vru cheated on influence gb1

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DARKHOBBIT, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. it was recorded when eic gve up because of it ya candy apple

    am scottish what i spell is in slang understand that

    trying to ride me for a spelling mistake lmao
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  2. Okapi32

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    They gave up because 1 EIC noob account joined a team of 15? EIC gave up because VRU beat them and that noob account was being used to start more matches after EIC had given up.

    You did just call me dense i.e stupid, whilst using the wrong spelling of dense. You want to try and give me petty insults of course I'm going to jump on you when you can't even spell the insult right x)
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  3. yeh weak as i thought lol
  4. Okapi32

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    Ah well it's good to see you run out of reasonable responses so you are just trying to get to me now.
    You seem to have heard of me though ... I've never heard of you x)
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  5. Funniest cheat accusation in the history of HtA lol.

  6. Haha u know who i am. Shame on you gb2 lmao weak runner for a rank lmao

    lmao lagi how did you get my photo lol

    why did i put that selfie on the internet lmao
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  7. Lmao i popped that war machine a few times tbh and you cannot prove he was a vru noob acc, i see noobs tryign all time.. smh you are all just sore loosers its 50k per SC i was gettin 55k as im in the enw influence design , and you accuse us of cheating look at who it is posting it HTA lmaoo enough said , oh btw looky here [​IMG]
    sorry bout image size may have to click it 2 times to make bigger
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  8. This is true, and the video is mine. I have been there for all SC event (full 3 hours) and I never said that all points that VRU got were fake. We had same number of people on EIC but probably less stronger than VRU. We have won some matches but my company members, after we started to lose, went to 1-6 to destroy a base. Before we went to the base that account that is shown on the video just kept jumping in without even being repped sometimes. Also when we destroyed base there was still 1 hour left for this event. I can say that few people from EIC (noobs mostly) jumped in but they didn't try to get back even once, while this certain account, just kept jumping in 1 match, gets destroyed and goes to another match. I mean really??? 1 noob with 3-4 flax drones vs 15 UFE people kept jumping for like 40 matches. Later I saw that some MMO's tried to fight as well. I am not saying that all matches were fake, but around 20 is.
  9. Well it seems like okapi is right if you ask me, they were using another account to get it started, which is fully against the rules, and can result in a ban, but DO won't do anything about it, and all you'll do here is get insults from the VRU who were in there.
  10. I don't really care about insults. While I was in there, I died maybe 3 times in total, and killed many of them. I wanted to go in again, but not alone. I just wanted to show people that they were playing against the rules. They know that they cheated, but everyone have to defend themselves...
  11. This is DO, 90% of the players botted, 30% still cheat. Everyone including admins defend many of the cheaters.
  12. Hmm, so lets look at this in a wider prospective.

    If a VRU noob kept going to 3-2, and was completely oblivious to enemies at his/her point in the game, and an EIC/MMO player kept killing them in the map. This would instantly suggest cheating or pushing? (This would increase your ship kills, and not honor and EP because of the Anti-Pushing kill stager).

    Now lets see this noob again, jumping into Sector Control completely unaware it was an event Gate, and also completely unaware it started the match. Thus then causing a win to the opposite company who was in the game with the most ships present.

    Pound to a pinch of dog-poo, if EIC got penalised by other players for popping that noob over and over in 3-2, they wouldn't like it.

    If the clan making the accusations over Sector Control are so bothered, why didn't you jump in and save the day?

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  13. lagi stop stealing my selfies lool. Lmao i dont wanna say what i see between that guys legs lol. must be no0thing
  14. Between his legs?

    Wait, I see it, its HtA clan's dignity.
  15. whts hta to do with it u got a hardon for a clan?
  16. In all honesty I find it amusing when you cry that the guy jumped into the SC without no HP...you dont need HP, before the round starts you all have to sit on your beacons...you get repped instantly the moment you are near them, so no the noob that was clearly trying to do something whether just activating the rounds, wouldnt have needed to rep to jump in as he would of been full HP before the round had even started, some people are clearly divs.
  17. yeh explain it away yap purple carrot , goo luck wi that. tell u what i noticed the mods of vru clan gave me a 6 hour ban lol yeh bring it on
  18. Well look at it this way. The guy (if an actual noob and not a vru cheating) went in there twice and died like that, any genius (unless he's extremely stupid) would jump to the conclusion, "this gate isn't normally here, all i see are enemies, the map is weird" Not keep freely jumping in without a 2nd thought, he DID just fly over and instantly jumped in, it wasn't "should i?" It was jump as soon as in range, that, is quite obvious to be something wrong.

    Okay, but in all honesty, no one does that, why? Because like on GA1 the massive hitters camp those spots out, so it's quit obvious, you can die as soon as you jump when you have no hp, so i have to push that reasoning aside.
  19. I find it funny how an ex-botting/autolocking cry baby apparently spends most of the time here in the forums crying, being as you're totally dreadful at the game now your magic locking no longer exists for you, you end up in here by looks of it, if you're going to waste you time at being rubbish and crying on the forums, you should maybe try learning English, being as this is an English forum and server.
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