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  1. Vortex of Terror is that Halloween Gate no one thinks about until the time of the year comes around and they do very similar copies of it. It seems a lot of people are struggling with the gate so I wanted to make a thread explaining the best ways of doing the gate and the conditions to not do it.

    When not to do Vortex of Terror:
    DO NOT
    do Vortex of Terror if you aren't Ultra-Elite. It simply isn't worth it, the gate doesn't give much outside of Hellstorm rocket launcher ammo, a level 4 P.E.T protocol and some ammo. Seriously, if you could be doing something else, it's probably more worth it in terms of ship development.
    DO NOT do Vortex of Terror if it's going to take you too long to complete. Seriously, this gate is not worth it if you can do other things with your time.

    WIth that out the way, lets begin the guide of the ways to do this gate. This is some tips for the fastest method:

    • LF-4 level 16/Prometheus/Any Enhanced LF-4 (except magmadrill).
    • Around 11,000 promerium on your laser.
    • Cyborg or Diminisher ship.
    • At least 100,000 UCB-100 ammo.
    • Moth Formation.
    • Energy Leech (optional, makes gate much faster).
    During the Waves:
    • On the first few waves use Kamikaze on your P.E.T 10 to clear the easy waves quickly, including Lordakia's and Ufonit's.
    • For the 15 and 20 Uber Sibelons, you should shoot them until they begin fleeing and shoot the next one, it saves time and stops you taking damage chasing them.
    • Shoot them in the corner, these aliens don't die easily to Kamikaze.
    • Energy Leech will be very useful for both these waves to help sustain your health and stop you having to stop and repair.
    • Try to stay on one side of the map so they all run to the same corner, just be careful how you approach the corner because they will deal a ton of damage.
    • Listening to music or talking to people during this gate will make it go much faster.
    Time to do aliens:
    These are all averages on my experience.
    • 4 seconds uber kristallins
    • 30-35 seconds uber sibelon
    • 50 seconds per uber lordakum.
    • 30 seconds per uber kristallon.
    • 3-4 minutes for UFO, by far the longest.
    Other Things:
    • You can actually gain UCB-100 in boxes from this gate, so you may make some back so don't be stingy with your ammo usage.
    • It takes me around 1 hour and 20-30 minutes to complete the Vortex of Terror, if it's taking you longer and you have the equipment listed above, you are doing something wrong.
    Feel free to comment any questions and please move this thread if it's in the wrong section.
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  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I forgot, can this gate be completed multiple times?
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  3. You can complete it every 20 hours after the latest completion.
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  4. DiliGence

    DiliGence User

  5. nice tips,mosto of players think this gate is for everyone while it's only for UFE.

    anyway i think a couple of things are not correct:
    1) no promerium, only seprom and double dmg booster
    2) don't let the Uber sibelon go to the corner. if you have some lag or you are distracted and die you will have to do the whole wave again (so it's better spending 2 minutes more by chasing them)
    3) diminisher ability is useless if you use moth. if you don't have cyborg or centurion it's better using solace with the module that give you +15% on npc.
    4) use x4 except in ubersibelon where you should use x6,5 if you have them. it will make it a lot quicker and less boring.

    by doing it you should use around 50k x4 so you will end up gaining a lot of ammo and 60k uri per gate
  6. -esox-

    -esox- User

    I agree on most of the points.

    Some things to add:

    - it's a perfect gate for everybody, who has at least kamikaze gear and premium.
    You can gain some nice ammo (x4, rocketlauncher...) without much effort and without needing rebate, which you would need to open gates for ammo otherwise.

    Regardless of your equipment, you can play the gate every day until you want to stop, then you let yourself die 5x and start all over again the following day.
    (I sometimes suicide at some point and just enter again with fresh infection mine).

    Also the 15% npc damage solace design combined with solace ability is pretty decent when you moth the waves. Haven't done hard tests yet but it looks like it does about same damage as a cyborg on npc:)
    The module can be farmed easily during the time, when the boss curcubitors are spawning. When you shoot them on high maps, you can get up to 20K corn stuff per box (that's 1 box for the module then)
  7. Seprom is not required, but it will make it faster, personally i don't use it.
    That's an internet problem, if you experience that it's really up to you how you handle it.
    Diminisher ability is amazing vs the UFO cause it has a lot of shields, and vs some of the other waves.
    It takes me around 6 minutes to do the uber sibelon wave with x4, any other ammo isn't required.

    I appreciate the suggestions, but they are more personal preference than a way to complete the gate better.
    Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Solace so I wouldn't use the ship even if I had the upgrade modules sadly. I do like the idea behind it though and if that's how you want to do the gate then by all means do it.

    It's not worth doing, hellstorm ammo and other ammo isn't going to do anything for someone who hasn't even got full LF4 or 10 drones.
  8. AVIT

    AVIT User

    lol .non of you have yet said what configuration to place on your ship .. surely thats more relevant than the actual ship .
    what configs on 1and 2 .. drone to use etc
  9. I said what formations to use, and configurations aren't important. Personally I use full shield and full damage, but you can do anything really, whatever makes you most comfortable. None of the aliens in Vortex of Terror are fast anyway.
  10. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    For all the now disgruntled newbies who have been told they CAN'T do Vortex without 10 drones and UFE - I just finished it in 2hrs 10 minutes in a Venom with 9 drones, havocs, 14 Promi lasers and the rest LVL 1 LF4's using X3 ammo and Sab.

    NB, No premium, NO boosters - Just have to run and rep at the right time but do give it a go.
  11. I mean that's like half way, and 2 hours is really good for that equipment so well done. :)
  12. its possible to do it in any ship, but its just incredibly boring. for 1 pet protocol.
  13. This is about the fastest way to do it.
  14. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Thing is you didn't post the thread as the fastest way to do it.
    You specifically posted in the newbies section then proceeded to tell them they couldn't do it.

    Maybe next time you fell like posting a howto, think about WHERE you post it.
  15. Actually I posted it in general, then a moderator moved it to the newbie section. Secondly, I said it's not worth doing it under some conditions, not that they cant do it, they can do it if they want to do it.

    Maybe read the post before commenting?
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  16. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    What you said EXACTLY;
    I underlined the relevant bits for you...

    If in fact a moderator did move this to "Newbie Help" - It doesn't say a great deal for moderators sense of useful tips for newbies.,.
  17. The point of that section is to give advice on how worth it this gate is to lower level players, since it's not worht doing if you cant do it quickly and the items from it don't do anything for your ship.
  18. -esox-

    -esox- User

    @OP: I still think you look at it from the wrong side or the title of the thread should specifically have been about "FINISIHING" the gate, not kind of a general guide.

    Hellstorm, uber rockets, free x4 and rb ammo etc. are especially rare and of much worth for small players/accounts.

    A big ship mostly has tons of all those things and has no problem to farm much Uri/hour and buy missing stuff etc.

    Small ships can easily do the first waves and most of them with only kami, they can just suicide 5x when hitting the first uber sibelon wave and do the first easier waves with several nice ammo boxes again next day.

    Talking from experience about this. When I started playing again on my back then 7 lf4- ammo broke account, I got me box doubler and with this tactic ~100K hellstorm/uber rockets, ~700K+ x4/rb and and some nice Uri. I putted in ~1,5h every day until I hit uber sibelon wave always.
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  19. What are they going to do with this ammo? Use it on aliens after 4 hours grinding the Uber Kristallon spammed wave to get it? Kamikaze does make it easier, but it's still very long, especially the Uber Sibelon waves.

    That's why I said the gate is for UFE people, there's no point doing it if you aren't, grinding the first few waves is fine, but don't complete the gate if you aren't strong enough.

    I don't know what this sentence means, need to work on that English. If you're trying to say you have a lot ammo, good for you, I guess.