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  1. I know, I don't know why, after 3 days, all my sigs disappear.
  2. Lol guess it's time to get new ones :D

    btw im a few subs off 100, trying to get a few new ones, catch up to you lol. I plan on releasing 2 100 subs specials, 1 AMV and 1 DO video. All done with the trial program I have (4 day remaining). So wish me luck on those subs :p
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  3. LordOfFire

    LordOfFire User

    Any of you actually play Gb1?
  4. No why?
  5. Oh yes I've been to Cobourg many times.
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  6. So I see your Bro playing again and planted in my clan lol.
  7. Ya he is playing again. You gotta tell him to stop wasting his 250k rsb on noobs and to also stop wasting his insta shields...he needs nnotto hunt but to do quests. :p
  8. sheeesh noobs eh hahaha

    How's things down there in Cobourg? We had a ton of snow up here but allot has melted away the past few days.

    Peace :cool:
  9. lol..snow...


    You can't see it..but its over 4 inches thick of ice I chipped off my driveway. (10 cm)

    I am also doing good, aside from the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in endured last Sunday,was in hospital for 6 1/2 hour on oxygen before being releasedd...other then that all is swell. lmao.
  10. bobmyself

    bobmyself User

    Snow? Is that a new mineral in the space game 'DarkOrbit'?


    My skylab seems to be unable to produce snow :(



    Was 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 F) here yesterday. Think it got to like 47 C (116.6 F) in some parts.

    Enjoy your snow and happy hunting :D
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  11. Whilst here, in Great Britain, we've got rain & floods :L...trade weather anyone?

    Happy Hunting :)
  12. hahahaha..After a long tiresome day that post made me laugh pretty good..

    Howèd you make it say snow? are you a wizard?

    While you were at 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 F) we were at -30 C (-22 F) and in some parts -60 C (-77 F) 0.o to which my area had the delight of listening to "frostquake" which is a rare weather phenomena which occurs when the water deep under ground freeze and expands and then explodes through the surface of earth creating loud booms which scare the ... anyways...ya..trade ya weather... ;)
  13. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    You just open the source code and change the relevant word or number to what ever you want, so the word " Xenomit: " in the code was changed to " Snow ". This only affect what you see on your monitor.
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  14. Nice to meet you bro, maybe someday i come to ur server :) -Be from sk2
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  15. O no me siggy no worky?
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  16. Me siggy no work also :(
  17. wAAAAAaaaaa Grrrr....

    I am sueing photobucket
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  18. Sue em for me also!


    Yaaaa bud...

    Totally am Unstoppable and even the game knows it. lol:cool:
  19. lol photobucket takes all my pictures and shrinks them. btw, I have vegas pro 12, can you maybe make a tutorial for zoom and pan on kills for me :3
  20. blah blah blah. If I sue them for you, Ill take all money

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