What a sad joke

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  1. Cuboid was the shape of the old one so it still fit with Cubikon. First 3 letters of Cube and Cuboid are the same lol

    Cube was just the name generated by players

    If they still weren't satisfied they could have easily changed the name to Cuboid or Cubikoid, instead of spending the time to make new graphics for a NPC that didn't need it when the time could have been used on a lot of other more important things lol (which leads me to agree with Judge's point on map backgrounds), let alone the fact that they made it look 10x worse :rolleyes:
  2. lel :D

    But well ... old Leonov was a copy from Star Wars , Anakin's special jet.

    They're inspired some ideas from other space tv series as well as Star Trek BORG cube.


    I missed old days. Sibelon's was bringing you fear with it's LARGE sizes. BigBoy was a boss and Goliath was a legend. Now , Goliath is nuthin' and Aegis is a normal ship.

    Well i like Enemy NPC's current look too. But old ones was not bad :/

    *continues to bla bla*

    I've Bigboy in old times. I was playing only in 2-1 and 2-2. Didn't know game yet. I was shooting meh friends and got a -Honour rank :D

    But i was get fun in-game.

    Now , i have a Goliath but i'm playing 1 or 2 hours.

    Well ... hope they will balance game one day.

    Regards ;

  3. Yeah forgot about the leo

    Also I much preferred the old devos they looks a lot more mean

    Ships do look nicer in general but I preferred the old school goliath looks. They looked like they were made of metal instead of plastic.
  4. Okapi32

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    Fair enough, cube was the name that the players turned it into as you said.

    Completely depends on what sort of player you are, Goliath is better than Aegis at hunting in all aspects. Similarly the Aegis is much better for NPCs.
  5. Seraphim

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    Soon they'll change cbs to look like the Death Star from star wars...
  6. nop star wars came down hard on Do for ther old leo so they changed it.. Do wont mess with star wars again :rolleyes:
  7. D.O. got assimilated :D
  8. Well ... agree :/

    *laughed and falled from chair.
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    Hahahahaha nice post man nice post, ty :)
  10. How did this thread go way off course from being about bought and sold accounts and Autolockers getting away with it,..to what the Old vs New versions of Aliens look like?
    Sorry this took too long to say,..but I just got off a 30 Day Forum ban since I did not KNOW you weren't allowed to "List" the names of what people are useing and getting away with it!
  11. I dont know iron but just fyi ppl every thing on this game was taken nothing is original.
    The devo was taken from a drawing a guy for columbus ohio done in the 1970. said he seen it in the sky. The free you mind map poster was taken from kottonmouth kings free your mind album. and so on. take a venture out there into alien ship sightings and see some of the copyed art pre dated to dark orbit. if its not copy righted expect someone to use it as there own!! Every piece of my work has parasite productions on the tag. and if removed ok no problem its still in the image hidden from the eye.
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  12. lol like the cubes looking like the All-spark from Transformers, or a alien ship from Star Trek? They did copy a lot, i'v seen plenty of things already, find it funny they haven't been sued for everything they've got.
  13. The title suggests the thread is about why the game is a sad joke.

    All those things play into it.

    Wasn't the game purchased and not made from scratch? I seem to remember this and if its true then that leads hardly anything good on the game made by bigpoint.

    Could be wrong but I remember something...
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    There used to be a game called Dark Orbit that was developed by WildTangent, it shut down and then BP brought out their DO, however from what I can tell they didn't have anything to do with each other.
    Then the other buy out happened when there was a big American investment but the company was still German.

    These are screenshots from the other Dark Orbit:


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  15. They did get sued over the leo and lost out bigtime. and there are still pending lawsuits over other things taken in alot of bp's games.

    And the game was owned by Arora i think licensed to wild tangent. When wilds rights ran out bp picked it up pushed arora out and took over claming they built the game from scratch. But if you remember dark orbit came out in the old 8 bit days as a cartrige game. So do the math if is was an old 8 bit game in the 80s then how did bp make it if bp formed in 2002?
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  16. Very different o_O

    ty for info

    I was just doing some searching about that game and instead found a post by miss kitti from the good d.o days in 2011 which made me laugh:

    Funny how we say the same thing now but in a negative way lol :D
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  17. Omega

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    I remember this :D
  18. I know about the LEO i was laughing so hard, plus was talking to other DO friends on xbox about it, then we made fun of the ugly new design.
  19. Hey LostCause,...
    I think these guys took your original post and are misunderstanding the concept of the the original content.

    Everyone should go to page 1 and see how this started to find out what the post is really about
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    Sadly myself and many others are gone not only from forum but game itself .

    True that we posted a lot ranted on some occasions offered suggestions that were either flatly refused or laughed from forums....

    I tried playing this new improved "Reloaded" version of once mighty game and found that i had no stomach for boxing and earning 5000 uri p/h with maxed bio+ BBD or spend my remaining days in palla field just to get what most of those that i would be fighting later on got by old fashioned cheating.

    No stomach for fighting bots who had all their sins forgiven just to keep revenue from former bots buying prem and uri...Big Point sold last remnant of their soul when they allowed bots to remain in the game after all that they done to it.

    No stomach for doing 20 gates in row for nothing

    Those that still find joy in DO ...Enjoy yourself just as many of us once did ,i hope that you will never be hit with same feeling many of us were ..before we left

    There were some glorious days that we once had ...that now only exist in our memories and great old videos on YT.

    Don't mind Okapi ,he still thinks nobody knows either who or what he is.

    On topic of DO copying other games ...Big Boy was blatant copy of ship from Independence Wars II ,Nostro was explorer/colony ship in many many old strategy games ,yamato was found in one of greatest ever space games.... game called freelancer...lots of rip offs in DO.