What a sad joke

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  1. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Game has improved so much that :

    I have logged on in total three times since that jike they called Halloween Event

    As a player i used to spend ten hours online almost every day before LF4/9th/10th drones/new gates and so on ....in 2013 i have played about 100 hours in total ,in 2014 less than two hours

    It has improved so much that i have spent 0 pounds since november 2012

    Such improvement that from 250 000 active accounts on my main server we now have less than 5000

    Most important point ...improved so much that Big Points profits have taken a nosedive ..

    January 13 2015 ..Star Citizen gets released and then last players will leave this place that is now just haunted by ghosts of its Glorious past ...

    “Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt.”.............
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  2. This game is extremely bad anymore. Cheats still run around. Those who botted mainly still have their accounts and ruin it for others. New missions only give good exp. New events suck more and more.

    Also Okapis posts were amusing, especially the first one, i laughed at how hard he hit this thread with sarcasm.
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    So surely you are the least qualified person to decide on how much the game has changed if you are not actually playing to see those changes ...
    You are being an old record stuck on repeat.
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  4. With regards to the original post..Accounts have changed hands often, there will always be gamers out there with more money, more time and nurturing an ego that will be far bigger than ever seen before. `the last bit was sarcasm`

    Big Point has recently won a battle against the cheats, the maps are not full of little red dots gobbling up boxes then disappearing into galaxy gates only to emerge more powerful than they previously where. Yes I do sometimes encounter strange gameplay, it maybe a prototype for the latest cheat that is about to infest our game, the upcoming battle that Big Point will have to fight.

    The reloaded version of our game IS an improvement. I recently introduced a friend and start up gameplay has given this little minnow of a ship a slightly better chance of survival [changes wayback RE: home map protection] Do you know how many times I got destroyed in 2-1 back in 2009 ?? Unfortunately the pilot of this minnow of a ship, the gamer, needs to have perseverance greater than that which is found in a Tibetan monastery. There are plenty games out there that give more time actually enjoying the game before you have to deal with the BIG BAD NEMESIS. This is a problem to recruiting new players.

    The old player has started to trickle back, unfortunately the gulf that has emerged is too big to close for all but those that will use their plastic.

    At the end of the day we play this game for different reasons, on that note I will finish this and go work on my Triumph Bonneville in my garage, One day this 1968 machine will rule the roads again :p
  5. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    If DO had wanted to, they could have gone much further a very long time before with regards to banning cheats.
    They had the ability to detect bots a very long time before they actual did anything about them.
    It was a commercial decision to do what they did when they did it:-

    72hr ban how was that a punishment?

    Oh then there was the removal of BIO PPS and upgrades. I would say that was just to encourage them to buy back that small part of the gains made from botting.
    It was even pointed out that there was a revenue increase for a short period after the 72hr ban wave.

    If there was as many player today as there was back in 2009 then your freind would be being popped far more often that back then even by its own company.

    Having followed the wk on wk player numbers there was a slight increase in players with a massive increase in EP gains for a few week which is already dying off, for both player numbers and EP gain, so I would suggest a few old players came back to do the quest for a few weeks then left again.

    If I was you I would enjoy fixing up your Triumph Bonneville so it runs as good, if not better than when it was made, then you can enjoy it and have many hour of rewarding fun reaping the benefit of your efforts.

    DO is never going to fix up the game in the same way. It will always be a sad broken pile of scrap pixels never to resemble what it was, when it was a game that had a cult following, creating similar emotions for a space war gamer, that a bike rider would have for a Triumph Bonneville.
  6. I reckon you are probably spot on Pacman but I am a positive bloke just trying to look on the brightside
  7. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Even though i don't play anymore i keep up with what goes on

    Sharing TS with people that still do play tends to keep one informed as to what latest calamity DO thinks will improve this game.
  8. This is a very simple accounting problem. When support gets information that an account has been sold someone from support can check the acccount log in, DOB, country and state, etc. and TERMINATE the account.

    This would give the newer players the ability to move up legally.
  9. But that doesn't happen, you have to have PROOF, or they won't do anything.
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  10. Ya but alot of players including myself have logged in and played from alot of different places different states and different country was in England couple years ago for a few months then came back to the states so checking where they play from wouldn't really work. also the DOB is optional anyway some people don't even put that on their profile.
  11. I didnt bother to read the Rest.. Saraczm.. is all good..

    If I was at the Bar sipping on a Glass of Guinness. and some Fool got Sarcastic with me.. He wood see my Size 12 Boot in his Chest and Half the BAR wood bee Tossing him outside to Feel the SnowFlakes..

    Much good and some Twisted things are still happining to the GAME.. but I still Love it..

    but If I go
    'STARCASTIC".. everyone is aware of it.. and I still get a WARNING for it.. go Figure..

    and Okapi14.. seems to just want attention..

    You seem to bee getting it..

    didnt read all the past post because my time is important, so is the Time of New Players that Are frustrated.. but Know My Stand,

    Its that we work for what we get.. many that have started in the past Year.. have have many benefits we that started in 2008 Didnt have.. so.. know We are all for the Betterment of the GAME.. but We expect everyone to Pull his own Share or Pay DEAR BigPoint for an Advantage..

    Servers don't POWER themselves..

    Cash DOes..

    Okapi.. I get you.. and No Disrespect intended.. I was using my Literary Prowess.. to show you..
    what can bee done.

    without Getting your FANS upset..

    "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"..
  12. Exactly what you and Lost said. Just found out Glint ship was bought by Shadow. I was able to Pop Glint,..now with AIM02 and Precision Targeter on...I don't make a dent? DO should go by the IP's and Ban them all since it's against the TOS to buy and Sell accounts ;)
  13. Yet again the IPs can change, especially those with IP changers. The best way, is to track E-Mails, you can easily find out that the e-mails have different owners.
  14. Then all I can say is " Lets get on the Ball,..DARK ORBIT!" this has gone on long enough.
  15. I have bean.. a REAL.. Gasser

    with a Risk of another WARNING from Forums Admin ... I post a Suggestion from the Dead-i-cated.. the DarkOrbit DEAD-Heads..

    all Servers..

    We are the Life of this Game..

    We Want Fairness..

    We Want FUN..

    We Want Cheaters and those that Break the Rules for their own Benefit


    Ok.. so some one Buys an Account.. they Payto play the Game Masters MONEY.. but when THEY become the Cheaters and the Antagonists.. and the Bully of the Server ..

    We the Faithfull...
    hear OUR Roar..

    Complain.. but WE get a Warning..

    Where is the sense .. of Fair Play.. Fellow Feelings, Justice or even Consideration to your Own Wellfair..

    If WE that know and make OUR Servers.. a place of Diversity .. Its not the CMs or the Admin that Spend hours helping new players, building up Lower levels.. or Teaching our Clan mates.. Whether you.. a CM .. Support or Admin Play this game..

    You Play as an Individual ..

    You have Principals THAT cant be broken.. and must use the Common Thread that Sews us all into a Network of Pilots..

    This is OUR Game.. we enjoy Logging on and Playing FAIR.. its the Only Reason we Continue..


    Yeah.. I know your Roar is more Painfull and I expect a Second Warning..
    but This is for ALL.. I love this GAME.. suggestions made.. must be taken with more than a Grain of Salt..

    FORWARD them to the CEO.. We need His or HERs Assistance.. Sooner than Later..

    is made only by the BRAVE. those that RISK.. it ALL to make a Difference..

    This Post have been..
    copied and sent to all the KnuckelHeads on the West Coast Server..
  16. This game's getting bad. Here i am on West Server, eating some spicy chip things and drinkin some water and someone starts shooting me, so im cloaked, and i emp, he still has me locked. emp loads again i emp and he still has me locked, and this time i was in a swarm of pirates when doing it. Fix the game, ban the cheaters get an education, and run the game right.
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  17. After writing on 2 other topics in the forum I no longer have any ambition to say type a long paragraph here; so allow me to say only this.

    Make the stupid EMPS we pay 500 Uridium for (unless premium + Rebate) work 100% break locks.

    Thank You have a nice day.
  18. aGREED agreed.. they are not working for us.. and these other guys never lose locks.. but I cant even grab a lock unless I sill still for 4 second and get lucky.. but by then Im DEAD
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  19. Also ridiculous when i was in bms i got jumped by EIC and i empd, but kept being shot. 3 emps wasted for nothing last night.
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  20. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    You mean to say this looks any better than now?
    Dayum, you're right man!
    BP removed that shiny(ness) from terbium!!
    All the money I've spent has been wasted, nooooo!!

    I mean check this out:[​IMG]

    Anyway, if you didn't realise, I was being sarcastic earlier.