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  1. My game name I am most commonly known as is —ŦhėUŋŝţōρρаьļe― , people call me unstop.

    My current name is Fix_The_Game[PLEASE] . Self explanatory as to why it is that.

    EDIT: I am currently trying to gain rank point to get my Basic General, I was Basic General in VRU then switched and went down to Colonel, I know have my 2 star in mmo again. My ship ha sbeen company changed 6 times and has lost a total of approx 3 million rank points in the process

    Anyways, I am 18 years old, I live in Ontario Canada roughly 90 minutes away from Toronto. I am currently employed and saying money for 2 things: Europe Trip and College.

    I am going to Europe this march for 14 days and going to Spain, Italy and France with a group of friends.

    I am saving for college because well, I don't want to come out of there with a five figure debt. In my last 2 years of high school I completed 2 Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) courses for Hospitality, which is essentially being taught by professional Chefs the basics, and some more advanced concepts in cooking. Through the course I also received 2 college credits for Hospitality (for 1 school should I choose it). With the course I also received training and earned several certifications such as my Smart Serve (Legally allowed to serve Alcohol), BFST (Basic Food Safety Training), Service Excellence, First Aid and CPR and a few others.

    As you have probably gathered, I want to become a professional Chef.

    Oh, 1 thing I forgot to mention is in my last SHSM course, 20 board members from the Ontario School Board came to my school, because we have the highest success rate for our SHSM courses. there are 4 SHSM courses, including Hospitality and Tourism, Construction, Environmental Sciences and Music.

    2 of the top students from each course were chosen to represent the school on the day the board members came, (myself and another student were chosen to represent the Culinary program) thus we attended a meeting with them and discussed the SHSM program and how it could be improved and things we like/dislike about it. After which we went to our class and made lunch for all 20, led by a head chef of a 5 star restaurant, the lunch was a great success. After which the Chef (who shall not be named for privacy matters of course) offered me an apprenticeship after I at least 1 year of College behind me.

    EDIT: I listen to many different types of metal, Hardcore, Death, Post core etc... I have seen 30 bands live including Slipknot, Job for a Cowboy, Fiver Finger Death Punch, Marilyn Manson, System of a down, Kill switch Engage and Suicidal Tendencies, and many more... I am hoping to go to download Fest this summer in GB (I think that's were it is, haven't fully checked into it :p) which is a 3 day metal festival.
    I am also proud to announce my brother was just awarded The Governors General Award for bravery in Ottawa last week after 2 years of investigation after he jumped in lake Ontario to save a drowning kids life and swam him to shore.

    Also, check out my youtube channel and subscribe to me. :)

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  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Thought I would post here since I was about to ask you something ^^
    In the other thread you said you played GA2, do you remember SLK in VRU? Going back to about 2009 here :p
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  3. Not alot, I was mmo and Joined DO towards the end of 2009. So I wasn't focused on clans, more or less on how to play the game. :p But I know of SLK from GA1 I think. (is it same or copy cat clan/members)
  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The real SLK was on GE1 so I suppose both the GA1 and GA2 are classed as copies, was just curious because when I played GA2 that's the clan I was in.
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  5. Nice to meet you bro :D
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  6. Thanks, Now go kill EIC! Grrr I hate EIC and my ship is a lil on the broken side for ammo :(

    Get em for me. lmao.
  7. im eic bud ;)
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  8. Well this is awkward....:rolleyes:
  9. haha 1v1? ;)
  10. What server do you play on?
    And also your signature shows VRU in bottom left corner...
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  11. yeh i used to be vru i moved like 3 weeks ago
    and gb2 bud :)
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  12. Just uh, don't go of topic on my thread xD

    Also, I'm editing it right now with some info about music/ bands iv seen live...
  13. Ahh, come to east 1 :)
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  14. maybe in a few months ;)
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  15. East sucks....East boys are moving to ga3...lol
  16. Noobyone

    Noobyone User

    Nice to meet you....east 1 does suck now..hardly any players and its so boring with current clans.

    BTW... The red hurts my eyes :)
  17. i think someone as good as me cant be seen on ga3 id embarrass the server ;)
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  18. Ha, East would stomp ga3 in a fight
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  19. now now no need to fight
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  20. Shhh you lot its all about GB2 :) its where all the action happenes :p

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