Update of Achievements Rage Attack, Flexibility and Wow, so many different types of aliens

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  1. Juturna

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    Hi Space Pilots

    According to your feedback we realized that it seems not to be clear to you which conditions you have to fulfill to get the achievements Rage Attack, Flexibility and Wow, so many different types of aliens. Therefore, we reviewed the respective mission conditions and updated them according to the current state of the game.

    Here is what you need to know:

    - Rage Attack and Flexibility: We removed all ships from the conditions which are not available in the shop anymore. If you already killed all of the following ships/used all of the following ship to kill an enemy player ship but did not yet get the respective achievement you need to fulfill one of the conditions again to get it:

    o Leonov

    o Liberator

    o Piranha

    o Vengeance

    o Bigboy

    o Goliath

    o Citadel

    o Aegis

    o Spearhead

    - Wow, so many different types of aliens: We removed all aliens which are no longer in the game. If you already fulfilled the conditions but did not get the achievement you need to kill one of the following NPCs again to get it.

    o -=[ Streuner ]=-, ..::{ Boss Streuner }::.., ( UberStreuner )

    o -=[ Lordakia ]=-, ..::{ Boss Lordakia }::.., ( UberLordakia )

    o -=[ Devolarium ]=-, ..::{ Boss Devolarium }::.., ( UberDevolarium )

    o -=[ Mordon ]=-, ..::{ Boss Mordon }::.., ( UberMordon )

    o -=[ Sibelon ]=-, ..::{ Boss Sibelon }::.., ( UberSibelon )

    o -=[ Saimon ]=-, ..::{ Boss Saimon }::.., ( UberSaimon )

    o -=[ Sibelonit ]=-, ..::{ Boss Sibelonit }::.., ( UberSibelonit )

    o -=[ Lordakium ]=-, ..::{ Boss Lordakium }::.., ( UberLordakium )

    o -=[ Kristallin ]=-, ..::{ Boss Kristallin }::.., ( UberKristallin )

    o -=[ Kristallon ]=-, ..::{ Boss Kristallon }::.., ( UberKristallon )

    o -=[ StreuneR ]=-, ..::{ Boss StreuneR }::.., ( UberStreuneR )

    o -=[ Protegit ]=-

    o -=[ Cubikon ]=-

    We hope this information is of help for you.

    Your DarkOrbit team
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