What a sad joke

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  1. DarkOrbit reloaded is no better then before they renamed themselves. The only difference are the bots are less active. As of today on my server half of the top ten ships have new pilots, all sold and bought in the past week, the autolocker are NOT afraid to use them openly and have no fear that they will be punished in any way shape or form. And sadly DarkOrbit put themselves in this position by failing to act in a timely manner against these cheat's. The shame is they will not act because they are a afraid they will lose money, yet they are losing tons of money because they don't act.
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Yeah I agree, the reworked auction that allows people to buy the best ship for getting a better account, the aegis, is pointless. I say remove it completely.
    The drastic reduction of bots on the map and the absence of packet bots isn't anything good, the bots weren't even bad in the first place. Those monthly ban waves that happen are useless too, just give them all their accounts back, that would be better.
    The new starter quests that give new players a better start then ever, what's the point? I don't want any new players in this game!
    We also all know DarkOrbits financial position right now because we're all BigPoints accountant.
    We also know for a fact everyone in every top 9 ever must be buying and selling accounts because anyone above us in the ranks must be cheating somehow ... everyone. An account is for life, not for Christmas.

    This is a really good post with great original topic to discuss and not just someone who has been locked whilst cloaked and probably got chat banned for accusing so decided to vent their annoyance on the forums instead.
    It's a well known fact that if you die, it was to an autolocker, even if you were afk and didn't see your ship pop, you died to an autolocker!

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  3. when everyone any good, leaves the game..

    I guess, " No New Player" means..
    You win..

    I wonder how long Bigpoint can stay "on line" from your Donations..

    your song..

    Beatles Song,
    Happiness/loneliness is a Warm Gun..
  4. OKapi32, you and others like you , are whats wrong with this game. That is the plain and simple truth. Your a smart mouth, bug abusing punk, who thinks they are better then the rest of the players here. Sadly it is you and players like you that ruined this game. Enjoy fighting the rest of the "extra user's", cause that is all that will be left.
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I guess you are struggling, but my post was sarcasm, making fun of lost cause and how stupid his post sounded if anyone took a second to think what DO have done in the recent months.

    I am what is wrong with this game for point out that your post is complete rubbish? Sure the game isn't perfect but to say there has been NO improvements at all is stupid, do you want the packet bots to return? Do you want to actively discourage new players from getting a good start in this game? Are you the accountant for Bigpoint? How do you know top 9 players have sold accounts all within a week ... could it be that they just changed names and that's it?

    When it comes down to it, your post is pretty much mindless spam. Just someone who died whilst cloaked and decided that it must be an autolocker because nobody every died whilst cloaked before autolocks existed did they?
  6. Your a sad child Okapi32. You defend the cheat's, as always. That is your MO after all isn't it? Attack those that point out what which you do?
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Go on, amuse me. Show me where I am defending cheats. Are you running out of things to cry about so you are trying to insult me now?

    You call me a child yet I'm not the one crying and over exaggerating about the state of the game whilst claiming to know how BP are doing financially and making a thread that really has no point at all.
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  8. I cant be bothered with any of it. I agree basically all the top accounts are bought now and i dont bother to do gates to get EP when someone can buy an account higher than mine. tbh i dont even log on much
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  9. Rank is a waste of effort now imo, countless gates just to stay top dog no thanks..

    As for auto locks they are back so lets hope they actually ban the accounts permanently this time.
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  10. Should have been 'Restored' :cool:
  11. I'm sorry but your post just irritated me, take the Aegis out of auction, give botters there accounts back and saying bots ''weren't that bad'', drive away new players to, that's the stupidest load of garbage I've ever heard, why in the hell wouldn't you want the game toe be more lively unless it's with previously banned botters, un-banning botters would just bring even more autolockers into the game! Why remove the Aegis anyways, so smaller ships have no chance to progress? High rank ships change hands often so no surprise there.
  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It was sarcasm - I thought that was fairly obvious - , taking all the good things that this "reloaded" re-branding of DarkOrbit has done and saying they are bad and should be removed back to normal.

    Couldn't agree more, that was the point of my post :)
  13. Lol Okapi, you might want to actually tell people you're being sarcastic. I was thinking at first, "what the heck happened to him?"
    I can see this guys frustration, but it is true that a lot of good has happened, just not enough. When you see the same threads over and over in the idea pool and speakers corner, you'd think there is something wrong right?o_O
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  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Of course there are things wrong, no game is perfect, but I think it is very short sighted of people to say this game is still heading in a downwards spiral. I still think more can be done to make UFE items more accessible, not giving them away for free but more accessible along with other things.

    There is a large amount of players who as soon as they get locked whilst they are cloaked automatically assume that it was an autolocker, this type of accusation will never go away because of for how long autolocks were popular and regularly used. Anyone who is even a half decent hunter will have been accused dozens of times simply for locking a cloaker.

    The game has improved in recent months and will continue to improve, there are some very interesting non-uridium updates coming this year. The problem is that a proportion of the community is acting like the game is in the same state is was 1 year ago. Understandably people might be cautious due to the 2 or 3 years of generally negative updates that impacted this game.

    Then there is the weird small group of very vocal players who claim to hate the game yet dedicate a decent proportion of their time to posting on the forums of the game they hate. Usually these players have actually quit playing and so do not see any improvements happen.

    So in short, the game is going through an improving process, it's not finished yet there is still aspects which need to be dealt with. However a small aspect of the community blow issues way out of proportion or just sometimes make it up to suit what they want to think and when it comes down to it - complaining about something is much easier than complimenting something.

    Also if the idea pool was taken too literally then we could look forward to the genius of VESPID's ideas x)
  15. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    DO should sell Okapi32 rose coloured glasses;

    so we can all delude ourselves that this sad excuse for a space war game that is little better than a farming game these days, is somehow improving.

    DO as a community spirited space PVP PVE game where 3 companies battle each other died A long time ago.

    All we are left with is a pitiful farming game disguised as a Space PVP game.

    It seem your deluded view of DO seems to totally contradict this statement of yours.
    I guess you would praise a bicycle with square wheel if it had a DO logo on it.
    I find complimenting something that is worthy of complementing extremely easy.

    I would be much happier posting all the positive threads and comment and the rave reviews I use to honour DO with back in 2007-2010.

    In an attempt to find something that you post that I can agree with. I might not have associated this with short sighted, but can say that from all the work I do looking at DO player activity;
    The actual in game wk on wk activity ( accounts adding any EP
    mostly using GB1 data ) has fluctuated over the last year but is not significantly lower than 12 mouths ago.

    However the number of inactive accounts with any EP has still dropped significantly.

    I will be updating my Server stats thread in the next few weeks.

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  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Pacman the very first thing I said in the previous post was DO wasn't perfect and that things still needed to improve.
    How am I saying that the game is the best thing in the world with no flaws as you post suggests?

    Do you think there is more or the same amount of botters now compared to 6 months ago?

    Do you think that the new auction should be removed along with it taking the aegis, citadel, designs etc that people won and removing them off their accounts?

    Do you think new players should be forced to start with a pheonix and nothing else instead of the equipment they are handed out via the new starting quests?

    Please by all means, if you think the game is not improving then make a thread asking for the return of mass bots, removing the new auction and removing starting quests and see what the reception in the replies.

    P.S - You know bots existed on the old client don't you? Your "rave" reviews might be a bit misplaced. ;)
  17. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    To say it wasn't perfect give DO far to much credit ( which is something you seem to do almost all the time.)
    Show me where I posted you are saying
    "that the game is the best thing in the world with no flaws" or even suggest such. Even you would not be that naive to suggest that.

    Stupid Question number 1.^

    Firstly I would say there are about
    the same amount of Botters compared to 6 months ago.
    The Major bot 72hr ban o_O:eek: where they lost BIO and upggrades only ( which I would say was a tactical move to get revenue from them rather than a punishment.) was well over 6 months ago. So has nothing to do with the Reloaded changes.

    Stupid Question number 2.^


    I think they should have been placed in the standard hourly auction a long time ago.

    Lets look at this;
    The change introduced the ability to see the highest bid. It was introduced after the lame attempt to get player to watch ads to shorten the time for sending ore.

    I would say with reasonable certainty there has been a significant increase in credit pushing accounts. Which is likely to increase the revenue from those accounts using the adv view option.

    Stupid Question number 3.

    No. What has this got to do with Reloaded.o_O:rolleyes:

    If you compare the relative strength of a pheonix and a basic FE ship back before the game became a money pit for bullies and farmers.
    With what you can get
    "via the new starting quests" I would have the peanut and take may chases with an FE goli back in 2007/2008/2009.

    Stupid comment.^
    Stop acting like a noob
    why would I ask for the bot to be returned, you should know how I feel about bots and cheats.

    I would start a thread suggesting that all item were introduced into the hourly auction in a timely manner after they are introduced into the game And that the highest bid showing was removed, but it would be a waste of time.

    PS -
    What those bot and other cheats that DO refused to accept was even possible
    How can you possible compare the low level issue with even the current level of script use we have today let alone when botting was at its height.

    This coming from you, nearly made me fall of my chair in hysterical laughter:-
    (Your must have been looking in the mirror when you wrote that.:rolleyes:)

    "Your "rave" reviews might be a bit misplaced."
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  18. The game has improved drastically, sure the game is still a bit boring at times for the older players since the updates primarily focus on helping new players in to the game. Even my self have been enjoying the new quests because they're fun with great ep rewards and some are even quite lengthy with a bit of challenge.
  19. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Nothing to do with the Reloaded Chnages? According to who, you?
    In more than one interview RickDekard has said the big crack down on bots was part of the re-branding process.
    You honestly think there are the same amount of bots on the maps now as there was 6 months ago? If I go in any x-2 map now I don't see any botters, weird huh.

    New auction is part of the reloaded / rebranding of DO. You say in your post that I am deluded for thinking the game is improving in this reloaded process, therefore you must think the new auction is no improvement and must be removed, yes? Oh wait no, you contradict that view multiple times ...

    Yet your reply to me instead says you agree with the new auction but think items such as Aegis should be in hourly bid, which is not the same as being removed. Funny that, isn't it?

    As part of the rebranding of DO new starter quests were introduced that give players more equipment than ever before. That is what it has to do with Reloaded.

    Yes because the players who used to sit in x-1 maps all day killing phoenix weren't "bullies" and farming incredibly easy kills ;)

    This thread's topic, if we can even call it that, is the idea that the reloaded has done nothing to improve the game, so why are you referencing 5 years ago when the reloaded changes have happened over the last 6 months?

    You are the one suggesting no improvements have been made with the Reloaded re-branding of DarkOrbit, so I just suggested you make a thread saying all the changes during the past 6 months should be reversed.

    If you think elements of an update can be better then that is different than saying it should exist at all.
    I too think that more items should be in hourly auction but I would rather they be in daily and weekly than not at all.

    I am not acting "like a noob" I am trying to show you the implications of what you are saying, after all you do seem to have a problem with me and always feel a need to quote my points whilst leaving others completely alone who agree with me on subjects. Even when a mod steps in to give a final say that agree with something I am saying, you then claim it is "their opinion" and nothing else :)

    I think you might need a new sense of humor. You have made it up in your mind that I perceive DO as perfect, I have never said it or even suggested it. Yet you have on multiple times said I do.
  20. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    If it has improve drastically;
    where are all the players that have not return,

    or all the new players that have found a game worth playing.

    Also why have we not seen a massive increase in actual in game activity from all the accounts that are showing as active, but that do not ad any EP wk on wk.
    Noting about 80% of accounts shown in the Company stats accounts do not actual play I.E. do not add any EP.