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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone,

    This is a little behind the event start, but for those of you who might be interested in leaving feedback about the current event, please feel free to do so here :)

  2. - Demaner dies too fast, if it spawns on another map you cannot enter before it dies.
    - Reward is okay, could be better
    - 20 Minutes respawn is on Global Europe 1 too long, it spawns half minute later its dead

    - Good would be 3 Demaner Spawning on 1-3 2-4 and 3-4 one, so each firm gets something
  3. This time the quests are the highlights of the event. Giving us Hercules and Apocalypse keys as rewards is generous.

    On the other hand side
    It should be the main content of the event. "Nobody" can enjoy it, if it dies in 20 sec, because Ufe players are sitting randomly on the home maps (and farming newbies).

    Besides the minor Demaner NPCs
    New Minor Demaner Box
    Stats: Unknown

    Rewards on Destruction
    • 5 Ranking Points
    • 5 Drone XP
    • 24 Uridium
    • 50.000 Credits
    Cargo (If box is not dropped)
    • 100 Prometium
    • 100 Endurium
    • 100 Terbium

    Minor Demaner Box (30% Chance to drop after destruction)
    ItemAmountDrop Chance
    Extra Energy15%
    are useless, unless you want to do the quests. 24 Uri is a pretty low amount of Uri, the ammo isn't better. 20 RB-214, 1 Seprom or 1 Extra Energy in the boxes are not giving you a good advantage. Only the MCB-25 is acceptable, because they have a value of about 150 or 400 Uri, however boxing is still better than farming substandard ammo.

    After doing the Hercules quest I have no use of the event anymore, because I can achieve my end goal much easier with boxing and collecting Palladium.
  4. I agree with BestGArenEUW , and i want to add that spawn pathern could be changed, now it spawns in order ....2-4 1-3 3-4 and goes clockwise , sometimes by spawn 2 times at same map. Maybe could randomize it, so players could not sit on port and wait for Demaner .
  5. as usually event is not so great, every event is worse and worse
  6. Its hard to get the 60,000,000 damage to the demeaner when you get 300,000 in 10 seconds its on the map once an hour. It should have more time on the map so everyone can help.
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  7. So this is what's happening, as previously stated it dies fast,too fast for most to even find it. If you are UFE this event is boring, unless you want to be a bully and kill off the poor noobs who might could profit from it.
    I'm UFE and basically see no reward that I can't get easier elsewhere. I guess I could just be a bully.....


    why dont they spawn in all maps instead of being farmed by ufe and scripts just a idea ?
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  9. should be 24-7 event. should give more crafting ores who wants to play 2 years straight for new lasers. Dies too fast, the payouts are ok. should give box on any player who damages it at all. Would be more fair to players(unlike me) who don't have ufe damage, boosters, seprom.
  10. I agree the hours should be more. We should also put the demeaner on all 3 maps at the same time. It would HELP all the players not just the few who go from map to map and get all the rewards or kills.
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  11. Either that, or at least as I've proposed for previous events switch up the period in which they are out (on my server half of the players live on the other side of the globe so it's usually night time when the event is on :D)
  12. Its same on all servers, on ge5 if all who participate guess right map it barely leave portal.

    Its does spawn random, some people are just lucky, I guess 9 in a row where will be last night than fail 4 times, its all about luck.

    However it has 2 times less HP+shield than had Hitac+minions around it and ammo is 2 times stronger, following that Demaner should have at least 4 times more HP than has now so you can at least see him if you are on wrong map.
  13. arminas12

    arminas12 User

    DO you need change the dmenaner shes need more hp or shield because it die so fats you dont wvwnet can jump map and it be die... and it spaw 2-4 1-3 2-4 2-4 3-4 fixs it omg it need be 1-3 3-4 2-4... just wasting all booster for wait it and shes just spaw in another map... and again waiting it because you no giving box and you 10 sec to slow for jump in map and shoot demaner its die so fast
  14. You must be lucky
  15. KiritOo47

    KiritOo47 User

    Useless event, not worth doing it at its current stats, it dies so fast, and some times hardly that we get lucky to find one it die so fast, and mostly UFEs kills the noobs like us before it, whats the point of this event anyway.
    and that epic quest with 60M dmg, most pathetic thing about this event.
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  16. FItty3

    FItty3 User

    Well i saw the notification in the log the 10 secs it took me to jump i saw it die in the gate it died in the gate it didnt even have time to go out of the gate give it 300 mil HP so people have time to even get to it this is bull
  17. Problem is if you give it too much hp then will be a waist of ammo, also if the players are few they will have a hard time to kill it. Though i do agree it needs more hp there has to be some sort of limit.
  18. kris0m

    kris0m User

    They should put demaners on all 3 maps at the same time and leave them as they are now cus if it's just one there are Alot of ppl and you can't even click it and it's dead for like 5/9 sec if I miss the map I don't bother jumping to the map it's dead before I even get there.. And I am on a semi dead server I can't imagine if it's a full server. But if they do it I think that DO will reduce the rewards they will not give so much to the players but if they do give us 3 demaners at the same time leave them as they are now it will become a good event for every one and the rewards will go to more ppl I get boxes so I can't complain. Guess full servers don't even get the Chace to see the boxes cus of 10 ppl who are getting them every time :)
  19. After using jump CPU the Demaner has died immediately. Please increase its stats or put some protecting Demaner minions on it.
  20. Come on guys, if you take 1 times 100k RB its like you play 3 hours gates plus you lose uridium.

    Reward is to good for spawn so often and even if you have chanse to come on time to shoot it few times you will still have no chanse do top 8 damage, for 1k uridium if you are lucky every 20min its better go kill 2 boss kristallon or 1 cubi it will take you less time for same reward, if you are unlucky or don't see patern where will spawn stay all time on same map, cross fingers and hope will come there.
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