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    Please note that this Index is a continued work in Progress.
    Not all items will be added to the index, but this should give you a reference
    to ideas already suggested.​

    Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work on this..

    The Update and Idea pool is an area where all members of the community can post their ideas for considration as to something new for the game. Please remember that even if you disagree with the idea, try and be polite when making comments. As you are all valued members of the community, but the thoughts and feelings of others do matter.​

    Ships & Ship Designs
    (Post all ideas for ships and ship designs in here)

    Weapons & Ammo
    (Ideas for new weapons and ammo)

    In game Systems
    (Post ideas for Ingame systems & changes)

    (Post ideas for NPC / Alien Ideas)

    Quests & Rewards
    (Ideas for new quests and rewards)

    Clan Battle Station
    (Ideas for items involving Clan Battle Stations)

    P.E.T 10
    (Ideas for items involving P.E.T.10)

    New Companies & Maps
    (Ideas for new companies or maps)

    Shields & Engines
    (Ideas for new shields and engines)

    (Ideas for new CPU related items)

    Galaxy Gates
    (Ideas for Galaxy Gate Related items)

    (Ideas for other sggestion not covered by above Topics)

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