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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone,

    The VoT gate is making it's way to the spacemap today.

    Please feel free to leave your feedback here regarding the gate.

    Good luck in there!

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  2. On the later parts of gate the wave is 1xDevourer + 15xUberKristallon... Is this intended? That pretty much oneshot my 400k hp :O
  3. East 3 does not have the quest or gate what time is it coming out?????//
  4. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    The events have been rolling out in local server time. I was asleep when it launched so I don't know the *exact* time, but we're watching for it

  5. Why dont you give us waves we need to kill ?
  6. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    the game team want you to explore it I suppose
  7. Don't be silly, they just want us to waste booster time.

    I won't comment on the gate since I most likely won't waste my time with it but the quests deserve a mention for how crap the rewards are. Are DO afraid of giving uri away in rewards? Seriously 20, 40, 100 etc... Add 2 zeros on the end and stop being so tight.
  8. Is it me or each new event is geared to making us burn sep and ammo? Like the goal is to make us deplete reserves.
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  9. apetown.

    apetown. User

    VoT = Ultimate pinnacle of failure.

    This gate can be wrapped to one sentence:
    Way too much work to finish gate compared to its absolutely ridiculous low "rewards".

    Only good advice for everyone:
    If you have jumped in, jump out.
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  10. PhilHoward

    PhilHoward User

    Well I could see the final npc clearly on the map. It moved left and right at the bottom of the game map. It was a revenent splender and I eventually found it deep in the radiation zone. It almost took all my hitpoints trying to get a lock and pull it out of there. That's an hour of my life spent looking for a hidden npc in the Vortex of Terror that I will never get back again. Wasted a few emp's trying to find it and I'm sure it wasn't supposed to be there...

    I would say so. Second time I've seen this event...
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  11. batata

    batata User

    Why are u giving such a negative feedback? U asked for it, dont u remember? Back then we were geting good events were free players like myself could get some ammo/uri out of event boxes without having to go to noob gates wast ammo, that was until ufes came and started sreaming: BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS this, BOTS that, i have nightmares with BOTS,... So now enjoy this event, feel confident that no botter is going to get anything out of this (nor will nobody) :D.
    Bdw 30 uri for a cubikon? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Uncle Scrooge in the room :rolleyes:
  12. One thing i liked was a good amount of minerals, and i finished the gate yes it took some good ammo and some precious seprom but is was something different and the payout i got like 4 drops of x3 1 of x2 1 of rockets and 3 of x4 also a not so bad amount of drones that until now we would have had to pay for now we can get them for free So i say good gate. Just one thing i was really disappointed about is the fact i thought we were going to receive oil from this gate cause i have been trying every time i log in and can't find anyone who want's to go QZ gate. Enjoy
  13. Acc12323

    Acc12323 User

    Semi-ufe player here stuck at the 10 uber kristallon +1 devourer and few sibs wave.It is impossible unless youre like ufe.I got instapopped twice with alnost full hp and about 200k shield.Same as blackbekesh.

    That wave needs to be hit by the nerf banner hard!!!!!!
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  14. Akali

    Akali User

    Stuck on the same wave. Semi-UFE. 700k shield 308k hp, instantly killed when i got to close. The jump between this wave and the wave before is like waaay to big. Hope they will nerf it, or I can just say goodbye to that gate... I got so far, but not further. The waves after that one is probably the same.
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  15. It's a decent free gate, nice rewards, its challenging, but not so much that its un doable with the exception of the Devourer+siblits+Uber bk wave which seems like its too hard, maybe changing the ubers to bosses might make it doable?
    TBH this is why there should be more player testing, so that you guys know what's challenging and whats outright impossible.
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  16. Acc12323

    Acc12323 User

    Honestly even bosses would still be challanging but uber bks are straight up impossible,i beg you devs,make this gate at least finish-able!!!!!
  17. They made the same mistake they made when they rolled out "Tunnel of Terror : Year 2" Most players are not gonna survive this gate.

    It's the same Version of 'Tunnel of Terror' that they wound up changing back in October
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  18. change the uber bk wave to boss bks and either reduce the total number of waves in the gate or increase the final reward
    going through all of that shh for 1 demon drone is disappointing
    tunnel of terror gave up to 6 demon drones and was easier
  19. drwakko

    drwakko User

    im stuck at the UBKS also, and im UFE, I like the gate, looks cool, decent rewards, but I cant get past the ubks
  20. Also nearly UFE here, I just can't be bothered wasting my time,ammo,sep and nerves on the 15 ubk wave - replace them with 15 usks and the gate's good enough imo (the ammo drops are nice)
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