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  1. My sig only works on my profile sheet here on forums but not on posts in threads.

    Peace :cool:
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I can see your signature fine in threads, have you turned them on in preferences?
  3. Hmm, not that I know of.. now to find that lol

    Found it, now I see sigs on posts. Cool thnx Okapi32 :D

    Peace :cool:
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  4. Oh yes sorry..lol...good news and bad news regarding it... I actually made you a tutorial on how to do it a few days after you asked me the first time, but never got aroumnd to uploading it to youtube.. Then few days later had to do a system restore and lost all my videos/the tutorial because I forgot to place them on an EHD. lol.

    I will start on right now for you. :)
  5. And we have here -30 degrees (C) warm in finland(Except summer), so its not bad when its like -10 or -20 :))
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  6. I live in desert. WITH SAND. Beat that
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  7. Well, i cant actually xD
  8. Exactly. And guess what. Not even hot XD

    Just extremely cold XD
  9. Ya well, vintage, once I'm done making this tutorial for Dream I will upload some pics of todays snow storm.

    We have had two 30-car collisions on the highway here, and has been declared a disaster zone with fire, police and ambulance all involved in the collisions.

    Cars are pinned under transports and transports are flipped over cars.

    This has happened two days in a row now, so the OPP (Provincial Police) have closed down the highway and pulled all the snowploughs off until the "blizzard" as some are calling it passes. It is also expected to go on until wednesday.

    Edit: with under a 50ft visibility in my town and wind gusts uup to, and over 100 km/h
  10. O yea. Try being trapped out in the m.ddle of no where about 9 miles from the nearest city. Vehicle broke and you have 7 others with you and have all your stuff that you need to bring with you wieghing about 120 pounds and you have to carry it all for the entire 9 miles without stopping XD
  11. Sounds like a lovely situation to be involved in.
  12. Yup very fun
  13. lol well then. I look forward to it.
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  14. It will be up in the morning. Got side tracked called to work etc. I just have to render it and upload it.

    I'm very sorry for my delay.
  15. Lol no problem, im just working on a collab amv while waiting.
  16. Hey bro. Just woke up and went to render it and I am getting this message?

    Any ideas how to fix it?

    In the meantime, I found an already made video of to to pan/crop
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  17. I don't know, I never had that problem before with any programs I have used, and I just got vegas pro 12 so I am un-sure about this lol.
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  18. Ah sure there is ;)
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  19. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    east 1 does suck.. But I've mad alot of good friends since I went mmo about two or more years ago
    the friends I made are what keeps me on this sever.. Even tho rpm ruined the sever. Just hoping one day soon I 16 more lf4 so my ship can be full lf4.. Not gonna happen tho lol
  20. -STROBE-

    -STROBE- User

    JME here, i miss ga3 :(

    DEKE ftw

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