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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. Im almost Ufe, love it. Easy uri for free i just x2 most of it ,fair ammo drops if you hit hard,im at 15-20k x1 max dmg for me. I cant see this as being good for anyone hit less than 10k dmg x1, i think it should be more invasion like in difficulty for lowers to uppers.
    I had a teacher once say americans compare free to the quality of the the product, assuming its cheap, and it is.
    Edit: I just insta poped from UBK in ring with ~1m shlds, and 450k hp with ishs, honestly...LOL this is as far is ive got, it's great up till then.I'd just assume do the first few lordika waves and take the easy ammo drops tho. i've just got nothing better to do.
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  2. nhy1320

    nhy1320 User

    you read my mind
  3. coobo99

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    Honestly, the gate is great to waste a little time. Get a little scrap, get a little ammo and make some good uri on the melter waves. The end rewards aren't worth wasting all of the ammo you made on ubks and what comes after. The pirates are easier than the NPCs despite what some may think because they haven't had to do it. Good gate for materials and ammo; HOWEVER, it is not a good replacement or substitution for the Tunnel of Terror in any way shape or form. That gate is brilliant all around. Even the last wave, despite being long, is doable in a decent amount of time.
  4. couldn't complete the gate cos a slender was too far inside the rad zone. no exit gate or anything until i'd popped it which i couldn't :( annoyed
  5. neoonoma

    neoonoma User

    too far?i thought it was invisible,what the heck?lol
  6. For me the slender NPC never went invisible, it just wanders all over the map and one time when I shoot in while its on a block zone (barrier) it immediately popped. Though I heard its sound when I'm near it and I just popped it down for 20 secs I guess.

  7. My main account is UFE and as an active player, I burn off ammo pretty consistently. So you are talking about a few people. This event and the QZ gate are ammo consumers. I judge the time needed to complete something and the rewards. If you pay or even work hard as a grinder (like me) to get ammo, uri etc... you don't want to burn time and ammo on something that doesn't make it worth your time. When you get a level that takes hours of your life and your life is not DO, you make choices.
  8. So many negative comments?

    Having done the gate 6 x's only once did I encounter a real problem one of the demeamer's went way into the rad zone had to die to reset to kill it other than that was ok challenging yes but have gained quite a few cosmetic's a few are set's and all in all for experience points gained well pleased.

    Ammo isn't an issue heavy uber's x3 or x4 and x2 on the rest with drill formation, Ships used G Exalted and venom.
    And best of all "FREE" and able to go solo as group's for gates is almost impossible to achieve.
  9. 2 ammo box on easy first wave where u mostly get 30k x2 or 15k x3 for FE players is more than decent when you look in shop that wurth around 30k uridium for like 10min of play ? Than you go die 3 times when its to hard and do it tomorrow again. U could make like 1m x2 in gate easy whats a lot of new player.

    For me personaly I get bored after 30min of cubikon spin around, this gate is decent for UFE, 2h x4 and some kamikaze for 60-80k uridium and isn't spin in circle, 15 yellow thing for new lf4 every day from 2 daily event quest with some effort you could easy make new LF4 during event.

    Next event is domination, during last one was demaner too, you get some RB in vortex what doing x8 dmg on it, overall isn't TERIBLE, its acceptable for dinamic of playing to don't get bored.

    P.S. if you go in 4th map where is kristallon on end just kill uber sibelonit, 1 UBK, 1 Uber lordakium to get box, kill ufo and die 3 times in uber devolarium, its pointless shoot them, to much time and ammo for low uridium.
  10. I think that gate is wonderful. Its free what do you expect. If the gate gets to hard die and start over for your free gate the next day. How cool is that. The only change that might help is give us 5 lives. There will always be players that are unhappy no matter what free stuff you give them. It is a hard gate. If you are strong enough finish it. If you are not strong enough then play until you die. Thanks for the free gate.....
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  11. MK-84

    MK-84 User

    I found the gate to fun and and the rewards for the gate to be pretty good...the players complaining just want everything handed to them without having to work for it...the only really hard part was the 15 Uber Kristallons they were manageable....Thank you for a great event...
    The are only 2 minor issue i have of negativity that I observed is 1)sometimes you freeze up in the game...and 2) there was no X4 ammo...there was RB-214 but no x4 ammo in gate...other than that it is a fun gate
  12. After doing the gate 5x I got 800k x2 from nothing, 250k x3 from nothing, 200k SAB from nothing, 80k x4 from nothing, 100k RB from nothing , a lot of drone designs, and around 230k uridium. So far the gate is good to only those who can do it and I'm not even a UFE and just an FE+ with 8k-10k damage with x1.
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  13. Yes it take you probably full day of work but its something different isnt something you usually doing its hard to get bored if you have many things you can play.
  14. No, it usually took me 3 to 4 hours (not straight cause I took some breaks) from maps 1 to 1st half of map 4a (idk but I've never been on map 4b) I just play on events like these (ToT, permafrost, VoT) and just log in and sell resources on normal days.
  15. 4b is kind a waste of time, uber pirates got crazy bad hp+shield/uridium ration, 3b i usually do with kamikaze don't wanna spend ammo on them. 4a is great because of melter you get on start, 300k hp month penetrate heavy and give 256 uridium, amazing :)
    Red skull looks great if you have 10 of them for drones, but i still like how my spartan spin :)
  16. Rossi

    Rossi User

    2nd gate in 4B map was waste of time. Did it only once and than never more (the first time I did it - got the Pirate map one).

    The other gates I did only to the 2nd wave in 2nd gate in 4B map to a siblonit+melter and than let myself get killed by uberkristallons.
  17. Kante.

    Kante. User

    I can't believe how Big Point managed to mess up the Tunnel of Terror.
  18. neoonoma

    neoonoma User

    I can't believe how BP messes up every DarkOrbit event. But yeah, please don't revive this thread.
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  19. I thought the VOT was very challenging and for this reason fun. I was also happy with the opportunities provided in the gate to reap uri, xp, honor and ammo. I think even for players who were unable to complete the gate due to its difficulty level (High) they should have benefitted from any progress they could manage regardless. For these reasons, I personally think it was a winner and hope we'll see a continuous stream of these opportunities in the future.
  20. -Kanato-

    -Kanato- User

    Im a player in the east coast read the thread up until not been a player since 09 and got to say may things have changed its good to have good and bad reviews so the support team can see what they can do to help out FE and non UFE players a chance to the rewards given during this event . For me by all means give me 1,000 UBK nothing is impossible in the game . even a peanut can kill a UFE, power isnt everything just got to find a way threw the loop .
    Username: -Kanato-
    east server 1
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