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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. NVR

    NVR User

    The QZ Gate is up which is the perfect gate for ufe to get them new ships so to have 2 gates that really focus on ufe kinda sucks.
  2. dlmpsy

    dlmpsy User

    Lost connection, now stuck... It seems every event is messed-up. One thing gets fixed then two different problems arise....
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  3. lag is horrible in this gate. i only die to lag. every few minutes everything freezes and u pop. please fix ur server. its broken.

  4. the amount of ammo i just wasted trying to finish gate is rediculous. and i die 3 times to DO lag. why should we even try this gate?

  5. Current Connection: 4G Dongle (Yes, Dongle, remember that part).
    Current Speeds: Down - 20.04Mbps / Up - 24.64Mbps / Ping: 38
    Lag on DarkOrbit: 0%

    From time to time I put posts on this forum attempting to help people figure out why their game freezes up etc, but with no replies or interest in my threads, if you find your game "lags" or "freezes", it may be something simple. Not every problem which happens is down to DarkOrbit itself, 99% of the time it will be down to your end.

    Over the coming weeks, I will be offering my help once again, with a more detailed forum thread, requesting that users who are facing problems do actually reply with the stats or information required to diagnose a problem.

    Thank you.

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  6. nhy1320

    nhy1320 User

    lol my internet speed goes from 64mbps up to 170 mbps.
    Also the gate is quite good for Sub-elites cause I got 5k uri in around 30 mins and a couple mil credits.
    Got 30k MCB-25, 4k RB-214 and 500 PLT-2021 also the green and silver reaper and that's my first try.
  7. Isn't much to say about this gate except it is a complete ammo dump. Waste of time. Trash. Whatever suits you lol. Don't waste your time with it.
  8. look up what I said on the original release and double it....................0-0........................
  9. Yup, ammo and sep black hole. Basically a redo of the "Tunnel of Terror". I wasted 1.5 MILLION Sep rounds on that one.
  10. Baring in mind you only get 10% of the speed a connection speed tester will tell you, IE: Speedtest.net, as it calculates the figure shown in the results based on the download speed it achieves.

    I'm not comparing line speeds or dongle speeds, I'm proving a point that lag is not an instant "Lets bash DarkOrbit because I am in denial that my connection is pants, or I'm downloading something at the same time and I'm too modest to mention it".

    On a seperate note, I like this gate, always love free uri and the challenges which actually appear in some additions to the game, loads of Uber BKs, love that, may we hope to see more ridiculous idea's based on such NPC's, not sarcasm, but I'm actually being honest.

  11. My men :)
    I agree with you, its not fun when its easy, in UBK you need to focus, you can't turn off brain and just shoot thats nice change. Melters and lordakia after UBK kind a compensate low value uridium from devolarium and sibelon overall not bad. Also you can get ammo from box, I get 6k HSTRM yesterday in total that wurth 150k ur, also you can get some x3, x4, RB ammo what is probably for next demaner event in future they will not put it in for no reson. Looking at ammo you get in gate, only thing that is waste is actually upgrade on laser, but for sure is not waste of time and ammo.
    I also hope for something crazy hard what you will have to do alone, something between Vortex and solo QZ whould be funny :)
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  12. The 2nd and 3rd basic missions are in the same sequence of wave Demon drone is 1st wave and Uber Mordons are in the 9th. The only way to get both is to die? t seems that they could have thought this out better!
  13. You do 1 quest today and 2nd tomorrow
  14. Nope40

    Nope40 User

    (dunno if expressing opinions on teh internet is ok or not, but whatever :p)

    So... my opinion on this "controversial" event...

    It's decent, by a FE standpoint.
    ...But it requires patience to conserve ammo. And skill. Lots of it.

    Free cosmetics from a free gate is nice, and the 3 obsi keys from the missions are a nice bonus :3
    Unfortunately, i have to admit than I will never bother to complete it. The end prize is dumb (100k uri for finishing it? :()

    Oh well. Why are people are so upset about a FREE gate? Sure, might be a tad more challenging than the cold gate, but at least you get SOMETHING instead of coming out empty handed. ;)
  15. defo remember someone saying no more events till the game is sorted out, did i miss the main event? have do finally sorted all the bugs-lags-bots ???
  16. Vortex is kind a Tunel of terror 2.0

    I hope next event will reward you for time you spend playing like summer version of permafrost gate.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2017
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  17. neoonoma

    neoonoma User

    permafrost gate was a "mistake" and will not happen again.
  18. Dont need be "mistake" just give me something what i can shoot as much as i want it will reward me with x4, rsb, helstrom, uber or uridium, don't need be 1 of that just give me something to play for, today i was suicide in map 4 couse move me in pirates, they are wurthless, uber pirate is mistake what shouldnt happen, tons of hp and shield for nothing.
  19. My account stats:
    Hercs 8
    drones: 8 iris
    Lf3s: 24
    15 b02s
    ship: surgeon

    took me exactly 230k x4 and 15k rsb (died twice one shotted by uber sibs) and suicide one thing as tired lol, i was also sepped
    i dont recommend this gate period, its horrible..

    27.06.2017 - 21:26[​IMG]Vortex of Terror completed.
    27.06.2017 - 21:26[​IMG]Received item: Drone Design - Epic Demon
    27.06.2017 - 21:26[​IMG]You destroyed a Cubikon alien ship.

  20. neoonoma

    neoonoma User

    ubers should be passive,all of them,and i mean even the ints.but that's for another thread.......
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