vru cheated on influence gb1

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DARKHOBBIT, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. Lol to think i was sitting in 2-2 popping strueners with kami wasting me time on the first day of this event like many others have, for this 50k a whip mess, the brains that thought that up and didn't think it was exploitable is just too dam stupid. am gonna laugh at it lol :)
  2. Each player gets 50k from winning a TDM or Sector Control match.




    isnt it 750k a match for killing a noob account
  4. no you get 50k points for winning a match. 2 points for killing an npc, 3 off big bosses.
    and 5 points for finishing a mission, and i believe 17 for killing players, or just golis im not sure. really only been killing golis and looking.
  5. Yeh 750k for a team of 15 popping 1 player. that's the company reward for a match on it, there should not have been 2 diff choices to pick, 1 team against the other, it should have been, but 2 matches at the same time was opened up for it to be abused simple as
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  6. ActionNumber of points
    NPC kills2
    Quest finished5
    Enemy faction player kills15
    Alpha Gates win15
    Beta Gates win20
    Gamma Gates win25
    Delta Gates win30
    Epsilon Gates win35
    Zeta Gates win40
    Kappa Gates win45
    Lambda Gates win50
    Kronos Gates win60
    Hades Gates win75
    Enemy faction CBS module destroyed1,000
    Capture the beacon wins (per point)1,000
    TDM wins (per match)50,000
    Sector Control wins (per match)50,000
  7. Can we do away with the accusations & insinuations.

    If you really are bothered, then read my replies!!

    The whole event for Battle for Influence was most likely not thought out properly & thus not implemented right.

    And that is from a VRU who gained in excess 1.7 million points form Sector Control on GB1.

    Maybe there was come cheating going .. or maybe it was because there were a lot more VRU who took part in Sector Control - & perhaps it was because a lot of VRU worked out that the points from Sector Control & TDM were far in excess of what they should have been in comparison to the other Influenece Point scoring.

    It is not the fault of companies & their players across all servers who realised that doing Sector Control (& TDM) was far & away the best way to make Influence points. In real life there are plenty of loopholes which people take advantage & some people do it better than others Just consider Sector Control & TDM as loopholes & some players took advantage of them in a better way than others. I am quite sure had the shoe been on the other foot & EIC had gained more points, this posted wouldn't have been created & EIC wouldn't have ben crying.

    Like I said, blame BP & DO for the scoring system & what is led to. Someone somewhere should have thought it out more thoroughly.
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  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I think there is a bit of confusion between people on what the video is show, maybe I'm misunderstanding it too.

    I think the video is saying that someone from VRU is using their noob account in EIC to start games. VRU are smashing the event and outnumber everyone so EIC and MMO gave up causing no games to start. One person in VRU is making the games start via their noob account and so as a result getting lots of influence points for themselves and their company.

    It's not about the kills or the winning (since they are going to win every match due to the numbers) but instead about starting the match of sector control each time using that noob account.
  9. Well that's useful.

    I just need to get lucky in a TDM or Sector Control because with 2 big clans in MMO and massive cheats in VRU and nobody smart in EIC, it's hard to score a win.

    that is actually a pretty valid point, but it's still abusing the system and against rules.
  10. This event starts, and next day a event starts with 50k a player win after i have been doing streuners for a day lmao, i didn't have clue about this 50k event or i would not have got out my bed for it. Big problem is no notice from big point this was going to happen
  11. They did nothing to prepare players for this event, they got rid of the normal spring event for a garbage one. This game is truly bad anymore. Can't even do events right.
  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It told you on the backpage in event rankings. Pretty sensible place to put it considering this is an event.
  13. vru didnt out number eic at the time
  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I might not do maths in education anymore but I'm pretty sure 15 is more than 1 lol.
  15. okapi u not think a message on this forum about it would have helped

    okapi u probs don't know there was 2 games opened not 1 so when 15 eic were heading 1 map there was a veru noob acc going the other 1 ya clown
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  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Probably but I and everyone on my teamspeak had no problems finding the breakdown of points before they were posted on the forum.
    It's an event so we looked in the event section of the backpage and surprise, surprise, it was there :)

    Considering the person recording the video says in chat that nobody from EIC is doing it, I doubt there was 15 EIC lol.
    VRU outnumbered EIC, looks like one of them used a noob account to start more games to get more influence points.
  17. Yeh that you just clicked on to that yeh, if theres wasn't that many eic where did eic get there points from?
  18. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    They won earlier games but started to lose when more VRU came?

    It obvious from the video that by then EIC had given up and none of them were left in there, just the one noob account that kept on jumping in to start the games.
  19. right i think you are dence, soz pal you have a problem.
  20. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Yes because the video showing 1 EIC vs 15 VRU and the person saying in chat that EIC had given up is me being "dense"* whilst you say there was still 15 EIC fighting. Brilliant logic.

    *You spelled dense wrong, which is a bit ironic :p
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