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  1. Why i didn't get my voucher code? I had subscribed to the newsletter, and i was never botting on this account? Can someone send me a code if have one?
  2. Lucidity

    Lucidity User

    A lot of people haven't gotten codes, support will work it out eventually.
  3. it only aplys to peeps how not playing no more to try get them back playing u mite get the code for the dark orbit reloaded but u wont get the spearhead code as thats for none playing players how dont play no more
  4. graham_b1

    graham_b1 User

    hell no i know for a fact lots of current players have received the code for spearheads some of them twice,i allso know that these players spend on D o,MORAL IF YOU DONT SPEND YOU GET NOTHING,yes its a free game lol,been a member since 2009 but if you arnt a big spender forget it loyalty gets you nothing
  5. graham_b1

    graham_b1 User

    wildstorm,sorry for jummping on your post m8 no offence meant
  6. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    The mail vouchers like much of DO these days have some element of randomness chance :rolleyes::eek:, but in general (in my cynical view) are based on getting high spenders to spend more or new potential high spender to get hooked to spend.

    graham_b1, The spearhead voucher in my cynical view, is to make the spearhead quest possible for the UFE spenders. I have received 2 set of voucher on the only account I have registered to the new letter and that account has always been free only lvl 6 and had not been logged into for a few months.
  7. I was told that the voucher codes were given at "random".
  8. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I was told, if I did the lottery I might win millions, which is completely true.:rolleyes:

    When we consider the concept of random and DO, I would suggest in my cynical view that there is a level of randomness ( due to error), but there is by far a more intentional predisposed result, that is driven by desire for increase in spending.

  9. Hello -»PikejKrul»ッ-

    Thank you all for assisting with this thread.

    Voucher codes differ from player to player and they are randomly distributed.
    To know more about subscribing to Newsletter please click this link> Newsletter Registration FAQ
    If you were not subscribed to newsletter at the time they were sent out, you won't receive any voucher code.
    Regarding players who didn't receive voucher codes they can always Contact Support for further assistance.

    Closing as answered/ directed to support.
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