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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Another remark for our dear developpers:

    As the demaner strength depends on how many people shoot it, our beloved MCC on our server, shoots anybody who dares to shoot at the demaner going through the first map. The HP goes down, and the already overpowered clan, gets to shoot it in less than 1 map of time. While nobody else gets a chance.
    As you can get 100k new ammo at every pop, they can keep this up throughout the entire event.

    This is the poorest thought out event there is.
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  2. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    MCCs are in full force I see... 6 times I was popped off same Demaner by 2 of same clan.... they must have got scared I might actually get a box from it to popped me / single me out so much.

    So I take it PUSHING is now fully acceptable if you are an MCC clan..

    OP32... are you and the rest of the team ever going to listen to the people that play this game ?
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  3. Just look at one of the the first criticisms of this thread:
    I still agree with this.
  4. They could make it that if players shoot...No reward boxes for them. :D...Although it is ok how it is!
  5. If they made it so the demener has the citadel's "draw fire" ability while inside the anti-cloak zone; I am sure your MCC problems would be solved.
  6. Please stop wasting our time with these ridiculous events. I came from 5-2 when I saw a spawn alert in 1-3. It wasn't until I checked FAQ's that I learned they only spawn once an hour (ARE YOU KIDDING). And to add insult to injury there are now dozens of enemies lurking around waiting for next spawn. Make event map sensitive. Company players can only hunt Demaner on home maps not enemy maps. I am starting to learn the futility of participating in these propaganda events. Even the terror vortex was a waste of ammo. Good luck to you all. I am aborting mission quest to damage Demaner and just go back to farming my Bifenon and Tetrathin . Very disappointing!
  7. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    come on guys this is just another event for the botters, cant you tell one of the chief botters is now on the development team, top 10 bot all day get all the good stuff and noboidy else can get anywhere near it, quests are pathetic.
    cause 6 mill damage to demeaner, come on you cant even shoot it.
  8. yes its really true and the sad thing i they have auutlocks many are using now likw wartool by a certain name program
  9. I have often been killed by the same guy, who has attacked me immediately, although I have been hiding in the crowd.
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    ... Umm, every 20 minutes is the spawn...
  11. On that day I left pirate map and went to 1-3 and waited for next spawn. I stared at the screen for 30/45 mins and NOTHING. I was just about to leave when it DID spawn. There were so many players all over it yo could barely see it , let alone lock on it. This event is a WASTE of time for those of us who do not use any illegal artificial enhancements to win.DO constantly posts announcements on how many botters accts. have been eliminated yet the problem continues. Which is a sad statement for those who feel this game is SO important that they have to cheat at it to win and be better. I know that there are actually some real players who play fare and dominate because they are good at it. And to those I hold no grudge . Still trying to hone my skills and tactics.
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  12. Last demaner event was better. We at least had a chance to get boxes if we guessed the right map because of how fast it dies. Now if we guess the right map the enemy has plenty of time to catch up and pop everyone off the demaner.

    This event isn't going to make the strong guys stronger but just give them free ammo. The strong guys now won't spend money to buy uri to do gates for ammo so I see this as a lose-lose situation for everyone.

    It's not hard to design an event. After all these years I would expect DO to at least be able to get their events in check. Very disappointed.
  13. It has died within 10 sec...honestly I prefer the old version, because no MCC would have the time to hunt the others.

    Many of us have already complained about that in the Twitch stream. They said, they maybe look at it after the sever merges...
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  14. I agree with a lot of the negative points previous to this.
    Demaner is a farm the weak ships event . It does seem to die very fast by the stronger ships. Should be able to spawn on multiple maps lower and higher maps.
  15. DO is lacking on the problem solving department. And that's why we still have the same problem with these events.
  16. useless event ever
  17. USA east,
    As usual, in ALL events, 2 MCC's are controlling the event.
    The "GLOAT-ALL" chat is full 24 hrs. a day of members of these 2 MCC's bragging how good they are.
    Iodine in the wound is when "they" constantly post the "rewards" they are obtaining by their "Control" of the event.
    I am actually disappointed to see some of the players that have joined these 2 MCC's, as I once thought they were honourable players.
    I do NOT see why we are asked for our input in such threads and then the input is COMPLETELY IGNORED!!
    ....Case in point, the thread on MCC'S....
    ..in my humble opinion.......................ENJOY what you can of this " ONCE great game"...................
  18. Ion

    Ion User

    can you create different levels of demaner with different lots? I have literally never seen one bc if I get close Mixed clans with different companies shoot me down and control the event. let different lvl demeanor spawn in different maps and let them have a lvl cap so UFE cant come and steal it.
  19. CiferBlat

    CiferBlat User

    I never write on forum at now, becouse never need. Whats a point do this event if no one cant shoot demaner? Only strong players shooting. If weakest players start shoot, always have been destroyed. After merge was 100% better, we have chance get bonus box at now this event is useless. At now not worth do this event. And why u asked us opinion if you nothing to do?

    Sorry for my bad english.
  20. DO needs to dish out some more "Fair play initiative" obedience.
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