upgrades for tech items

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by deathlykiller45, Dec 7, 2013.

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    VESPID User

    How about making the Omega Class a design to strive for, every time you use a tech ability with this design you get a stacking 1% to the inevitable 100% chance to add that ability to your ships with an activation tab and cool down.
  2. i will do that but still some will be weapons some will me omega
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  3. The chain destroyer needs a buff. Everything else is fine. These ideas are just beyond me in price and the usability. Oh no I ran out of shield, POOF! back to full. That's not right man.

    VESPID User

    Right or not it would come in handy to have.
  5. imm a noob and i get over 200k shield so its not op

    BOSS~ADAM User

    I don't think that relates to the points he brought up....lol.
  7. i was saying that to back up the sheidl backup and what do i nerf anyways

    BOSS~ADAM User

    I think you nerf the prices and the omega class of the backup shield considering it gives 236k shields. Perhaps you should scrap the omega class, I think it would be best to just double the effective-ness of all the tech items. For example: 75k shields from the backup shield would now be 150k, the battle repair bot would repair 20k HP a second for 10 seconds, although I don't think the precision targeter and energy leech would need any fixing or adjusting.

    VESPID User

    Perhaps back up shield should completely restore shields to full no matter what that may be.

    BOSS~ADAM User

    How about no Vespid.
  11. Oh yes! I want to suddenly get 1.5mil shield back while I'm using crab in a pvp fight. Go to sleep little boy and dream on. I would agree with BOSS ADAM mainly because of the price of tech items. It's not worth sep and log disks to get a measly 75k shield back. Double that and we're good.
  12. well ill consider nerfing backup shields cost

    i hav to agree with bossadmin with this NO
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  13. I'll do this one :

    ...."battle repair bot omega class*
    35k regen for 12 seconds special attack bot does 6k dmg a shot (yes as a laser attack and yes its a 100% chance)"....

    That's a total of 420,000 HP, To ships that can now have well over 600 K in a goli already with heart, herc, saturn, bio and boosters.

    AND it will deal 84k damage to the enemy??...that's a 504,000 swing in total hp/shield between you and enemy.

    Also, as said above, the tech items are already "pay to use" , making them super strong would unbalance things even more....(think how JPA's would look)

    I will agree that the chain lightning ability needs to be reworked or scrapped, and a big yes to doubling the back up shields from 75k to 150k...that is a good idea.
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  14. If making tech items super strong would unbalance things, then why are you for a BRB that does 35k per second?? People complain about the aegis and that only regens for 20k. Chain lightning never had a use especially after kamikaze came out. Maybe if it did 100k people would use it xD. I'd say scrap it. Backup shield should replenish 150k-200k and battle repair bot should do 20k for 10 seconds.
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  15. kk i will but what bout the wepon?but i did buff chain destroyer

    and the weapons go in the rocket launcher slot(s) so it is not OP
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  16. ???? Tech items cannot go in the slots on your ship so no clue what you are saying.
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  17. Um, no?​
  18. the weapon techs would go in rocket launcher slots
  19. Every ship only has one rocket launcher slot so you can't do that.

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