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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by deathlykiller45, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. a new system for techs upgrades cost credits uri and sep pallla for the highest upgrades as well lvl 3 and omega class techs are permanently there so they cost significantly more

    energy leach lvl 2:
    effect redces reduction of own laser dmg with higher effect (own laser dmg reduced to 4 % effect 12 %) colldown increaced by 50%
    credits 1500000
    uri 1000
    sep 500
    palla n/a

    energy leach lvl 3:
    increces reduction of own laser dmg by 2% but increces effect by 60% colldown lowered by 30%
    credits 5mill
    uri 50k
    sep 12k
    palla 200

    energy leach weapon
    reduces nearby nmy stats and increases yours
    upgrade takes 30 hrs
    credits 75mill
    uri 275k
    sep 30k
    palla 4k

    chain destroyer lvl 2
    20k hp dmg 22k shield dmg up to 10 targets

    credits 750k
    uri 450
    sep 275
    palla n/a

    chain destroyer lvl 3
    50k hp dmg 48k shield dmg up to 14 targets

    credits 2.8mill
    uri 5k
    sep 500
    palla 75

    chain destroyer weapon
    my favroite one fires 10 diffrent constantly hitting(firereate once every 1/8 sec)1k on 10 diffrent targets it auto fires as soon as a target comes in range(1200) and up to its hit cap
    credits 50mill
    uri 200k
    sep 8k
    palla 9k (use a ship to store palla to get upgrade )

    backup shields lvl 2
    112k shield

    credits 1mill
    uri 300
    sep 100
    palla n/a

    backup shields lvl 3
    230k shield

    credits 5mill
    uri 12k
    sep 1k
    palla 300

    backup shields omega class*
    236k shield special aggressor shield 1% chance that when shields pop they will have the effect of disabling ship functions for nmys in a blast area of 270

    credits 55mill
    uri 80k
    sep 10k
    palla 7k

    battle repair bot lvl 2
    15k regen for 25 seconds

    credits 1mill
    uri 1k
    sep 200
    palla n/a

    battle repair bot lvl 3
    18k regen for 30 seconds

    credits 18 mill
    uri 28k
    sep 2k
    palla 500

    battle repair bot omega class*
    22k regen for 12 seconds special attack bot does 6k dmg a shot (yes as a laser attack and yes its a 100% chance)

    credits 100 mill
    uri 500k
    sep 9k
    palla 9k

    all omega are x2 strength in npc owned maps like invasion or a gate and 1/2 effects in a pvp battle and in pvp maps they dont work
    you must get a design that costs 400k uri and use lvl3 tech until you get it as an ability
    tmace any suggistiond non drastic to improve the ides
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  2. Silver

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    Some of them are too op and you can have 9k palla without citadel.

    - Silver
  3. which ones plz make sugustion to make them ballanced
  4. Silver

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    All omega classes are too op and the game would permamently become pay to win.
  5. there is still the credits but any specifi sugustins for the omega classess
  6. I usually don't like to be mean, but these ideas are just terrible, i am sorry
  7. Dude have you thought these through? The 2nd & 3rd (level) techs are basically rebuilding your confine back up during battle. Lower them all a bit.
  8. Well for starters remove all Omega Ones, 75k health for 18 seconds, thats a ridiculous amount of health, then backup shields 500k, so OP, I miss when fights would last more than 25 seconds but this would just be quit ridiculous
  9. I don't mind this idea its but there has to be a limit of how much it can be upgraded to. This is because if you keep going the tech items will become really overpowered and give a greater advantage to stronger people and make everything unbalanced.

    It will make a really nice idea if the upgrades on them have a low limit so they don't become too over powered.
  10. So 70k health per second for 18 seconds? are you crazy you would be invincible if you also had the shield recharger at 500k, come on guys you have to think about this, fights wouldnt be fights anymore it would be who had more rep bots/ shield rechargers
  11. It seems as though people don't like this. But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea! What I suggest is to think it through. Find a balance point so it is not over powered yet still useful. As for me I think the basic idea is good, it just needs polishing.
  12. Thats why I said that there should be a LOW upgrade limit on them so they dont become too overpowered.
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  13. Ugrading Tech items is just silly, their fine how they are
  14. Yeh i guess there isn't really anything wrong with the tech items and also i have to agree that having upgraded tech items will make it a bit unbalanced in fights :p
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  15. lol we are agreeing on both threads now :p
  16. Lower them all. Even with them lowered, its still so OP. Tech items at the minute are basically for the elite, you never get noobs fighting with tech items- and if you do its cos they dont know what they are doing haha. This just makes tech items something else they'll have to try and get
  17. Lol noobs with tech items, made me laugh :D But yeh i think the idea in general would just make tech items wayyyy to OP. But i thought that you could do this to something like the Precision target and you could increase the time on that.
  18. I like the idea however this would be too powerful in PvP, Uber FE's will be more stronger than ever and it will be harder to destroy them
  19. imm no eliete and i hav techs
  20. Yes I'm sure many low level players will have tech items but it was an example.

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