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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by AVIT, Jan 9, 2021.

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  1. AVIT

    AVIT User

    in other words the team ,gave in to cries of fake i didnt know lol ,they are so gullible and there ban waves mean and do nothing .never have ,
  2. This wasn't anything to do with bots, this was BPs broken daily login calendar. It is very possible that several people may have accidentally claimed a reward more than once without noticing or knowing anything about the bug. I myself don't ever pay attention when claiming the rewards. It's just another meaningless box to tick every day. As such it was completely unfair that some users be banned for unknowingly using a broken feature of the game, and I am pleasantly surprised that BP investigated further and unbanned / compensated those individuals.
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  3. But all of you will still keep playing even though you admit the game is broken and has been for a very long time, what does that tell you about yourself?
  4. Well yes, I do keep playing because the game is fun(in my opinion). That tells me that I enjoy playing a game that is fun for me. Was there supposed to be some deeper philosophical message about my personality or values in there somewhere? Lol riddle me this batman, why are YOU still here? You clearly seem to despise the game and yet here you are on the forums, ranting about it and trying to belittle people who still enjoy it. What does that tell you about yourself?

    I'm not praising BP by any means. I'm not happy with a lot of things about the way the game is now. But it's not enough to make me quit because I still get enjoyment out of the game. And frankly, little gestures from BP like what they did with unbanning people who may have mistakenly used a bug, and compensating them for it on top, somewhat restores my faith in the game and the Devs that maybe things will get better. I'm willing to wait and see for now.
  5. I waited and yes it was a good game back in 2014 since then it's been bot's and cheats and nothing has been done.
    Spent lot's of money and time waiting for promises to bring a better game experience back but i think it never will, for me someone could play 24/7 and that's what you have to do to keep up with the bot's even if you keep spending they just keep bringing out more useless equipment to give the players who spend their life on the game an advantage.
    Play the game if you like I just keep coming back to see if they are ever gonna put the game out in Unity and like coming to the forums to post my opinion.
    If the game wasn't so broken there wouldn't be any issues with players abusing bugs all the time and if BP wasn't so desperate to keep players they would have ban the bot's when they started and nipped them in the butt instead we spend years building our account's for players to pass us freely with the use of bot's.
    My wish would be when or if they change to Unity they make a new game you buy it and everyone gets everything if they need to still have premium then so be it but they milk the players and make them have to buy stuff just to enjoy an event well some enjoy that i guess.
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  6. Bibulus

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    People know of all the problems this game has yet they keep spending money, makes no sense.
  7. As I said before, it sounds like your major gripe here is the bots, which this ban wave didn't target anyway. I just can't understand why this one bothers you so much. Buuut we are obviously at odds so I'll just leave it at that. Hope you have a good day.
  8. Also i apologize if you think i was trying to belittle you, I was just trying to tell you if your spending money to enjoy the game it isn't worth it to be a legit player.
    I have played before for over 8 years before when it was fun, the only reason before to spend money was to help build your ship.
    These days if you spend money it's to compete against the never ending ships using bugs and when i say bot's it's not the fact they farm 24/7 for free i could care less how much rank and uridium they have, it's the extra's you get from the purchase of the bot like auto lock, basically those players to me don't even know how fun the game can be. Cheers have a good day

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