vru cheated on influence gb1

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DARKHOBBIT, Apr 17, 2014.

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    sector control they got noob accounts and killed them repeatly 53 million points and the bar is maxed out pointless event
  2. ramnik

    ramnik User

    prove it? not our fault that people kept jumping into sector control so dont blame us
  3. Find it funny how losers like you cry that VRU cheated, just cos the 15 players you had in SC got smashed out of it, fair play to the noobs who kept trying for their companys instead of the losers like you crying about how sore you are from getting beat.
  4. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I would say this post speaks for it's self. Would an innocent person think to start with prove it?
  5. ramnik

    ramnik User

    well i am innocent lol, im sure that using 2 accs at same time is against rules anyway, i stayed on my one acc and people kept jumping in the gate and we kept winning lol. support can check if i was using 2 accs at the time if they want too, they wont find nothing^^


  7. Let's face it that guy in the video is up 2 no good in the neighborhood lol
  8. That dont really prove anything tbh, yeah we saw him in there a fair few times, was funny seeing him trying to fight, but then most of the SC before you and MMO gave up we smashed you got most our points there, then there was a "dry" spell where only that noob was trying, then after a short while we had a fair few 2 - 3 mmo or eic trying, so quit your crying, you gave up too easily.
  9. After watching youtube VRU you've been caught !! but will DO do anything about it ???
  10. I know some people like to ruin these events with cheating, but that video isn't proof enough, i see noobs go into these events all the time. you could be right, but that just won't cut it, if you were in there and got solid proof that noob did nothing but sit and die to ONE guy then nothing to say.
  11. Don't you just love these comments when they are made by people when they lose.

    Maybe there was some cheating going on .. or maybe the players making these accusations are just sore losers.

    There is no point posting a link to a video due to the fact that Support do not accept them as they state they may be altered.

    As for those making the accusations, have you looked at yourself in the mirror. I am sure you yourselves have been subject to accusations.

    If you want to blame someone, blame BP & DO. The influence points awarded are totally biased towards TDM & Sector Control. Think of it, a player simply has to be on the winning side of a Sector Control or TDM event & they will probably get more points than popping npcs/aliens all day long.

    Maybe the score for these events was supposed to be 50 points & somene forgot to go to Specsavers!!
  12. ramnik

    ramnik User

    you say him going into SC is cheating but how about you guys who kept going into it aswell? does that make you cheats too? that video proves nothing
  13. I didn't put all of clips in there but I was sitting there for hours and same guy kept jumping in without even being repaired sometimes. Noob with 3 flaxes keep jumping vs 15 UFE people every time, for like 20-30 times? I don't think that someone who have some brains would do this for 20-30 times...

    It doesn't prove much but it proves something. I don't say that at points some other noobs jumped in as well but this specific account kept jumping in for like 30 times or more. While other people when they died once didn't come back, this account kept going in and other people saw it just sitting in and doing nothing...
    Ticket has being sent and support is looking at this problem at this moment...
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  14. That does sound like boosting, but nothing we can do, to DO that isn't proof enough. I have sent video proof of people killing their own ships, but DO doesn't do a thing.
  15. We will just have to wait and see... They probably won't do anything, but this isn't only problem on GB1. Some other company's on other server done same thing. We can just hope that they will do something about it.
    As this event wasn't tested at all, they probably didn't expect this to happen.
  16. The VRU on East 3 server just went from 65 million, down to 27 million. They obviously had a large chunk taken away for something...not sure if it is the same issue though, just thought I'd mention it.
  17. Oracle

    Oracle User

    STOP CRYING EVERYBODY!There was not a single cheat.On Gb1 MMO jumped in and they were ufe.They were just less.There were 15 vru and 5 mmo.I saw a lot of mmo ufes inside.It was a fair fight.And tehre were 2 -3 eic too.Some of theme were from your clan DARKHOBIT.There ws no cheat.The guy who was jumping on the event over and over was not alone and he was attacking back.So this is not any kind of cheating.Get over it you lost the game its ok.No need to cry and accuse vru of cheating.Now go play DO and stop moaning all the time


  18. You obviously don't know what happened back there...
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    well the game is unfair and exploitable to far ends of the earth i wont be joining in on any other influence events simple as that really enjoy the fake win
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