules is by recycling unwanted module is a CHANCE for those who Play for FREE (Freeplayers). Lucky for those who hugs all reward during eternal gate event. They got load of modules as a reward, and those players are 90% bots.
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