What a sad joke

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  1. 2 Weeks Ago:

    FPS - 61
    RAM usage - 300mb


    FPS - 20
    RAM usage - 500mb+

    I wouldn't call that improvement lol
  2. Just takes time really, our server has plenty of new players joining the game. The game is going through a new meta phase and it's still not as popular as we would like yet but give it some time and the game will be well known, influencing many new players to come join. I got a feeling Bigpoint have a few tricks up their sleeves and even more planned out for the growth of the game; their facebook page (despite the fact that I am banned and unable to comment) has over 1 quarter of a million likes so a handful of fans do like the game and that's evident. I actually have Darkorbit to thank because of the mechanics of the game has improved a variety of things in my life and it has improved the way I think when playing other games, it's unique with a lot to improve on and we know it will continue to improve.
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  3. Come on people, let's try & be civil.

    We know the game isn't perfect & nowhere near perfect. Improvements indeed need to be made & this will undoubtedly take time. The test server is the place for these improvements to be introduced, however, in my opinion, they are not tested properly & introduced far too quickly into the game with too many faults & glitches which then take far too long to rectify.

    Supprt itself is a sad joke. I believe that they have got it into their heads that they have the authority to play God & that what they say is the outtright law & anything else contrary is in direct conflict to this.

    The stats are of little relvenace in opinion. Don't get me wrong -Pacman2-, I credit you with the amount of effort you put into it. But sadly, those went out of the window when the Skylab & Skill Tree were introduced as well the Invite Friends bonuses. I predicted then an incease in accounts a lot larger than normal due to the fact that

    1) Some players would make numerous accounts to make credits form the Skylab & put them in clans to tax them & then take the credits out with their main accounts to bid for log disks.

    2) Some players would make accounts just to shoot them to do Quests &/or for the Seprom.

    3) Some players created accounts & played them for a brief while for the Friends & Family bonuses - which it looks like will now be included in the Invite Friends bonus.

    These accounts are in effect redundant because the person who created them

    The Auction format should have been introduced long ago & the winning bid amounts kept hidden. it is now simply a question of waiting until as late as possible & placing a bid which is such that it is higher than what someone else would normally bid.

    The Upgrades, drone designs & other elite items were bought out far too quickly & without thought as to what disparity it would cause between players who were willing to spend their money & those who weren't & ultimately, any consequences that would result from this. This led to the inevitable huge increase in botting (as it was a lot cheaper for players) & the steps Bigpoint & DO had to take to stop these bots.

    Innocent players were indeed punished when the 72 hour ban, loss of bio & loss of upgrades was dished out. This was done by banning accounts that were linked to the accounts that botted. Hence, some people were banned due to the fact that their banking details were on accounts that their children, friends or family had for which they paid.

    The biggest culprit, in my own opinion, is actually Bigpoint & their greed. Vey little was done by Bigpoint when accounts were created in as much that quite often young immature children were allowed to create accounts. Quite a lot of these children as well as people who were not that well-off resorted to botting due to the fact that they wer fed up with being continously popped. Another huge draqwback was the bullying which went on where on some servers, one company would take over control of the palladium field & pop players from other companies who came to collect palladium & even threaten them.

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  4. chixonator

    chixonator User

    this lag is horrible and its been horrible since the new contact list update, before that i had my graphics on high, cubing, with 5 youtube tabs open, pandora, yahoo, email, facebook, and more then 1 backpage tab open at the same time and i never lagged, now i cant play the game with my graphics on anything more then low with drones off with just the game going, if i have any higher graphics when i get shot a black square appears over my ship on and off and i lag like crazy, and with drones on a black square with a drone in the middle stays in the middle of my ship and everyone elses ship in the game.
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  5. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    When was the major crack down in bot activity. I.E. the 72HR ban

    I would have thought you would have check that before continuing with this, but hay I far to often give you more credit that you deserve.:rolleyes:
    Work it out, then go off on another tangent so you can evade the fact that once again you are wrong.
    I would say the amount of script use in the the last 6 months has been about the same.

    Reloaded was a marketing gimmick.

    If you took of your DO rose colour glasses for a little while and truly looked at what has changed and why;

    You would see it is all about trying to get short term revenue rather than improving the gaming experience to gain long term revenue growth because of average player/ spender satisfaction.

    I cant believe you are so naive to not be able to see it.

    Stop trying to put word in my mouth.

    To make it a bit clearer:- I do not agree that the new auction is a good thing.

    There are many things wrong with the new auction;

    that does not change the fact I think we should have just had all items in the hourly auction without all the negative changes to the auction we have seen over the last year or so.

    The hourly auction without the ability to see the highest bidder and having all items in it would be a good thing. Also bring back the 1 credit minimum bid.

    Do not separate the two thoughts.

    Is this the best you can do. How sad.

    How naive and sad.
    The newbie quest have been around for a very long time. What have they got to do with Reloaded.

    Before giving new players a little bit more from the quests DO removed items from the hourly auction that new players could get for 1 credit ( well 10k after they snuck in the minimum bid on the back of other auction changes)
    So instead of getting much needed items for 10k they have to pay 100sK for the same items.

    OMG here we go again;
    the thread is about the Reloaded branding how far of topic are you going to go in your vain attempt to not accept that you have DO rose coloured glasses.

    Back when there was a minority of bullies there was an armada of fe ship spending hour to protect there own company newbies.
    These days its everyone for them selves.

    There is no comparison to the gaming experiences start out playing DO pre BIO and starting today.

    The player numbers speak for them selves.

    If I was starting today at best I would have played a few week and realised it is far from the game it appeared to be.
    I would see it as the sad excuse for a space PVP PVE game it has become.

    LMAO It was you that brought up the phoenix in X-1. I was just responding to your post.
    This is the trouble with you, you cant stick to the topic as you are invariably wrong.

    That is why we see thing so differently, you get suckered into the hype and the manipulation without looking at the true picture:-

    I think the daily and weekly auction are a very bad addition. That does not change the fact that I believe all item should be available in the hourly auction.

    The lead up to the auction change was the introduction of the revenue streem from fast skylab by way of ad videos.

    The new auction along the visible highest bid showning are drivers for players to push credit, but we have not seen a statement of any effort to stop credit push.
    If we had a removal of clan tax ( not really needed these days), or a stop on any skylab earned credit being able to be sent via a clan;

    or an OA saying any ships used for pushing credit will be permanently band and all credit received from these ships will be removed which may result in massive negative credit

    The weekly and hourly auction do not help the average player once again they help 2 groups cheats and WW.

    How many times do we have to go over this.

    How sad are you, that you feel the need to go over the same insecurity time and time again. Since you first expressed that you felt victimised.
    Don't flatter yourself, believe me;

    I find your post naive and rose coloured. I do not go out of my way to find your posts. I just find you post so far from reality that I feel the need to comment more often.

    The mod did not give a final say or the thread would have been closed.

    How sad are you, that you feel the need to go over this time and time again which is once again not relevant.
    In that thread you was posting some code which was just a part of the whole picture, stating it was proof that what you was saying was fact.

    Both was wrong the code did not prove anything and it totally ignored the facts.

    So what you was posting was not true. that is why I felt the need to comment.

    The mod gave a view which was not based on fact which I pointed out. I would say I had the final say in that debate as the mod could have said it was based on fact from having access to the server side code which we know none of us did.

    The fact of that thread will not change you was posting as fact information that was not fact Stop being so sad;
    If you can't debate a subject on it merit
    give up. Don't muddy the debate with irrelevant subject matter because you have lost the debate.

    I have a great sense of humour. I laugh at many of your post often.:D

    Here we go again you have just made a statement that is not true:-

    Post any reference where I have said that you
    "perceive DO as perfect"

    You have a rose coloured view of DO or at least you post seem to suggest that.

    There are many who see your posts in the same way, even pecannin, a regular contributor to the old forum, felt the need to suggest a similar perception in this forum.
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  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    There is a small group of you that try their best to somehow make me out as something I am not, accusing me of saying things but never being able to provide the evidence of me saying them when I ask for it.

    You are saying I am looking at DO through a "rose colored view", nobody else.
    You are the one saying the Reloaded updates were no improvement.

    Yet judging by the response in this thread Pacman, I think my opinions here are the more popular ones. If we go off "likes" there's quite a few people who agree with me.

    I will reiterate this one last time. I do not think DarkOrbit is perfect. However it has been improving and looks to continue to improve which is good because there are still issues to correct.
    If you are so cynical in your views to think no improvements have been made and none will in the future, why are you even here Pacman? To follow me around?
  7. I am currently working on tweaks and tips on various browsers to find a solution to this problem, as soon as I learn anything about the problem, I'll let everyone know.
  8. lost1*

    lost1* User

    You two need to grow up and remember this is a game / each person has a right to have there own thoughts on a subject . As for my self if I was in charge any player who openly stated in game or the fourms that they had decompiled code for this game whould be permently banned since in my veiw that would mean they are running some type of program to get access to this info therefor they are creating lag on the server of course I may be wrong maybe that info was just emailed to them from someone in support. LOL
  9. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Face Palm...
    We have even done this is other threads
    in this forum;
    I have already posted many instances where you post information as fact that does not reflect reality

    Face Palm...
    I use the term rose coloured, others have suggested it is stronger terms.

    You love twisting words in a vain attempt to make a point.

    Face palm...

    Going off likes;
    you got 3 for your tongue in check post which at least one like if not all 3 was unlikely to have been because of the content as one liked the OPs post and the following post :-

    You like clutching at straws.:rolleyes:

    Is this going to be this one last time or the many last time as is more likely from previous experience?

    I never said you think DO is perfect, it is so far from perfect, even you would not be that naive to say it was.

    In your rose coloured view, if you want to perceive that it has been improving then that is your choice.

    I will say this again, stop twisting my words.

    The player numbers speak for themselves. There has been significant effort made using the Reloaded gimmick to regain player numbers. There has not been a significant sustained increase in player numbers.
    It is pitiful that you feel that I follow you around. I post in the forum my views, stop tacking it so personally, I just do not agree with a lot of what you post.

    Once again stop putting words in my mouth:- who knows what will happen in the future, pigs might fly and DO might start looking after the average player and level the game enough for the game to be worth playing again.

    It has been a long time since I actually played DO. I choose to log into the forum and help out the relatively small number player that still visit the forum for help and add my thoughts to threads.
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  10. SpudnicK

    SpudnicK User

    Personally i believe this forum would be a much better place if both okapi and pacman stayed off it and stopped trashing every-bodies threads with their long winded arguments , im actually surprised that mods even allow it to go on when its clearly irritating a lot of other members .

    Like if you agree .
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  11. I don't get pacmans views. He constantly tries to relive the old DO which imo was garbage. I played back in 08-09 and I disliked the game after a few months of trying to get somewhere. I would spend a week boxing just to get one LF3 or B02. That was a pain in the butt and drove me off the game. My new profile in 2013 went from scratch to fe in three months and I did not spend hardly any of my time working on it. To date, I still have less than 600 hours. That was all random, but it's just my view of the old days. DO reloaded is good and will hopefully get better. We have a lot of issues but that doesn't mean nothing is happening.
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  12. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    It is simple If you are not interested, then when you see a post by either of use, skip over it. You obviously choose to read what we post. ;)

    I don't try to relive the best of DO. I use it to compare this pitiful excuse for the once great game that had a cult following back in 2007-2010.

    In a few months back in 2007/2008/2009 as a free player ( well premium which is less than £1 a week. ) could have a fully equipped FE ship and could compete on a level playing field against the top WW if only for a few hours a month.

    These days it would take years to get to the same point ( UFE these days) for a prem only player. Not to mention the cost of consumable required to 1v1.

    These days even as a WW you have to do close to 100 gates just to get UFE.

    FE in 2013 compared to an UFE ship, is worse than a peanut was compared to FE back before BIO. At least back then you could make it through port with out popping before you get to the other side.

    I guess as I have already posted, the actual in game player numbers speaks for its self. There are still less players adding any EP in 7 days than there was a year ago.

    Even after the Reloaded gimmick, and the quest to get potential new WW to Level 20.
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  13. I see reloaded as a marketing exercise nothing more, which has not worked. I saw a few player come back for a couple of week to bash out the new quest then leave again. There has not been a significant increase in player numbers. The game still seems to be targeting a minority of high spenders rather than the average player.
  14. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Facebook likes or any similar feed back is open to abuse. DO even ran a reward scheme to gain likes, so it make them meaningless. So I would take such likes as a pinch of salt.

    Especial as the landing pages still quotes " over 80 million active players blast off each and every day."
    So 1/4 mil out of 80 mil = 1 in 320 but neither value has any meaning.

    Show what information you have that suggest there are "plenty of new players joining the game".

    I'll do one better and show there is not "plenty of new players joining the game"

    The following chart shows the break down of GB1 account with at least 1 EP and the change in EP in 7 days.
    If there was
    "plenty of new players joining the game" then we would see an increase in the black part of the candles for the lower EP levels.

    What this shows is a high incidence of accounts reaching level 1 and 2 then stopping playing.
    (Ignore the grey and red ellipses, as that was for something else, looking at friends bonus and credit pushing accounts.)

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  15. I'm seeing more newer players but I doubt they will last long because of the huge damage differential between the money players, hacks and former botters and the little guys. Watched a nostro get instapopped three times. No drones. Haven't seen him since. Dark orbit Reloaded....yeah...
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  16. The game has improved from what it was in the past 2 years at least. And will still play till the game is no longer around I really don't get why people that are so unhappy with the game choose to play it or keep complaining about it 2 choices really don't like it don't play it. If you do like it then play it simple really all the useless stats that are posted from one server doesn't make any difference to me or to most. Who cares as long as those of us that like to play it still do then stats are meaningless.

    The game has its fair share of problems of course like all games do and yes they made mistakes but for me it is still fun to play.
  17. Its forum, so technically they're allowed to argue by adding their views on subjects. You can simply not read their posts, if you find that it irritates you. That also goes for the other members.
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  18. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    What would be the point of having a debate on the game if it was artificially biased to a nice unrealistic view?

    After all this thread is titled "What a sad joke" and is about what a sad joke the reloaded branding is.

    If you want to start a thread about how good the game is then it is your choice.

    I could argue:- what are you doing coming in this thread and giving a inaccurate biased rose coloured view of DO. The OP is giving an opinion on what a sad joke DarkOrbit reloaded is.

    If you like the game so much why are you in here commenting on such threads rather than playing the game you enjoy so much.

    When DO was a game with a cult following;

    that did not need to use gimmicks like friends bonus promotions, newsletter rewards
    (to manipulate players into subscribing so they can get spammed.) or Renaming the game;

    when new players were true friends of players that simply raved about the game. Not as is now, were the friends and bonus is mostly used by cheats to gain the special rewards;

    a game that was worth playing for the average player spender, where skill, tactics and effort meant something;

    and when I rarely frequented the forum or even had in game chat on, because I was having more fun playing the game.

    I take the second choice I don't play it.
    Apart from the odd diminishing, once in a blue moon occasion.
    I have currently accrued over 25mil sep on lasers from logging in each day in the vain hope DO will start looking after the average player.

    As for complaining about it, I would say I was describing the game as I see it, comparing it to when I regretfully now spent thousands of hour;

    achieving and all but holding to 1st place Alien kills for well over a year. on a the well established GB1 server, until 3 bots took the top 3 spots.

    Reaching the top ranks
    (in the top 30 when there was many thousands more regular players) honestly with out cheating or throwing crazy money at a 2D game with pour customer appreciation and support.

    Earning and holding onto a 2star badge. Not buying it or cheating for it.

    I posted the chart as a direct response to the suggestion that "our server has plenty of new players joining the game". I gather data on all 58 servers we have access to.

    Unfortunately the stats are not meaningless, they show that the Reloaded was little more than a gimmick, that has resulted in limited short term increase in player numbers, which is already showing signs of falling away.

    Check out my server stats thread which I will be updating in the next few weeks. It shows data for all 58 servers we have access to;

    DO has fallen a very long way from when the game was about skill effort and community spirit.

    I total agree and if Okapi32 was to stick to the key points of each threads, then our debates would more likely be informative;
    rather than irritating as was suggested by SpudnicK and overloaded, with irrelevant debate I guess due to Okapi32's insecurities.
    There is some very informative content that results from the debates I have with Okapi32. I would be much happier if we only focused on and debated the relevant issue being addressed in each thread.
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  19. There is no rose colored view of the game we all know the problems it has point I was making this has been hashed out for the last couple years and is pointless to go on and on about how bad it is . The game has lots of flaws the players know it the bigpoint team knows it . And yes good healthy debate about how to better the game is all well and good we all want it to get better but we all can see the fall of DO is coming if things don't get fixed. But all in all the game makes money for bigpoint so doubt anything will change to much. And I do agree Pac about spending thousands of hours on here and then see what has happened to the game disapointing .

    Had they got rid of the bots right away the game would be great but they messed up and even said in podcast they messed up. But in the end to me it is just a game yes spent lot of money on it and now regret it but was fun while it lasted. Just for myself I had my fun on it now don't really care what happens to it. I agree with you pac just saying its a vid game that has run its course at least to me.
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  20. Well I feel stupid :(.