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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Star*Fire, Jan 11, 2022.

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  1. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I have to say one of the most unfair things that took place doring the server mergers, was the fact that if you were from the old "us west server" and were moved to the "east us server" is the the bonus hour. Do to the 3 hour time change, for me at least has become imposable for me to ever use. Moving it from 7 pm to 4 pm, which just so happens to in my work day. I'm also willing to bet that I'm not the only player that has this issue. Sure would be nice to at least bounce it back and forth between the 3 hours every other time or maybe just toss it in randomly through out the 7 day 24 hour window that the game is played to give all players a chance at this in game benefit.
  2. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Why you would even bother upgrading anything after what they did with the original LF4 upgrades is a mystery:eek:
  3. to stay competitive of course . :)

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