What a sad joke

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  1. The original DO was awesome though. Graphics rocked and so did the game.

    Mines the bottom ship, i never took screen shots or did videos back then. so i got a quick screenshot from a friends video.
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  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I would say ship and NPC models now are definitely better quality than the old client.
    If two versions of DO came out now - and nobody had ever played DO before - with the only difference being the graphics the 2014 graphics would be more popular. I think the only reason people look upon the old client graphics as good is down to nostalgia.

    Just as a comparison, old streuner model vs current. The quality of textures and lighting is much better on current.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. In all honesty the only reason people cry or complain that they want the old client back is mainly because they cba to work towards UFE status, nd it is painful to do so even so.

    But then I will agree to a point, take the game back to how it use to be, no Advanced Jump CPU, maybe keep bio nd skylab cos I really dont mind them, get rid of lf4s, upgrades, APIS and Zeus, I like PET so would rather keep that...but point being is take away everything that makes the playing field un-even but keep the 2014 graphics, I use to play back when the old client was around, and just looking at that pic that Dream posted, the graphics look crap and I wouldnt bother playing the game if thats how it looked these days still tbh.

    You don't need to take everything from the game as there are many things that I agree was good, even the new interface I would keep, its just certain items I agree shouldnt be around if it makes playing field unfair.
  4. -xghost-

    -xghost- User

    In short: if the game is improving, why the players are leaving constantly? Yes the graphics may be better, but its not all. Where are all ppl that used to be on GE2? And dont say, they were all botters and were deleted :). Ppl like Okapi may babble here something about improving and about, we all are negative thinking ppl. They can make flame about, what someone said about what he said and what they said about what I said about something that someone else said, etc. etc. etc. All rubish and jabber. All, that is important are numbers and they are clear. They cant be twisted or cheated. They are the statistics and they are telling all ppl with brain, that this game is going down at least few last years.
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    If DO gave people a free UFE account for registering then there would be more people playing the game. That doesn't mean it's an improvement to the game. The numbers don't show people constantly leaving anymore, the rate has decreased significantly recently.

    Yes there are less players than there used to be. However if people think that after a few changes then hundreds of thousands of active player would just come flooding back they are deluded.
    DO need to advertise and get new players, the old ones are gone and only a few will come back; most old players aren't interested anymore and playing something else. I don't think any large scale advertisement will happen until the 3D mode is complete.
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  6. -xghost-

    -xghost- User

    I meant that over some bigger scale of time.

    Thats not true in bigger period of time. Maybe there would be few one-time incomers. But I wouldnt play the game, where I cant develop, where everyone have the same from the beginning. So my numbers are correct compared to time, we speak about (years). Players, that played for long time are leaving = the game is getting worse. We can think whateever we want about todays changes (I like some few of them too), but this is a fact. Numbers are correct. For example: Guess, why BP removed "online players" info :)

    Old playeres (leavers) are disgusted, so they will not return. This is the only thing, I agree with u. But attracting new players via some stupid add will not work. Even if it succeeded, the new players will realise how money-sucking the game is/calculate the time needed to improve themself enough (I dont say to UFE) and leave too. Its a circle. Its similar like story of many of rock stars - this type of comeback, u speak of, is impossible. 3D will kill the game completely (if not swich-off able).

    What is needed to change is the game principles/mechanics mostly the ones related to paying. The game must be more user friendly. Its the only chance to save it.

    My server 4 example is almost dead. There is few ego-hunting ppl and few others. Actions/events are empty or close to it, everyone is only collecting daily bonus and doing daily missions or solo(ego)-hunting with bought totaly UFE ship. No cooperating, no ultimate battles, no fun.
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  7. I'm not saying the new graphics are worse, well lasers yeah, but the original was still awesome. The fact is, this game added TOO much for POWER and not adventure, the game has no meaning other then build up legitly, build up with money, or build up by cheating, then continue to cheat. That's how this game is anymore.
  8. JUDGE

    JUDGE User

    Do not even know what this thread is about but just wanted to say i think the old lasers looked way better then the ones we have now and also the old mordons looked better and also the old devs looked better and also the saimon and the streuners and the big sibs and the mlords and the prots all looked better then todays versions.

    One thing i do not quite understand is why once we have spent £2000 getting full LF4 do our lasers then revert back to the crappy red colour when using x1 , x2 and x3 ? I want my lasers to shoot solid beams of 24 carrot gold with diamond studded tips .

    Another thing is pretty much everyone i know plays this game with backgrounds turned off in order to reduce lag and make it easier to see cloakers on the mini map so with regards to the new backdrops they keep doing every 2 months well who gives a crap as hardly anyone ever sees them .
    Make an option to be able to just turn off the mini map background so its plain black and then i might leave my spacemap backgrounds turned on so i can admire the awesomeness of them .

    Oh and that stupid gay santa bot needs sacking , how this game is ever going to attract a more mature audience when it has been turned into something that looks like it should be on children's television inbetween the power rangers and mr blobby , at least the old version looked more adult like with those cool grey goli , basically i just cant see this game ever attracting the same audience that it used to have simply because its been turned into a really gay children's farming game .

    What they should do with the 4x maps on gb1 is plant carrots in 4-1 , potatoes in 4-2 and tomatoes in 4-3 and then let us harvest the crops every 24 hours to exchange for credits at least then there would be something to do in those maps.
  9. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

  10. JUDGE

    JUDGE User

    Those devs were great i loved watching a tiny pheonix drag one of them massive beasts to port whilst all the fe sat there laughing and not helping him lol way way back when there used to be 10-15 noobs sat on every port in lowers all fighting each other that made for great entertainment . Go into lowers now and there is literally not a single ship anywhere to be seen .

    Oh yh and that 400ubk quest can JOG_ON
  11. I have nothing bad to say about the graphic quality nor any other aspect of the game; if i did I wouldn't have stayed since 2007 I just figured if any small feature of the game should be fixed I have the least to complain about.

    Fix the EMP's make them 100% simplest request ever made.
  12. Made me lol so long. I couldn't agree more man. With regards to lasers, check out my laser color idea in my sig...didn't get any popularity, but meh, maybe they'll do something about em one day.
    Santa bots and rubbish event boxes giving PLDs and R310s...(wth) were why i didn't log in hardly at all during december. Event boxes should go back to giving out x4 and UBRs.
    It's either farm your life away or open up your wallet...no wonder so many have left.
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  13. Omega

    Omega User

    I gotta disagree here .I liked the old npc better :D no reason.. I just liked them better
  14. That no reason is referred to as being nostalgic:rolleyes:
  15. I'm just enjoying this turned from how bad DO is anymore to how much we liked old graphics and such lol
  16. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    only npc looks i prefer from the old version are:
    Cubes, Protegits and Mordons.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Check that classy beyblade style look on the mordon :)
    Cubikons looked prestigious back then.
    Protegits didn't look like floppy disks back then.
  17. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I remember my first trip into 2-4 in my peanut, reading how awesome the Sibelons were and when I found one;
    I was a bit dubious of ending up at base as soon as I shot at it. Then after bighting the bullet and actually shooting one, I felt stupid for being so scared of shooting it.:oops::D

    Lots of fond memories from them days. I did almost all of the old npc quest on my journey to 1st alien kill spot and remember how 2 skilled even non FE players, could pop an ubk.

    Them 400ubk, I'll race you to finish them.

    There was always something going on at the lower ports, well most ports really.

    I had so much fun spending hours on end in enemy uppers after getting my single trade boosters, all 8 for 20mil credit max;
    Popping a few enemy, then cloak, jump port and rep, then going back for more:);

    seeing more and more top players turning up trying to pop me.

    The amount of times I would get away with 1k or 2k shield / hp on the other side of port, then have to be clever to get to somewhere to rep
    and I never bought shared boosters, so there was all most always far better equipped ships around.
  18. got prem got rebate got doubler spend probs £35 a week keeping up but didnt subscribe to newsletter, therefore i get no voucher codes.. free player spends nowt yet signs up to newsletter, therefore DOES get codes...Where is the justice in that may i ask?
  19. Yes the old cubes were great then its like they suddenly watched star trek and decided to copy the borg...

    D.O. Cube:

    Copied from Borg Cube:

    What the hell were they thinking?
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  20. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Finally turning it into a cube I think.
    Rectangular-solidikon just doesn't have the same ring to it, I'm happy that they changed it :p