Vortex of Terror

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Oct 15, 2019.

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  1. what's the use of those ghostifiers ? besides being half-cloaked ?
  2. jukime

    jukime User

    This VORTEX of terror event is good to be true, but the gate is too much to bear..still uridium rules..
  3. The real gem in this event is the DMG-NPC01, which increase the damage against NPCs by 15% for Sentinel and Solace. The HP-A01 as the single module for Aegis is pathetic and too weak, +5% HP is as good as nothing.
    There should be more recipes to use the Candy Corn.

    The quest rewards need some improvement. They are smaller than the ones from the daily quests.
  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Think you might want to go read how the abilities work;
    Shield Link directs ALL damage back to you. You shield link with someone it is YOUR shields that get hit not his.
    Beserk only stays active for the few seconds it will take for your enemies (especially in group fights) to kill you.
  5. evansnow

    evansnow User

    free and good to collect uridium.
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  6. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I find the amount of Curcubitors spawning far too high and annoying: especially on lower maps: why did you guys decided to give them slow rockets? Do the new players not have enough problems with all the UFE's running around? Furthermore: on lower maps nobody seems to kill them because of the poor rewards which results in tens of them just flying around.
  7. Far too much ammo and time required to do anything useful. Not participating
  8. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    VOT rewards seem to be less. Only one or two drones to shoot per gate. This used to be more.

    Ammo payouts seem less, so the gate costs more to play.
  9. Extremely boring gate with the long ever so long uber sibs.
    I have gotten the 'sacrificial flame gear' every time.
    Trying to do the boss event is killed by the super app users sitting cloaked.
    Nothing like the combo of mines, boss and some cloaker to make you not want to bother

    So far not really that great
  10. Good gate, but the UberSibs could be reduced as they are really annoying. Another thing I would like to see is the Demon Drone awarding more Drone Designs instead of just two.
    In summary, the event is quite good and I really do like the Beserker ship, in my opinion I think it is the best released ship in a very long time.
  11. skubo

    skubo User

    liked the gate , but does the gate reset when the exit is used how many waves of 20 uber-sibs are there.

    after 4 hours I starts to lose connection with 3 sib left to corner.
    second try got them all corner lost lost connection with 3 sib left to kill after restart finished ghost corner with 5 kami used exit. 2:30pm

    third another 4hrs
    2 uber lord
    boss lon
    cant remember order,
    uber- lin, large number ufo with lin
    then uber -sib , 3:30 am, maybe wave11

    ship gets sticky when I takes to long in gate was using x4 to save time, x1 in the corner above.

    some times ufo with the uber -sib maybe wave 6,7

    there was a wave of small boss -lord with more points than the sib
    finished uber -lon
    finished melters

    not sure how far to end of gate , I waits until after server reboot to start
    not sure if I needs to use other door before exit
  12. -esox-

    -esox- User

    Gate resets after finishing it or after losing all 5 lives.

    When I hear about your struggles, you should probably farm the first waves every day and let yourself die 5x at last when you face the first uber sibelon wave.
    Doing this, you can get most out of the event.

    ...still one wants to finish it at least once, gl in your current run:)
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  13. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Thank you to all who have provided constructive feedback for the team to review.

    Closing as the event has now concluded.
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