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Dear forum reader,

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  1. =SERAPH=

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    Greetings Space Pilots,

    There have been some recent changes to the Terms and Conditions of the game. Details can be found in the Official Announcement below:

    Updates to the Terms and Conditions 2nd of April 2014

    Make sure to read the details of the changes and the FAQ which is included.
    If you have any further questions or feedback, please post your comments in this thread. If there is a question which we are unable to address, it will be passed on to Support to get an answer for you.

    Enjoy the game!
  2. well, it is an unfortunate and unfair event blocking some countries' players as a result of political embargo. Political, governmental issues should be solved between governments and people shouldn't be held responsible! This is just a game! What is the next step? Are you going to ban people who have a criminal record, or just for being a bad character, or for being an anti-this anti-that, an environmentalist, for being that-ist! Where this action will lead us to? Sorry for not being optimistic, but this is not free world or democracy as it is told us! Thanks that no one claims being owner of the atmosphere otherwise you could have been asked to ban breathing!
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  3. Feedback: I wonder if Bigpoint would add new rules that enforces against cheating to the Code of Conduct also add some rules that can deal with cyber-bullying. If cheating was enforced, that can get most non-cheaters & newbies to return back to play this game again which will slightly make not just for DO but for other games slightly fairer than ever for every gamer (no matter a newbie, average player, experienced player, etc.). For dealing with cyber-bullying, this can beneficially will reduce the hatred, and worst of all: the ridiculous drama that leads to picking on other players of this game.


    WOW NICE JOB ....
  5. I guess i can't play anymore, because i don't have my parents consent. :rolleyes: ....Or do i...?
  6. 1. I thought that was You tubes job to remove copyright infringement as they have the data base of whats legal to do with music and moving pictures?
    How is what you are doing going to help if youtube says there is no infringement (Vid with music remain) but bigpoint SEE something different to youtube.

    2. If you get "Ezed" screen recorder to record your fight they have music built in that has been authorized for use will BP take in to account that these other companies may be at fault seeming they provide the tools for us.
  7. Okapi32

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    Youtube removes it but if legal action is taken then it is the uploader who is at fault and has to go into a legal battle - youtube will not fight copyright for you, neither should they.
    You are misunderstanding the terms and condition. Bigpoint is not about to go and look at every video to see if there is copyright materiel on there, what they are going to do is if there is legal action taken against Bigpoint for having the video on their site then it is not their responsibility to go to court but the person who posted the video.

    Again, BP isn't going through the videos themselves.
    It is a case of if they are contacted by a lawyer about the video a user posted then it is the user who must face the consequences of copyright infringement, not Bigpoint.
    This is really common and applies to almost all companies, the users are responsible for what they upload, not the site owner.

    I don't know if you were aware of the whole situation of megaupload being shut down by the FBI or not but it was over this very thing. For megaupload the site was responsible for uploaded material and not the user, that's why it got shut down.
  8. [​IMG]

    Changes to the General Terms & Conditions

    Dear Players,

    We'd like to take this opportunity to announce an upcoming change to our General Terms & Conditions that shall enter into force as of June 24, 2014.

    Should you wish to find out more about this topic, please visit the “Official announcements“ section in our forum for further information.

    The new General Terms & Conditions will be displayed to you in a window similar to this one, and you will be asked to accept the new General Terms & Conditions before being able to keep playing.

    The changes are no cause for concern: It is quite normal for a company's General Terms & Conditions to be adapted to national and international criteria from time to time.

    So, how many of you logged in today, saw this, went to forums, AND FOUND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING??
    YET ANOTHER example of Support at it's finest (if you mean finest by being half assed and 30 cups of coffee shy of a job completed)

    Thank you, Support, for NOT using our mega happy hour dollars to the PROPER use. We players REALLY appreciate it.

  9. I checked it out! Its alright besides the whole security part it should be on both parties not just the player. Cause its like saying we don't care about you. The DarkOrbit I knew cared if something went wrong now it looks like its going to be super hard to get stuff done. Besides that all the other stuff is great. I will abide to these Terms as long as they're there. :)
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