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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Oct 15, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    The VoT gate is making it's way to the spacemap this week.

    Please feel free to leave your feedback here regarding the gate.

    Good luck in there!
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  2. Literally the same just as the last VoT... besides the drop rate for RB and BL ammo... no creativity at all. I don't know why there's even a feedback thread it's the same exact event as the ones before.
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  3. Thanks for bringing the VoT back, im gonna enjoy it for sure.
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  4. anduril

    anduril User

    I'm going to enjoy the return of VoT as well. It was fun last year, and I hope it will be as fun again. I don't care about the new ship/memesis design. I am glad for a PvE event that everyone has a chance to complete.
  5. Whoever does the quests are they not aware of the game cost? 20 uri? Come on and get scrooge out of the reward system.
    You need to be rewarding 10k uri at this point in the game. You get more uri from just picking up a box!

    Im not sure who does balancing but they are on some serious drugs. 5 lasers? On a new ship? Uhm do you play the game?

    The only thing I see is validation that the reflection cheat existed the whole time and the game devs lied to me and my clan when we witnessed it.

    Seriously with the insane amount of aliens on some of the quests 20k uri is just not a reward but a joke. You have to kill 300 uber bks here is 6000 uri as your reward. Please fix this.
  6. VOT at least we all got a chance ,with this one/?
  7. jukime

    jukime User

  8. I do not see posted dates which the VOT will be running this year 2019.
    It would be appreciated if someone would post them.
  9. tomorrow 10:30am
  10. So has it started yet fgs wheres the dates and times or is it too much trouble for the noggins at DO central to actually add them.??
  11. if u look at the froum it say oct 18 to oct 31 it start :)
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  12. The gate is not worth doing without Premium, except maybe the first waves with the small aliens.
  13. Gate is decent, still didn't fly new ships, but my only problem with even so far is candy. Last night played 4 hours in 3-7 and crafted all modules, ship and still have 500k candy. I would like if you can make few more things to craft with candy, like JOB, SR-5, extra energy ...
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  14. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Would definitely like JOB, would be great way to get something without touching PVP

    I think it is too soon to judge this ship already. I feel like it could definitely be a game changer, mainly in group fights. The biggest problem is that most people just do not seem to be willing to experiment and try new things when it comes to new ships. I imagine the shield link can be great for 5 v 1, redirecting all damage you receive to a single enemy, and berserk can be great in case you just got shot because you can shoot back with a massive damage boost once you respawn to take revenge on your then hopefully low HP enemy. Combine that with revenge at the beginning of a fight and your good to go.

    20 uri is a joke xD
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  15. Very good event. Gate is rewarding but time-consuming. cucurbitors are good way to get some stuff. Problems in this event are candy-corn: I crafted 3x of every module and now I have 600k candy-corn, what to do with it? It would be nice addition to get JOB, Wiz, ghostmakers, or something else that you can make as much aas you need. I dont need 100x modules in my storage. Other small negative thing are the event missions: they give very little except the obsidian key ones.
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  16. I dislike the restricted spawning times of the Curcubitor.
  17. One thing I am certainly not ok with Correct me if I am wrong. I have picked up from halloween pumpkins loads of Ghostifiers but it seems the powers that be at DO central have deleted them from my inventory because they have decided to charge payment for them instead. That is just as bad as cheapskating us with 350% helix just to not give anything away. I have never seen such a greed orientated operation in my life. I'll not buy anything ever again.
  18. Funny i don't buy those and i have hundreds of them maybe send a ticket to support

  19. Ghostifiers have never been listed in inventory but you will find them and their amount on the game screen main toolbar on the dropdown menu for CPU's. Happy adventures.
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